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    PlayStation 3

    I heard on the radio (of all places...) some stuff about delays due to the disk drive having 'technical problems'. Apparantly sony were hoping for a spring release but instead are now aiming for november. Not sure how old this news is as i really have not followed the PS3. I got a PS2 the christmas they were launched. BIG MISTAKE! basically i am now on console number 4 i think as the fisrt ones kept messing up and had to be sent back, but the third seemd to last a while (until it was out of warranty at least...) so i had to purchase a whole new one. Also i found the launch titles to be rahter uninspiring, and soon got quite bored of them. I am certainly in no hurry to get the PS3.
  2. 01-nick_warren_-_live_at_justmusic_fm-02-18-2006-xds-djmixes2k.com.mp3 Size: 112 MB Time: 82:12 Genre: Progressive House Source: djm2k Tracklist: 01. Hybrid - I know (Totem Pole Mix) 02. Filo and Perry - Closer now (Juanjos at NY Remix) 03. Kenneth Thomas - Orange Room (Nick Warren Remix) 04. Jaytech & Matt Rowan - Tomorrow 05. New Order - Waiting for the Sirens Call (Planet Funk Remix) 06. Narek and Danny Bullo - I need Somebody (Matt Rowan and Jaytech Remix) 07. Bia & Dj Paul - Thursday at Night 08. Westbam ft Nena - Old School, Baby 09. Lostep - Villain 10. Way Out West - The Gift 11. ID - ID 12. Harry Gregson - Williams - Evacuating London (Hybrid's Hiding in the Wardrobe Mix) This set is currently available from www.djmixes2k.com
  3. That's precisely what i told them
  4. I too am not convinced by these 'Walkman' Phones. They would be much better imo if tghey simply had a regular 3.5mm jack on them, and it did not switch to 'handsfree' mode. I have a K750i with a 1gb memory stick, so admittedly my comments following are based on that experience. First and foremost, regardless of the 'phones i use the sound has a hollow effect to it, regardless of Eq'ing. I hav purchased a few adapters from ebay (to allow use of regular headphones, keep losing them) and all seem to have this problem. HUGE gaps between tracks, no ATRAC support I always forget that my headphones are plugged in and it is switched to handsfree mode, meaning if i get a call things go wrong However as a 'backup' type player it will suffice - It is good for taking to pubs and clubs for times when you end up lost on you own, or waiting for others to arrive, as the extra bulk of a dedicated DAP is not needed. I also liked this about my E407 (r.i.p) as it was small and could be clipped to your trousers.
  5. Richard_p


    Like, i think, all insurance policies, this is known as an excess charge. It is to prevent the system from being abused. General thought is that $25 'won't be missed' of course this is very subjective depending on the circumstances of the buyer. However you are right, if low costitems are bought then it is too easy for sellers to get away with ripping people off as a claim may cost more than the buyer wil get back. thus meaning the seller has nothing to fear but the occcasional negative feedback, which is barely noticeable with powerseleers haing in excess of 1000 ratings. If a $200 item is bought, but the buyer is ripped off i am sure they would be 'happy' to pay the excess, as that reduces the loss significantly.
  6. I spent too many hours riding trains last monday, as i was attending a university open day in liverpool. Heart stoppingly upon changing trains in Manchester my beloved PMX-200's developed a fault in the cable in which the left channel would be cut off. Luckily i had packed my trustsy ED-21's so i still had use of my Walkman and PSP for the rest of the train journeys, but the Senn's were gonners. I was unsure as to wether or not i wouldbe eligible for a repair under warranty though as i had neither the warranty card or receipt, nevertheless i emailed Sennheiser's customer service and explained the situation. A reply was almost instant, although i was dissapointed to read that it said the service rep would be out of the office for the next two days, due to illness, a phone number was given however in case of urgency. I chose to wait. An actual reply was recieved by the quoted date, a few e-mails later i was informed that a repair would be available despite the lack of a receipt, i was given an RMA number and an address to send the 'phones to. Now there all packed up and awaiting the Post Office to open (damned weekend). Overall i'm pretty happy so far, and looking forward to being able to use my PMX200's again.
