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  1. is there any way to open up the player? Is the casing is held on using screws? I hope dust doesn't get inside and I am unable to open up the thing to clean it up.
  2. to TS: did you try testing for hiss when volume is at 1/30? I know this sounds ridiculous, but I listen at really low volumes when I'm working and stuff.
  3. Are there any dust problems with this model? Meaning dust gets under the screen. How about hissing with high sensitivity earphones like the Westone UM1/2?
  4. not all colours are available. For instance, we do not have the gold 2gb version.
  5. on the Sonystyle website in my country, the E01x is pictured with crappy earphones insted of the Ex90. I saw on Sony Japan that those players do indeed come with the EX90. Here, the 1gb E013 is cheaper than the EX90. So i dont think it's likely that Sony'd bundle those earphones.
  6. from the pictures, it would appear that the A800 comes with...the EX85 canalphone?
  7. I peeled off the 2 stickers on the back of my E505 the day I got the DAP. The silver parts of the DAP are less shiny than before, but no ugly, uneven discoloration to the best of my knowledge. I put the player into a "sock" whenever i am outdoors though. Maybe I'll wait for the E10x (lipstick) players to be released before I decide which new DAP to buy. A gold E10x to go with my gold E505.
  8. hi, I have an E505 and I have to open it up to clear the dust occasionally. May I know if the S20x sports players have this problem? thanks
  9. The E40x/50x are able to achieve only usb 1.1 speeds. Only the A60x uses the faster usb 2.0.
  10. Techno Pride


    My E505 came with the E808 and it sucks, period. Poor instrument placement/separation - vocals and instruments seem to come from the same spot (CENTER!) Lifeless - it's just plain bad.
  11. the walkman thingy came with the player, but in a separate package. Got the phones for roughly USD $103. apart from the isolation, i think the E888 is better in all other aspects.
  12. I use a Motorola handphone charger. 500mA, 5v. My NW-E505 has not exploded yet.
  13. the ipod shuffle and ipod w/ video sound the best out of the ipod line. the rest of the ipods supposedly have bass rolloff when used with earphones.
  14. damnz, it's prob the same shiny earbud that i got with my E505 on Sonystyle USA, the supplied earphone is listed as MDR-J011.
  15. splash proof, not water proof anyway, i saw some pics of the NW-S20x. It appears that the packaged earphones may not be of the sports type???
  16. hi, regarding the included earphones... will i get the sports earphone (w/ the hook) in the Asia-Pacific region? the NW-S203/205 listed on the local Sonystyle website lists the following as Supplied Accessories: Armband MDR-E808LP ???
  17. hi thanks. I went ahead and bought an UM1 anyway. Didnt notice any hissing. Thou at the same bass+1 eq setting, the E888 has more kick than the UM1... EDIT: actually in a quiet environment, the hissing is evident at volume 0. added a pic linkie to a bigger pic: http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/2681/um1bigmj1.jpg
  18. It's too expensive compared to the 2nd gen 2GB Ipod Nano here. surely the armband and sports earphones are not worth the price premium!
  19. the westones, being high sensitivity IEMs (UM2 more noticably)... anyone tried westones and heard hissing in their Sony DAPs? btw, upgrading from E888. Public transport is too noisy and i cant enjoy music on the "open" 888s.
  20. btw, if you have a motorola charger for those phones with mini-usb ports, those chargers work as well. my SLVR L7 charger (5v, 550mA) works fine with the NW-E505.
  21. hiya, great price for the A608 (~$240). no good reason to get a 1gb nano. I should have waited for the price drop. I'm looking for a small pouch for my E505 as well. even those smaller nano pouches, which i saw at sim lim, are too big. if you manage to find any thin pouch (ipod shuffle size), share it here
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