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  1. I recently reformatted my computer and had to reinstall everything, before I was using SS 2.2 w/connect US version. I've just downloaded the newest 3.1 w/connect US version and installed it, when i connected my Hi-MD device(MZ-NH1 Japanese Version) and opened SS 3.1, when i click transfer, it doesnt detect my MZ-NH1, nor can i choose it from the drop down menu. I'm trying to transfer a few songs from my computer to the device and now i can't do so. Anyone know why and how I can fix this? Thanks. Edit: I'm using Windows XP Professional, the computer only recognizes my MZ-NH1 as mass USB storage device at the bottom right corner (I thought it's supposed to be something more...could be wrong)
  2. just went to sonystore on saturday in Fairview Mall in Toronto, even though it was out of stock they said they have it(means here to stay) for $13.99CDN each.
  3. if u go to options, then scroll down u'll see something called JP Character, it lets you chool Kanji First or Kanji and Kana(kanatana). I'm wondering what its for, i cant seem to find that option, i used english SS 2.2 to transfer my songs, then japanese 2.1 SS to transfer japanese titled songs so it would properly display the characters on my remote. Then i put in my disc and now it shows japanese for those songs(before it didnt). so i go to options and i still cant find "JP character" its supposed to between Language and Jog Dial. I cant find it, but when i put in my friend's normal 80min md then i can find it. whats with this?
  4. Um..I cant even install it, it says "Data was unable to be retrieved from the server, Please check your internet connection and try again" someone help me?
  5. a guy a audiocubes who bought this remote said it works well with his NW-HD1. http://www.audiocubes.com/product_reviews....6a5db86f8f8e3ea so i assume it works.
  6. topic^ This is refering to those who have a japanese model. How to switch between English setting and Japanese?
  7. i want to see the box of Japanese model NH1. Font and back view please.
  8. YO i'm fairly new to this MD stuff etc, but I'm getting my MZ-NH1 at the end of september or latest october 2nd when my dads friend brings it from Taiwan for me. Anyways...BASICLY...does this mean that I can record any of my music on to the Hi-MD, then upload it on any computer to a .wav file, this means that i can upload and play any of my recorded tracks on any computer using this method?
  9. Oh sorry, i read your question wrong...anyways..what language setting is your brazilian winXP using right now? just follow my previous steps but instead change the language to English(USA) then try.
  10. Go to Start>Control Panel>Date, Time, Language and Regional Options> Regional and Language Options>Advanced>change the language to Japanese and restart the computer. Then it'll work. SS japanese version requires the OS to be under the same language setting as it's language to operate and install.
  11. i dont know about site in UK, but you can order it off Audiocubes. http://www.audiocubes.com/product_info.php...be84c828b56ec1b
  12. I went to Fairview Mall located in Toronto/Ontario and went to The Sony Store there, they had all the Hi-MD models except the NH1.
  13. How long do you expect before Sony releases a Hi-MD model that will be more high-end than the NH1 or rather a newer MD technology(Old MD-->Hi-MD-->???) I know I'd be angry if I bought the NH1 right now and like 6 months later, another model comes out and is better than the NH1.(i know this part doesnt really matter for others who purchased lower-end models of Hi-MD) or now that you bought Hi-MD and 6 months later a newer and improved type of MD units are released.
  14. Eh...theres many, Sonystyle.ca/Sonystyle.com, Audiocubes.com, datavis.com/minidisc-canada.com.
  15. I was just checkin Sonystyle.ca and Sonystyle.com daily as usual, and i clicked Order on the NH1 on .ca and it's in stock. http://www.sonystyle.ca/commerce/servlet/P...120n46922n47420
  16. it shows on Sonystyle.ca that NH1 and the NH900 will arrive on august 10th.
  17. Even if i buy from a site, it'd be audiocubes...first of all, it supports MiniDisc Community Forums, they give transformer for free and their shipping is way cheaper and their Silver color NH1 is made in Japan and its Japan domestic model. Ebay one is also made in Japan and Japanese domestic model, its cheaper too.
  18. which seller did you purchase from? I'm planning to buy one too, you bought the Japanese model?
  19. really??? you mean NO NH1 anywhere is made in Malaysia??? Well i personally just like it made from its origin.
  20. I'm planning to order from Audiocubes later on(just need $100 more :wink: ) Why click on the affiliate banner??? Whats it do?
  21. Silver color NH1 is made in Malaysia????(is this only from Japan Direct or other places too like Audio Cubes?) I want a silver colored Japanese domestic model NH1 thats made in Japan.
  22. where did you buy/order it? Please give link to online store, or just tell me the store. Do you use the transformer?(voltage converter)
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