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  1. Back to the original question" OKM II PoP. Try recording with levels set as low as possible. One test is worht a thousand opinions. I did not realize you would lose your settings when swapping discs. Sorry about that. If you want to continue with recording a RH1 might be a good idea. Do try testing the mics again. Keep us in the loop. I am interested in seeing what happens. I am sure others are, too. Cheers
  2. GF - Interesting attachment. I am printing it and have saved a copy. Thanks!
  3. I think you got your mic info at another board I touch on. They have sometimes strong opinions there. I am not sure that these opinions are all founded in fact. My own experience is that I have never had the OKM II's overload. I run them through the A3 and into line-in. I used them for some binaural recording in Mexico and in one session a truck went by with not more than a hint of a muffler. I took no notice. When I listened to the track on a pair of Etymotic ER-4's I was startled! Wow! Was there ever some bass in that track, just like the damned truck. So, unless the PoP has some serious deficiencies I would not accept what the other advise 1) Check with Soundman. 2) Try all the volume tricks suggested, like turn off AGC, use the 20 dB cut switch and record at a low level. If you can do the recording and they work, low levels, you have solved the problem. Record a rock concert you may have on CD. Record anything, but try to lay down a baseline of what works and what does not. Get to know you mics. And do talk to Soundman, too. They are nice folks. They are not answering me now, but I bought my mics 5 years ago. Keep us posted and maybe we can help you solve the problem. Cheers PS - Recording times. What I do is after about an hour or so I switch discs during a break between numbers. Will that work for you???
  4. Thanks, all, for the help./ CompUsa had some for three or four bucks. Earlier here, I think, a fellow in GB was bemoaning the fact that SONY was getting a huge prices, like 35 or 40 quid. Get on!
  5. Sounds to me like it is wildly overdriven. Could you have possibly fed the A3 into the mic-in? I have the OKM II's also, not the POP's, and they have always worked just fine for me. Try recording something quieter with the switches off rather than on and see what happens. Be sure to run it in through line-in and for god's sake use SP something to record in.
  6. Thanks! A fellow earlier had posted problems about losing this cable and having to replace it from SONY at ~US$50. CompUSA has them at US$3.50 so I will order a couple. Cheers
  7. The USB cable for my RH1 bit the big one tonight. When I plug it into my PC with no RH1 attached I get a message telling me I have plugged in an unknown device and I need to install a driver for it! Huh??? Fortunately, the cable for my SONY camera works just fine. The Chinese cable with the RH1 is flimsy. Question: where can I get a replacement other than from SONY? SONY will want my first-born child; both of them. ;o) Cheers.
  8. I am currently thinking about buying a pair of Chris CHurch's cardioids and his amp/phantom power box. Has anyone done business with this fellow? What was your experience with Chris and with his mics??
  9. GM - Yes, I am aware of this as part of the ethical dilemma. That is why I propose to do as little as possible. I do not want to wind up with something that sounds so much like what is being released today as "remastered" primo albums. Usually pumped up and compressed and maxed out in sound. I believe in the "straight wire with gain" school of amplifiers and hew to the old Mercury "Living Presence" method of recording: two mics strategically placed above the orchestra. And very little post-processing. The old Mercury albums (LP's) were fabulous for their time. I am pretty much finding that the "modify it" group says they are my recordings and I can do what I want. I am not going to lay a Sonic Maximizer on them to hot them up. But boosting bass in a weak bass situation or dropping it in a boomy situation is not a bad idea. I would append in the recording chain just what the settings are that I used in Audacity. If I use Audacity everyoone will have equal (free) access to returning the recording to its original state, should they desire to do that. Does this make sense to you MD gurus and others????
  10. Hi - A board I sometimes post torrents to of legally recorded local bands has a "no tampering" policy. What this means is that you cannot in any way change the sound of what you have recorded. Now reading the DPA company's manuals and papers reveals that DPA considers it neccessary to adjust cardioid mic sounds to account for a bass deficiency. And sometimes I record in a room where the sound is way too bright and could use some attenuation. So, I was wondering what you folks think about this. Please let me know. I sure do not see anything wrong in post-processing adjustment. I would not use compression. Thanks. L8R
  11. I know this as it is in the teeny-weeny little folded piece of paper SONY calls a manual. ;o) And the line-in does not have the pre-amp so it makes good sense, too. L8R
  12. Well, here's the deal: my stuff is already MP3 and I see no need to convert it one more time. MP3 sounds transparent to most people using LAME 3.97 V2 new. You can pursue this at hydrogenaudio.org which has tested this on a regular basis. I am sure ATRAC is good, but I just do not need another step of things to do in the chain to get music to my RH1. MP3 just migrate as they are. YMMV Cheers
  13. The chain is spelled out in message six. In the FLAC stage I apply ReplayGain. Try removing it and see what happens. The RH1 has automatic nothing happening. It is all straight digital. I have posted FLACs of stuff I have recorded to etree.com and no one has said anything there. You've got me perplexed. Other than that, I am glad you like the recording. The players are a fun bunch, too. The jams have a lot of chatter and kidding. Imagine that! I will post the same three files as FLAC's. Check them out. I will let you all know the addresses on yousendit. The FLACs are at: http://download.yousendit.com/378B04DA2A34FD75 http://download.yousendit.com/3ED0A81825CCE52E http://download.yousendit.com/2A07CC4124AACED4 Cheers
  14. the chain is in post number 6. I record with an RH1. I love it. It is a good machine.
