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  1. I am trying to learnthis stuff as quickly as I can but have stumbled across some info on a board which states that phantom power can be handled through the three wire XLR type connectors. For the unbalanced two wire, as I have, the remote or bias power of a 9 volt is what I need. Is this right?
  2. I called Sound Professiionals and talked with the mic guy there. There is a negligible gain in performance from 9 to almost 48 volts. I was also assured that 9 volts would be good for all but Megadeath and the like. So, it looks like a pair of SP-CMC-4U and Greenmachines plans will have me out there with a good set of small cardioids. Small and good sound. I am pleased. First, the power supply. The SP's are AT U853's packaged by SP. Thanks all.
  3. Um, maybe I am missing something, but so much GD, Phish and so on is available as trrents of their shows. Is there something special about getting them on an MD as opposed to FLACs from the INnternet?
  4. Many sound cards are mono in at the mic. Do you have a line in?? If you do, that will be stereo and what you will have to use.
  5. There are a lot of variables in this mix. The USB cable is the last I would suspect. Bad recording? Bad mics? It could be a lot of things.
  6. I remember tube portable radios: one battery for the filaments and one for the rest of the radio. Needed two strong men and a small boy to lug them around. ;o)
  7. go here: http://cellboost.com/product_pdvd.htm I have the PDF with more detailed specs if you are interested. Cheers
  8. The avatar Schip is not mine. Mine is off spending her winnings for coming in first place int The Worlds Most Spoiled Schipperke. I think hthey will have to retire the trophy she has won it so often. Schipperke is Flemish for "bad dog." LOL Cheers
  9. Hai so desu! Yes, there is always Udon. ;o) For outside work it is great, and fun to build. Those bar lights would not charge anything for me, though. You are lucky to be Gaijin and not Hakajin. It must be fun rattling around there. Is it permanent?
  10. Yo, GF, found a DVD LiIon box to feed power to a portable DVD player. It puts out 9 or 12 volts and powers the DVD player "for three hours." Sounds like this could be spliced into GM's little circuit for a killer low voltage phantom power for the U853. I am not planning on recording at SPL's hiugher than 120 dB. LOL The other option is a 48 - 52 volt Li Ion battery pack, rechargeable, for the same deal. I am chasing info on the high voltage pack now. L8R
  11. Probably, but how well will it work inside when recording inside?? I use my IP-A481 as a security blanket to insure that I do not get a dead battery at a recording gig. And, it costs about half what an internal LiIon would cost from SONY. Removes the need for a battery swap. Kind of makes it a no-brainer for me.
  12. I keep plugging the Macally IP-A481 LiIon battery pack. It charges through the USB port of any computer, will plug into the RH1 to 1) charge the battery or 2) act as an additional external power supply. It was reviewed and tested by a Dutch fellow on this board and he estimated that based on his tests the internal LiIon and the Macally IP-A481 would yield enough power to record 20 Hi-MD's in PCM. I do not plan to do that, but sure do like the security it gives me when recording anything, anywhere. It comes in black and is appropriate to the size of the RH1. Apparently designed to work with the goofy iPod it works fine the the RH1. It is searchable in Froogle and comes in at ~US$35. Way better, for me, that a AA cell eater. YMMV
  13. I paid ~US$30 for the Macally IP-A481 LiIon battery pack that charges from a USB and charges the RH1 and functrions fine as an external source of power while recording. I like it for peace of mind. It comes in black so it matches my RH1 just fine and is small, a little less broad than the RH1 but longer. And no replacement cells to buy. http://www.techmicro.com/ProductDetails.as...ductCode=IPA481
  14. GF - Yes, that will do the job just great, and cost me ~$300 to my door. A DIY is fun and way cheaper. I am trying to get this done on a shoestring if at all possible. Worst case scenario I will go to CORE sound. What the hell, they are home boys. But build, not buy, is the better option for me, if it can be done.
  15. I am wondering if it is possible to build a battery box for phantom power in the 45 - 50 volt range. I am thinking of chaining five or six 9 volt batteries together in a series and then modifying a circuit like a DIY's to do the job. But, one person has explained that this would include into the design some problems that might be tricky and which he does not feel this circuit would work for nor is he sure he can modify it. This is not for stealth work as I have mics for that. It is just for powering very small cardioids which like to be driven with higher voltages, up to ~48 volts. Any help would be appreciated. I can almost read a circuit, can solder and follow instructions. I built a couple of audio amps, tuner and pre-amp many moons ago so I suppose I could get up to speed easily enough. Thanks.
  16. Or, you could buy one of the inexpensive cell phone chargers which will work on the MD if it charges through its USB connection.
  17. PA - I do have another gig, two sets, with the OKM II's in an OSS array. I will post them tomorrow evening probably. Pretty busy right now. First impression: OKM's way better. ;o)
  18. Hi - I record and upload the torrents to a torrent board. The bands I record allow it. The board allows only legally recorded music. But I also have a very hard time hooking up to the board to make my files available to others. Can anyone suggest some sites for me to upload to?? Thanks.
  19. Right now LAME 3.97 V2 NEW FAST is nearly as good as uncompressed, and fools most of the people most of the time. The arguement about how bad compressed audio is has come to be almost ridiculous. To wit: a fellow I know had a "golden ears" friend who could distinguish compressed from uncompressed, easily, he claimed. So, my freind played the golden eared fellow ten tracks, all the same music and asked his buddy to choose which was compressed and which was not. The golden ears held up his list proudly at the end of the test only to be told he heard the same 128 Kb file ten times in a row. The listener never again spoke to the tester. Not all folks are that asinine, but on an ABX test very, very few can tell them two apart. ;o) Cheers
  20. Go ahead; rub it in. LOL
  21. I would use Google's Froogle to search for the model and follow the links to a parts source. That is all I can think of. Cheers
  22. I am using a camera cable right now. Great minds think alike; that's us. Dummies think alike, too; that's not us. ;o)
  23. PA - Interesting comments. I think I have an OKM II recording of these guys but from a different spot. I will see. The venue is not the best: a small bar, one speaker forward (bass is in that one) and one, the right channel about ten feet further back. It is a nosebleed of a place. There is never without the crowd. It is their religious joy to show up and party there on Sunday. I will look and see if that one gig is OKM. L8R
  24. This is a track I recorded Sunday night, 2007-04-01. I was close to the sweet spot this time. Next time I will be there early enough to claim the spot. But, the sound is getting better each time. Check it out. No processing, just as I got it: ECM-MS957 MS/SP stereo > RH1 > SS WAV > FLAC 8 > foobar2000 ReplayGain and conversion to LAME MP3 VBR V2 NEW FAST. Let me know which file you like best. The first or the second? This is a test! ;o) Cheers 1_Down_at_the_Pool_Hall__Clickety_Clack.mp3 FMR_2007_04_01_Set_1_C05.mp3
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