  7. Probably not the first time i've posted this but... Listening To Matt Hardwick's Essential mix 23-10-2005. 192kbps/Trance AMAZING MIX 01.Invisible Inc- 'Stars' (Ambient Mix) (Sumsonic) 02.Hernan Cataneo & John Tonks- 'Warsaw' (Bedrock) 03.Steve May- 'Sublimate' (Coldharbour) 04.Theshold prod. Sonify- 'No More Silence' (Damien Heck Mix) (Baroque) 05.Terry Grant- 'I'll Kill You' (Luke Chable) (Bedrock) 06.Hard Fi- 'Hard To Beat' (Axwell Mix) (Atlantic) 07.Sander Van Doorn- 'AKA' (Sam Mix) (Oxygen) 08.Jose Amnesia vs Serp- ' Second Day' (Martin Roth Mix) (Vandit) 09.Thrillseekers feat. Gina Dootson- ' By Your Side' (Night Music Mix) (Adjusted) 10.Zehavi & Rand- ' Paroxitine' (White) 11.Skyform- 'Infinite' (ETCR) 12.Aled Mann- 'Cold Fusion' (John Askew Rework) (Discover) 13.Nautical Imagery- 'Distant Dreams' (Enhanced) 14.Fire & Ice- 'Lost Emotions' (Bryan Kearney Mix) (White) 15.Kuffdam & Plant- 'Summerdream' (Whiteroom Mix) (Vandit) 16.Max Graham- 'Gone' (White) 17.U2- 'Where The Streets Have No Name' (John O'Callaghan mix) (White) 18.Mike Coglin- '1:1.618' (Noys) 19.Johnsen & Corbett vs Alan M- 'Ibiza Sun (Aramanja Mix- John Askew Rework) (White) 20.BT- 'Dreaming' (White) A great mix by Hardwick, Hopefully i'll be going to see him play next week, but my friends either have no money or don't listen to dance music!! I need someone to go with urgently!!
  8. alot of the elctronic music which i listen to has a tendancy to be rather obscure in the Genre department, so i do not particularly bother using the search by genre feature on my HD5. I also find it annoying however that 'Artist' is given priority whilst searching and even when viewing in SS. i have so many different ones on there, the majority of which with between 1-3 songs. End result also never use the artist search function. Albums on the other hand i have came up with a reasonable method of doing so. It's pretty Simple: I have Way Out West's three albums on there, (abrreviated to W.O.W) so i name them the following. W.O.W - Way Out West W.O.W - Intensify W.O.W - Don't Look Now Basically just put the artists name before the actual title when titlting the album in Sonic Stage/Connect. then you can go through albums normally and can see the artist name, in alphabetical order, with all of one groups albums together. When titling VA compilations i always put the series name infront: Euphoria - Deeper (CD1) Euphoria - Deeper (CD2) Euphoria - For the Mind Body And Soul (CD1) Euphoria - For the Mind Body And Soul (CD2) Euphoria - Hard House (CD1) Euphoria - Hard House (CD2) This way all compilations from the same series are together in the albums view, in alphabeticl order by name of series. I cannot speak for the A-Series walkman but my HD5 has a pretty neat album shufle feature on it. This is accesed by going Options > Play mode > Shuffle Items, after selecting this option choose to play something from the albums search and once it is played through fully it will selct another album at random. Although once again this is no respecter of genre, it has been known to play Hard House after Ambient/ Chilled music Here you have two choices put up with it or manually select something. As for shuffling single tracks i have done it once and it was certainly 'interesting' with the majority of my tracks being mixed it would begin mixing into one track and then randomly go into something totally different, although usually perfectly trimed depending on the two tracks. Very strange ecperience. Hope i have helped in some way.
