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    MZNH600D remote

    What about the tuner remote RM-MC37LT (from the NF610 :smile: ). I wondered if it works I might buy the NH600D instead of NH700.
  2. Hi there, I want to know if any remote for the NetMD works with the MZNH600D. Thanks in advance. d()b
  3. Read this: http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t=5375 A few days ago I did it using MMJ7.5 and it worked out, try it... :cool:
  4. I keep the same bit rate. The file name is up to you... it does work for me. :smile:
  5. Hi there, I read some topics about how some people is unable to transfer some mp3 files to their devices. Well, it happened to me as well. However, I found out a way (kinda extreme though). I don't know if this issue has been solved already, but here it goes anyway: I have Cool Edit pro installed on my laptop, so if there is any mp3 file that SS2 doesn't recognize then I open that file with CoolEdit and save it again at the same bit rate. Now, I "re-import" the file to the SS2 library and LISTO! you can transfer it. p.d. I haven't proved with MMJ or another mp3 converter
  6. visit www.deremate.com & www.mercadolibre.com and click on your Country's Flag, and searh for MDCASE3.
  7. is there any chance that I could purchase it on US not Europe?
  8. Hi there, Im looking for an U.S. On-Line store to get the MZ-NH600- (realize theres NO D). This model has optical Line-In. does Anyone know if this model is available to purchase in the States? Thanks in advance...
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