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  1. Here is what I am thinking about if I do not get another RH1: http://www.samsontech.com/products/product...6&brandID=4 This pup does it all, just like a Hi-MD unit, is easy to operate, also records in MP3 for those who wish to and with the 4GB card will run about the same as the RH1, maybe cheaper. I would prefer the SONY. But if SONY is backing away from the platform, I may, too. ;o( Cheers
  2. Froogle found them for US$4.35 and up.
  3. A battery box amplifies nothing. It supplies bias current to electret mics so that they can record louder sounds without distortion. You may be thinking of a pre-amp which does amplify. The "mic-in" of your MD has this function. "Line-in" has no pre-amp. Cheers
  4. It might not be a bad idea to confront her and ask her for her explanation. You are entitled to it. And so is she entitled to explain her actions.
  5. Maybe if we had some photos to look at it would be easier. Your words do not tell us much. Thanks.
  6. I am pretty peeved at this. I kind of had expected SONY to keep this guy on the market indefinitely. They offer no approximate replacement and the Zoom H4 looks like the machine to do the deal. That, two pair of AA's, a couple of 2gB memory cards and I am in business. Sheesh, tell me this isn't so. I was tempted to order another RH1 but why? It is an orphan. Oh, well, not every day is Christmas, or Sunday, or lottery-wining day. Some days are just the shits. Cheers
  7. Check this. It looks like they are saying "discontinued":DARRH1000.CEK,4901780950096,HCX1536.CEK,01 Discon.W/o Repl'mnt MDWMMZRH10BPN.YG,5013493065772,MZRH10B.CEK & MDWMCASE2.YG,01 Discon.W/o Repl'mnt MZRH10B.CEK,4901780939947,HI-MD WITH SELF-RECORDING FUNCTION,01 Discon.W/o Repl'mnt and then this MZRH1B.EU8,4905524323207,Hi-MD W/Self Rec PC Connection Black, Active Whazzup???
  8. Dr. John, AUD recording at last year's Bonarroo. Pretty good recording, as good as most professional ones. Woohoo!
  9. Audacity has heaps of plugins available at its web site that offer just about every possible function you could dream of. They download as a zipped file and auto-installs. Maybe not zipped, but it does auto install. Way cool. Cheers
  10. Tim - A battery pack will allow you to record at higher levels without the mic breaking up by supplying a higher voltage than you would get at mic-in. You must use line-in for this option. A pre-amp will supply the higher voltage, bias or phantom depending, and raise the input level higher. That other folks got good results recording live shows with the mics could only mean they were right in front of the speakers. You may be comparing apples and oranges. Were you recording acoustic?? Raise the volume on the input as high as you can without having it overload. It make take a bit of testing to get it right. It changes from venue to venue depending on the sound level of what you are recording. Keep coming back. There is plenty of help here but I have been unable to replay for some days because of something failing at the board end. This is the first time in days I have been able to reply. Cheers
  11. Eh, bien, c'est vrai ça. But you have sunlight in sunny France, le bon pays. Out here in Oregon we only read about it. ;o) Cheers
  12. Call Sound Professionals, Microphone Madness, The Musicians Friend and see who will overnight it to you. You will get it Monday. Next time, plan ahead and save those high shipping fees for overnight. Mics are light, so weight will be nearly nil. Happy Trails.
  13. I do not use an outboard DAC for my NH1. However, there are quite a few folks who do use them. The crowd at taperssection.com is quite strong for them. I like to keep it as simple as possible so I do not yet use one. YMMV
  14. Try poking around at taperssection.com.
  15. I have no regrets with my RH1. I use it mostly as a recorder and it does well.
  16. GM is still around and still has his plans out there for anyone to build a BB. PM him to see if he will build you one. I have electret condenser mics which work just fine with a 6 volt battery box feeding the line-in on my MZ-RH1. As a matter of fact, I have to apply a 20dB cut to record amp'ed music without overloading on the vocals. And that is feeding line-in with some Soundman OKM II's. I will be trying the BB with some AT's tomorrow night. It should work just fine. If it does not, I'll let all of you know. Cheers
  17. Just to jump in with my same litany: Macally IP-A481. Charges from the USB or the SONY RH1 charger. Can allow the recording of ~20 Hi-MD's and you will be in sleep deprivation before it runs down on play. Costs ~US$30, comes in black and is size-compatible with the RH1. I love mine. Oh, it is LiIon. Cheers
  18. I am not a prig, but how many righteous folks wept over their hamburger before they ate and walked home wearing leather shoes. The crime was not the killing of the goat. It was that people were enjoying the result. Well, tasteless yes; heinous no. YMMV Those guys in marketing are jerks. Is this news?? Cheers
  19. The K-mount lenses Pentax *ist DL. Check the specs to see what the limitations. Note that the standard 35mm camera's 50mm lens becomes a 100mm lens on the digital camera. Oh, I bought two sets of microphones: MM-HLSC-1's and SP-CMC-4U's.
  20. This reminds me of Mark Twain's remarking that the reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated.
  21. Not exactly. Binaural mics do not sound bad at all when used in a regular stereo array. I have a pair of OKM II's which I use as binaural when the mood strikes me and otherwise as omnis, currently in an OSS/Jecklin array which yields very good stereo images and sound. A binaural recording will sound odd through speakers and fine on headphones, but the mics themselves are just omni's.
  22. Buying ten from the UK would be smart. You have a couple to ruin with your first attempts, one pair to keep and three pair to sell making back your money and maybe some more. Could be the beginning of a huge new mic business. Many start small.
  23. Software fixes that I know of from personal use: 1) Normalizing. Not great. 2) Compressing (not an audio codec like LAME) and this can be good when judiciously used. Audacity has it built in and at it preset values it is OK. Try it, listen to the new file and if you like, save it. Otherwise back it out (an edit function). 3) ReplayGain. This raises the sound to where the maximum is loud but not loud enough to clip, usually 89dB. I use the one in foobar2000 as it has the smallest increments. It can be taken out later if you wish, also. It cannot be applied to WAV files but works on FLAC and MP3 and a few others. Keep us in the loop and keep asking questions.
  24. Let me get this straight: this little device will power the RH1. I guess you can charge it on the USB connector. OK. So, that it is an iPod accessory is odd? I am glad it is available. Cheers
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