  9. It seems too simple... Do they transfer to the walkman and play on that?
  10. Admittedly i overdid it on saturday, i normally drink just on a friday though, and rarely hav more than 5 pints all night. Saturday was a special occasion though, a Friends birthday, i said i'd take her to a concert of local bands and we later went to an indie/ metal/ RnB club aross 3 floors. Not my sort of sounds admittedly but it was all good fun. Right now listening to: Armin van Buuren - Live @ Trance Energy 2006 01. Arctic Quest – Renaissance 02. Nico Parisi vs. Erik Hubo – Metro 03. Armin van Buuren – Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix) 04. Armin van Buuren – Sail 05. Airbase – Escape 06. Deep Voices – Imaginatic (Mac Zimms Remix) 07. Simon Patterson – F16 08. Thomas Bronzewaer – Shadow World 09. Racoon – Love You More (Armin van Buuren Remix) 10. Marcel Woods – Advanced 11. Richard Durand – Make Me Scream 12. Peetu S – Bigger Palace 13. Ron vd Beuken – Mary Go Wild 14. Armin van Buuren – Communication Part 4 15. Veracocha – Carte Blanche 16. John O’Callaghan - Vendetta
  11. Richard_p


    Well, o.k Perhpas i am being somewhat naive, but remember i did mention that my brother has had n o problems in the time he has been using it, (over 200 judging soley by his Ebay Feedback). I suppose by all means the individual should take on baord what the 'scare pages' (as i call them) warn of, but i really doubt it's worth letting them discourage you from using paypal.
  12. After a costly day/night of alcoholism on saturday, and then an 11 hour day at work i was in need of some ambience for my bike ride home, still listening now.... listening to Way Out West - Don't look Now (Bonus Mix) || Atrac3Plus 192kbs Bonus Mix CD Tracklisting: 1. Walk – Deaf Center 2. Four Squares – Adam Johnson 3. Stinger – Agent 001 4. Meeting Dave Dish/Rainbows In The Sky (Natural High Movement Mix) – Martin Buttrich/The Hypnotist 5. Lost – Paul Hughes 6. Out of Area (Habersham & Numinous Mix) – Blue Room Project 7. Pulse of Life – Way Out West 8. Surrender (Your Love Breaks Mix) – Palava 9. Implantat – 2 Dollar Egg 10. Seaside Floater – Introvert 11. Gold Is Your Metal (Paper Faces Mix) – Themroc 12. Carrier – David West 13. The Awakening – Kaito 14. Loveworld (Ulrich Schnauss Instrumental Mix) – HRK
  13. Richard_p


    That's obviously just a scare-page, i'd take it with apinch of salt. I've recently begun using paypal and have had no problems in around 15 transactions. My brother has been using it for years and all is well. I believe paypal works by keeping your bank details to themselves, and first withdraws money from your bank account and then put's it into the Paypal account of the person you were dealing with. This is much safer as it means you only need give your details to one large company (whgo i'm sure could be sued in-case of any wrong doing) rather loads of random individuals who may be hard to track down if they ripped you off.
  14. I have alot of respect for Japan, but that really does seem so stupid and greedy of the companies involved. BOOOOH!
  15. Watching The Mighty Boosh series 1 Via PSP before bed. episodes 7+8 7:Electro 8:Hitcher A very odd/random comedy series.
  16. I put my vote as a link from MDCF, although i was never a member. Although i cannot remember how i came across it, it was when i was looking to replace my busted NH-900 and found a couple of Ishiyoshi's (very nice) pictorials, i think at first it was the MZN-RH1 and then the Vaio Pocket (which i subsequently bought). Not totally sure why i signed up as on most forums i am content with lurking. I guess it just seemed logical, since i'd been using the Atrac format for quite some time.
