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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys Just re-discovered I still have the Sony MZ-RH1 and cleared some dust from it and begin to enjoy it again ;D I wonder which ATRAC version it uses when it comes to MD/LP2/LP4 SonicStage transfers and diect recoding in non Hi-MD modes? bests Stan
  2. i have a computer with Windows xp that i had not used for several years ago in which i recorded several CD's with ATRAC3 format, days ago i started the computer again and i had to format and reinstall the Windows xp operating system with the original disk that came when i bought the computer, after installing all the necessary to use the computer again i installed sonic stage 4.3 now that i try to modify those CD's and save the music inside of those CD's, it tells me that it isn't the same computer, that i can only modify those CD's in the computer where they were created, but i am in the same computer. how can i solve this problem?
  3. ............what we've all been saying (and doing) for years. Sad that Sony didn't become the people's choice. Only themselves to blame for that, and some badly-designed "tests" which happened to favour MP3. http://www.calgaryherald.com/technology/Better+audio+quality+could+next+consumer+demand/9651386/story.html Does this ring any bells for y'all?
  4. I'm using Sonic Stage 4.3 on my XP-Pro computer, connected to my MZ RH-1. The computer has several hard drives. Sonic Stage is installed on Drive C: The drive with my ATRAC files (D:) crashed. Fortunately, I was able to copy the ATRAC file folders & files from the problem hard drive, to a new location with folder(s) on Drive C: I was then able to get Sonic Stage running, and I can play the files and hear them on the computer's speakers. These files were previously copied from my MZ RH-1. I made these recordings. They are not copyrighted or copy protected. (I do not have anything purchased from the old Sony store that involves copy protection.) Today I have a new file on my MZ RH-1 that I want to copy using Sonic Stage, as I've done so many times before. On trying to do that I get an error messsage that says: "Cannot access the folder for sending imported files. Verify that the folder location is correct. From the main menu click Tools, and then Options. From the Category section, click location to save imported files. Verify the location (Folder) path" This showed the old location on the now disconnected hard drive. So I changed it to the new location on C: Doing that I get the error message "Cannot access the device to import from. The process will stop." So far I am not able to transfer the new file from the MZ RH-1 to the PC. I can't find documentation on this by Sony and hope there is someone here who can comment. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys & gals! I´ve written an article - about MD again - where I describe a tweak to improve sound quality of any MiniDisc unit. This tweak basically describes how to use an equalizer to improve the ATRAC encoding. I really think that the results are spectacular and that they should be shared with anyone else. Enjoy the article! http://marlene-d.blogspot.de/2013/09/spectacular-sounding-minidisc-tweaking.html
  6. sfbp

    DLNA for ATRAC anyone?

    Do y'all know about DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)? Well, I was looking around for something to manage video files on my network after I discovered that the free product (AllShare) from Samsung crashed under the load of too many files. DLNA has been around as a more-or-less-standard since 2003. It means in principle that someone can write a DLNA client and talk to any DLNA server, or provide a DLNA server that can be used by any DLNA client. This is an improvement on custom solutions because one is not locked in to a single vendor, and because future devices can be supported by innovative techies writing software of one sort or another. This last year saw me get my feet wet in the tablet (and smartphone) market with no less than 3 different android devices from different manufacturers. The point is that there's software for Android (from independent third party authors) that will play MP3, WAV, WMA, etc etc, in addition to handling a bunch of video formats. That's by the bye. But what DID occur to me was "wouldn't it be nice if I could stream ATRAC?". I am even thinking of iPad owners So when I researched to find a DLNA server, I ended up finding one in Australia, and spent much of the last month first getting everything working with my various devices (including 2 TVs and also Windows Media Player), then convincing the author to add ATRAC conversion and streaming. The result is that there's a version almost does everything one might want available, and I guess there's going to be an announcement sometime soon. But the present post is to see what level of interest there might be. If you want to get some preview information, feel free to PM me. I'm not being deliberately mysterious (anyone with half a brain will find it in about 10 seconds) but I respect the right of the members here not to get spammed. To give you a clue, the on-demand conversion is being done by ffmpeg, which is a direct spin off from the #linux-minidisc project, and allows even copy-protected files to be played (sadly Atrac3+ aka HiMD awaits the next release or so of ffmpeg, but rest assured that is in the works). ATRAC lives.....!?!?
  7. Hello friends, Has anyone noticed the striking crappiness of MP3 files transferred "as-is" to a HI-MD? Meaning rather than converting the MP3 file to Atrac3Plus, the RH-10 can transfer MP3's with no conversion and play them back. I am confused as to why the native format of an MP3 file sounds horrible compared to the same file converted to a different format? An MP3 converted while transferring to the HI-MD Atrac3Plus 352kbps sounds amazing compared to if you just simply transferred the MP3. I don't understand why, it makes no sense to me that it would sound better as the originating file is the MP3. I'm assuming it has something to do with the playback on the MD unit (using an RH-10 for the comparison) Can anyone enlighten me? Input is appreciated! Thanks, Sean
  8. My first post here... hope it´s in the correct forum. If not feel free to move it around. I have been reading here a lot lately, my fascination with MD seems to have returned after abandoning it in 2001 for PC based audio. For years after first reading about it I have been curious about Wide Bit Stream and equally curious if my MZ-R 30 would be able to record in 20 Bits. Turns out it can - only from the digital input of course. I´ve written an article about this, complete with measurments and stuff: http://marlene-d.blo...c-wide-bit.html I´d like to have some input as well as experiences someone else has made with other ATRAC versions like 4.5 Type-R. The MZ-R 900 will be featured in the next article, but I can already tell you that it´s equally Wide Bit Stream capable. Wide Bit Stream - is that even interesting today, with Hi-MD and all??
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