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  1. I seriously doubt sony will drop MD. Trust me on this.
  2. The shape of that control pad looks a bit dodgy though.
  3. The 900 model is no longer available from Amazonuk directly. Just goes to show that it was the model that sold the least out of all of them, hence the big sale on it. Most people must have initially went for the 600, 700 and 800, Or the top model the NH1. Kind of weird as I think the 900 was actually the best of all of them.
  4. If they can't hear them, why help them to hear them? Unless they want to of course. Ignorance is bliss isn't it?
  5. It looks like it's made for 6 year old girls. And so does those blingin one. Sorry I don't like it.
  6. atrac3plus 64kbps sounds to me like it's been mixed into mono and then back to stereo again. It sounds free of distortion but at the same time it sounds like there's a load layering to hide the distortion. I just don't like the sound of it. Atrac3 at 105 sounds better and clearer to me, even though artifacts can be heard, sometimes depending on the song. I also did a comparison of atrac3plus 64 and Atrac3 105 with just voice, and I still prefered Atrac3 105.
  7. Yeah, there's still something very appealing about having music on discs.
  8. For music on the move I often use LP3 105 but this wasn't included in the POLL.
  9. I'd like to know the answer to this too. Also has anyone used the 900 as a deck? How was that?
  10. Isn't the NH1 better than the 900?
  11. It would be interesting to see how many hours of MP3 you could fit on a 1GB disc at 128kbs. How it could compare to the space you get using Atrac.
  12. If you don't need MP3 support then take advantage of the first gen cheaper prices.
  13. Tony, will you be buying one of the second gen units?
  14. And some stations are even lower than that. Most of my music is on CD, and I rip them to minidisc with sonicstage.
  15. Well it would ceratainly seem likely it's ATRAC3, but I can't find anything on that page that says it is. Most likely it is and they haven't said it.
  16. It says it works with ATRAC3PLUS at 4 compression choices from 48 to 256. So does this mean there's an extra choice inbetween 64 and 256? Edit: yes indeed: Data rates: 48, 64, 132 & 256 bps So that's 132 Atrac3plus?
  17. 2-3 GB discs would be ideal, simply because you could use a higher quality setting. I like recording albums onto discs and then listen with the shuffle feature. I actually find this works better if you don't have more than 16 albums. So I use the LP2 quality on a 1GB disc.
  18. I'm not sure how much I would pay, maybe up to $250. I couldn't afford much more at the moment.
  19. It depends on how cheaply the second gen units end up being. I only have a 600D now, so I might just take advantage of the first gen price drop and upgrade to the NH1 (would that be worth it?). I personally won't have much use for the MP3 support as I prefer the gapless play of Atrac.
  20. Ah, I see. Btw, why is this board so slow lately? Takes about 2 minutes to load a page.
  21. I'm not, using it with Hi-MD. But is that right? Wasn't 105 created for use with netMD in the first place?. If so, what would be the point of it if it doesn't give extra space over 132?
  22. I have to admit I'm starting to get a bit sick of reading about how much better the iPod is in every thread where somebody wants some advice on what MD player to get. This is a minidisc forum for Fracs sake! Not only that, I hate the iPod, it's my least favourite HDD jukebox. It seems a bit odd that you still post on the forums after not even using MD anymore. Nothing against that in theory, but it would be in everyones benefit here if you were in favour of the format, and not use each thread as an excuse talk about how you think the iPod is the second coming. Because this is a minidsic forum, you aint helping by sending new posters off to buy an iPod (at least point them in the direction of the creative Zen or Iriver). I don't want to seem harsh as I've only started posting on this forum again recently, but I'm sure I'm not the only one to hold this opinion. Nothing against you personally, it just struck me as odd. I mean, I'm not going to post around iPod forums telling them how I prefer my Hi-MD am I? That coould be considered trolling to some. I wouldn't have brought this up at all, but seeing a thread titled 'please stop the iPod bashing' in a Minidisc forum just seemed the ultimate lunacy. If you can't stand the heat...
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