  17. Ahhh yes the car...For me that's another money trap waiting to happen. My brother wants £450 for his car, sounds good since it already has a 12" sub, 600 watt amp, and kenwood rear speakers, reckon i'll get a Sony CDX-GT300 head unit for it (he's taking his Pioneer with him). but basically that's why i need to hang on to as much cash as possible at the moment. Anyway (desperate attemp to pull thread back on topic...) thanks for the link, payday tommorow we'll see what i can do.
  18. Thnaks Ishi! I think i know what you mean about the EX71 sound it is very much closed and 'inside you head', I really don't like them, and since the ex series is the only clode in ear phone i have tried i'd assumed it was inherent in the design. However you say these are are more open. very interesting I am closer to ordering a pair, i'll just have to try and work them into some sort of budget as i'm spending way too much since i turned 18 last month, now that i have switch card thingy and can go out to pubs
  19. Thanks for this review, i made a request for one in the 'phones section. Have you tried any mother semi-IEM, type earphones such as ex71/81 or Creative's offering. If you could post comparisons tro these it would be useful.
  20. A truly beuatiful heaphone, although too rich for my blood/requirements. Thanks for the review and pics.
  21. The phrase 'HAHA! Suckaz!' comes to mind. I only read the first page but it does look like Damage as a very good point. No-one seems real bothered about it. Apple should re-call the devices. Just jumped to page three this is pricelss. "I'm going to take my chances with my Future Sonics EM3's. They cost me $99" Because it couldn't possible be the fault of the iPod.
  22. Well, it's getting warmer so i'll soon be leaving my pmx200 'phones. I'm considering getting a new pair of earbuds and these Sennheisers are tempting. CX-300 Product Page My only experience of these full inn-ear type phones comes from EX71 and EX81, neither of which i am huge fan of. It is also becomming apparent that many pairs of phones are emplying the canal type design and it can be found on very cheap earphones these days. The sennheisers seem to share share the same body as Sharp HP-MD33S and Creative EP-630 so comparisons to these should prove useful. Any way this review on head fi sounds promising: Review I really don't NEED a new pair of buds, i already have EX-81, ED-21LP, CM7 (albeit fake), as well as stock E-931LP (which are actually pretty decent). However i think i may be addicted to buying earphones so if i can hear some more positive experiences i may buy a pair...
  23. I think i must own a pair from a diffrent run of fakes, as the gold plug is retained, howevor on closer inspection to Kungfools photos the most obvious difference is the black rubber around the ear piece on mine it is fairly thin and much closer to the edge than the originals. After longer listening i did decide that if i'd paid full price for them i would be wuite dissapointed in terms of SQ, whilst decent, it is far from exceptional which is to be expected with a $129 price tag. I have probably listened to my ED21's more than the CM7's since they arrived, although nothing i own seems to be able to top my PMX-200 (but sometimes buds are simply more practical).
  24. Very well said Pata I considered an ipod 5th gen briefly before getting my HD5h after my vaio messed up. I hate to say it but the4 5th gen pod really is godd contender. It looks nice, has good features and is very competitvely priced, plus it's now available in BLACK! I stuck with sony after looking at many other players for the following reasons. ATRAC/Gapless - After owning a HI-MD and Vaoi pocket i had lots of atrac file i could put straight onto the HD5h already in my Sonic stage library, if i'd bought MP3 i'd be stuck with gaps between songs and have start from scratch ripping my CD's Size - A HD5 is no taller or wider than a credit card and not too thick either, after owning a Vaio iwas after something smaller (as pretty as they are, they are a bit bulky) Battery life - Seemed like the sony devices were pretty hard to beat no need for Video - This was the g=hardest part in choosing sony over others. No Walkman even has a colour screen yet, but then since i own a PSP i deemed it needless as without getting a full blown PMP video DAP player screens are pretty small, therefore i wouldn't choose to watch anything on one over my PSP. I decide it was a sacrifice i could amke for the other more important factors (to me) listed. It's not an iPod - this is a little petty i know, but too many people have iPods. I do not like to carry the same gadgetry as others. Good luck finding a DAP that is right for you!!
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