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Dvd To Minidisc

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if i was to buy a DVD player with an optical output, could i hook my minidisc upto it and record from it?

for exmaple, if i bought an ordinary DVD player with an optical output, connected my Nh600/JE480 via an optical cable and inserted a music cd, would the minidisc be able to record digital audio?

it works with my PS2`s optical output, but i am wondering about the DVD players output.

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True, but you can get round this on your PC. Grab a copy of DVD decrypter, and you can get pass the copy-protect encryption, grab the AC3 stream, and the convert the resultant AC3 file to WAV with a program like Nero, and then burn to CD.

However, I think PaulV was reffering to the digital copy of Audio CDs to MD using the optical out of a DVD player.

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