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Hi-md Case Options

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My mother uses the little Sony armband that BestBuy sells. She seems to like it for jogging and working out. I still have the felt bag that my Japanese R-91 came in. I just stick in the remote and slide it into my bag.

Sony Armband Case

I've seen this elsewhere, so you may shop around and find it cheaper.

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Pelican makes a case for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, which fits my NH600D nicely...

actually, it's got room for my MD, transfer cable, and a couple of extra minidiscs.

it's called a "Wacky Pack"...here's the link from froogle:

Pelican Wacky Pack for GBA SP


I am looking for a case for my NH900.  Any suggestions?  Has anyone used the MDCASE4?


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Yea its amazing the sizes are the same I have an MD case for my GBA.

Pelican makes a case for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, which fits my NH600D nicely...

I have an offical Sony one (came with the walkman). I hate it because the headphone has to come out the top flap (which is zipped) and there is no room for the 1Gb disc cases. If I could find a cheap source of the slide in minidisc cases I would be happier.

Then again its rare for my MD to come out the ipod zipper in my backpack.

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originally used the bag that comes with the player (nh700), but nowadays it is kept in a thick fluffy beanie hat with a corded mic for easy recording.

One day an armored bag will be made from scratch for it using material from a salvage shop like clear plastic awning material, scrap canvas and duct tape. This should help fend off scratches and dust.

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I have a NH1 and it's taken me a while to find out the most suitable case for this unit. But luckily I chanced upon a selection of nice Sumdex products and found that the Slim Vertical Camera Pouch (NBC-121) works great.

For my NH1 its quite loose inside the pouch, but for extra safety I use a small single layer neoprene MD case, and then slip this case inside the Sumdex pouch. What's great is that there's still room at the top to fold in the remote and my MDR-EX71s and zip the whole thing up - a nice little package! I feel happy that my precious NH1 has a double layer protection and can take a few knocks, but the downside is its a little cumbersome to change discs. Its certainly a tight fit but if you can find the right single layer internal case then it works! Take a look...

[attachmentid=66] [attachmentid=67] [attachmentid=68]

As for the NH900, I know that the unit is a little thicker so I would strongly suggest you test it before you buy. It may be just right without any internal case - give it a try smile.gif

Link for external Sumdex pouch





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I've just received a Sony armband case (they call it CD3) - £5 from amazon.co.uk and will let you know how I get on with it.

First reactions (I've got an NH900) - Fits nicely. But doesn't fit with the extra AA battery case attached. Grr. Needs to go in sideways or upside down so that the headphone plug comes out in an appropriate direction. Looks least silly with the remote cable tucked into the case, leaving just the remote sticking out (and lying on top of the case). Feels like a tournequet and will take some getting used to but overall hmmm not too bad. As for the pocket in the flap that is supposedly big enough for a spare disc... well it is, but only without the case and even then, only just...

As I say, I'll let you know how I get on!

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