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  1. My Unit: MZ-RH10 Daily Use: Listening to music to and from work. Recording my own singing practice sessions. Favourite use: Recording several choirs in rehearsal and concert (burn to CD & distribute to members). Occasional opera and concert recordings. Alternatives: HD player for portable listening. Nothing that I can afford for quality recording and nothing so portable and convenient.
  2. Just a word of warning if you go back to the SS 2.0 CD version - SS versions before 2.3 had a habit of trashing uploads. Keith
  3. Is this what you're looking for? Hi Zoe! Keith
  4. No - I was thinking that if the mic recordings still have DRM, you can't back them up using drag&drop. In fact, you couldn't move them at all without using the SS back-up tool. Actually, I don't keep my recordings in SS so I'm not that fussed. But if I'm right, someone could get caught out following this method. Keith
  5. Isn't there still a problem with mic recordings? Didn't I read somewhere that SS3.2 still put DRM on these recordings when uploaded? Keith
  6. Hi and welcome. SonicStage 3.0 should work OK - there don't seem to have been any problems with uploads going wrong since version 2.3. But the update to SS3.2 gives some real advantages - particularly in your case the ability to upload your recording from MD to PC more than once. Just use the link in the Download section to overwrite your current version with SS3.2 and you will get the latest updates. Don't worry about the battery charging thing - it has been noted before but doesn't seem to be a problem - see this thread. I never managed to register my RH10 - the site just rejected the serial number so I gave up. Can't see that I'm missing anything though. This forum is much more useful than anything Sony can tell you. Keith
  7. I got my spare and a charger from Battery Force. Good price and fast service. Keith
  8. Have you tried the SS back-up and restore function? See this thread. Keith
  9. Ah yes. You're probably right about the duty but this is not surprising as the company will have paid duty on the import. I'd still save on shipping costs. I still like the look of the SP mics and judging by the gallery lots of people use them to good effect. Thanks for the help. Keith
  10. Did you mean N1 or NH1 (the more usual comparison)? Keith
  11. Has anyone tried these mics from discountdiscs.co.uk? The specs seem similar to the Sound Professional mics but I'd like to be able to avoid shipping and import duty costs. Any views? Keith
  12. I'm not sure that transferring back to your MD would work. I think you will have drm problems (although I'm not sure). Transferring libraries has definitely been done - See this thread. An alternative might be to convert your own recordings to wav then archive either as audio cd or in a lossless format like FLAC. Personally I don't trust SS so keep everything on cd, mostly in FLAC. Keith
  13. I'm sure I read somewhere that SS3.2 still puts drm on recordings made by mic and uploaded. So you will still need to use the SS back-up tool for your own recordings. Keith
  14. It's about 200km from Paris. Try putting "dives sur mer" into Google. You'll come up with a load of pages in french but Google offers to translate for you. For trains, look up the SNCF site. Keith Edit - According to the SNCF site it's about 2hrs 45 mins by train from Paris St Lazare to Dives Cabourg
  15. However, I've recorded for more than two hours on the one battery and didn't make too big a dent in its capacity. You should be OK for normal recording lengths if you charge the battery first. And you could always buy a spare battery to change in any intervals. Keith
  16. Well you could use SS to convert files to .wav Or Marcnet's HiMDRenderer programme is here. Keith
  17. Beware of editing on the MD itself. You may get problems uploading via Sonic Stage. Better to upload as it is and do the editing on SS. See here for more info. Keith Just realised that the link is a bit confusing. Scroll down to mrsoul's post.
  18. I think they want you to read this and then post details of your system specs and more detail of your problems. Good luck. Keith
  19. You could always use Dex's Options For Paranoid Users - see here - before you upload via usb. As I understand it, the Total Recorder method gives as good a digital copy as uploading via usb with no risk of losing the recording. It's just slower. Not opera. It was Yehudi Menuhin's 80th birthday tour and he conducted Beethoven's Choral Symphony in several cities around Europe. I was singing in the chorus but I can't remember who the soloists were. Keith
  20. Spain? My apologies. I've sung in Barcelona and Madrid but not opera. However, I don't record from the stage when I'm singing - that would give a very biased sound. I only record when I'm listening in the audience. Keith
  21. Yeah I know. I've been reading the various threads about mics and pondering where to go. Thanks though.
  22. BTW I worked out where you are from the operas you describe. I remember about 5 years ago singing in the chorus for some performances of Aida in Ravenna (nice little opera house) and Forli (sports stadium?). Fond memories of the area. I don't get to do much of that any more. Still thinking about how to clean up the recording I have and how to improve future recordings. Keith
  23. Keith

    London Bombing

    Things are calming down here now. Train stations have just reopened so I think we're over the initial emergency. It was always going to happen one day. I just pray there are not too many hurt. Keith
  24. Thanks. I'll have a look on Weds when I have more time. Keith
  25. Hi. Thought you might like to know that I had some success recording a performance of Cosi Fan Tutte last week at the Royal College of Music, London. I was sitting in the dress circle of the College's Britten Theatre which is quite small. I recorded in HiSP using a Sony ECM TS125 mic plugged directly into the mic-in of my RH10 - mic sensitivity low, record level 18/30. It's not a great mic but the results are not bad - a little quiet but I can probably normalise. It doesn't seem to have overloaded but I might have to remove some hiss. I will post some clips in the Gallery when I work out how. This was my first attempt at stealth recording. I would advise that you practice your set up in advance. I was sitting close to an usher so had to be discrete. I was so distracted that the start nearly took me by surprise. I only just got the recorder set up and started in time. But I didn't get my mic clipped to my shirt in time so had to hold it through the first act - not the best set-up. So I would advise you to practice so you can start your recording quickly in the dark. Anyway, good luck with your recordings. Keith
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