  15. GM - No, I just went through all the recording settings and there is no automatic anything. What do you think it could be??
  16. GM - I will re-check but as far as I know I am not using any compression. Nothing on the RH1 and nothing in the post processing. The chain is RH1 > PC WAV > CDWave Editor > FLAC for FLAC 8 >? foobar2000 for Replay gain and LAME 3.98 "V2 new" for MP3. ReplayGain is not dynamic compression so I am somewhat perplexed. Whazzup?? ;o)
  17. I am able to plug my self-powered SONY (ECM-MS957) into either of my MD's line-in. I do that when recording loud venues, lilke amplified rock.
  18. I do not know what to tell you. I uploaded them, they appear on the board. Please note also that other folks have downloaded them as indicated in the original post. Hmm. I can point you to YouSendIt where they are also stored. I have to create a website for my indulgences. OK, links follow: http://download.yousendit.com/9EFD6C952E2DA16D http://download.yousendit.com/A6FC3CD4509DA16F http://download.yousendit.com/89BB465B66E54055
  19. I just import the RH1 PCM recordings I make into WAVs on my PC and then enter the track marks with CDWave Editor. It puts the marks on the boundaries. Then I go to FLAC 8. But, using CDWave Editor is so easy as you can see the waveforms and zero right in on where the track mark should be, listen to the sound and put in the track mark. Check it out, it is free to D/L and play with. It is shareware and he promises you are a creep if you use it and do not pay. $15 we can all afford. It can save in WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG and another format or two. I FLAC 'em separately and MP3 a FLAC if I need to send it out over the Internet. Cheers
  20. These are a few of the recordings I made last Monday of a local bluegrass jam session which has been going on for ~20 years on Monday nights. The music is a mix of bluegrass, swing, comedy, folk and so on. The musicians are pretty good at what they do, enjoy the jam and just talk and play, kind of the old "around the kitchen table" feel of music. Your end of the deal is to let me know what you think of the quality of the recordings and any hints or pointers to make this stuff better. I understand not many of you will swoon over bluegrass. I will try the Jecklin Sunday in Portland at a Freak Mountain Ramblers gig. They are more rock than the band name would suggest. You may be more inclined to swoon over their stuff. ;o) Thanks all! I am trying to learn this stuff. 1_FGB_Jam_at_CB_AL_2007_03_19_set_109.mp3 1_FGB_Jam_at_CB_AL_2007_03_19_set_111.mp3 1_FGB_Jam_at_CB_AL_2007_03_19_set_112.mp3
  21. Play your MP3 files with foobar2000. It can play back MP3's gaplessly. I do not know that any other player can. It is a great, free player, ripper, tagger, transcoder, writer and more. Cheers
  22. I have just read the review you have quoted. This interesting bit of hoo-hah is in there: "I've got an Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32 which takes the (cheezy) 16-bit PCM from CD's and enhances the resolution to 18,20,22,or 24 bits." You can enhance the resolution as high as you want but all you will have is a high resolution copy of 16 bit data. Photographing a picture of a rough stone in high resoltuon digital does not make it any smoother. It is still a rough stone. 16 bit re-coded as 96 bit is just a 96 bit copy of 16 bit data. It is impossible for the copy to be better than the original. This quote, "The results? My MD's digitally dubbed from CD sound *BETTER* than the CD originals!" is an indication the reviewer is either a fool or a liar. They may sound different but they cannot sound better. Unless, of course, he has a different definition of "better" than most of the English-speaking world. Please note the reviewer has submitted no data to support this fanciful verbiage. I guess we all have to 1) assume he knows what he is talking about and 2) believe, therefore, whatever he says, without any proof. Maybe you can do that but I cannot. When the reviewer is able to submit proof, usually done with double-blind tests, he is just blowing smoke. Probably is a good deck, but miracles went out of fashion a long time ago.
  23. Perhaps. But this arguement stays the same: my MD does all I need it to do. Why would I run out and replace it when it works so well? I have other things I can spend money on than redundancy.
  24. SDSDB-2048_sm.jpg SanDisk SDSDB-2048-A10 2GB SD card...read more Availability: 7 In Stock In Stock Price: $69.95 Check To Add 2 gb is a little more than $20. I am staying with the MD as it does all I need it to do: record music.
  25. Did you notice the difference in price between the memory cards and Hi-MD discs??
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