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I have recently just gotten back into minidisc, Hi-MD , to be specific and I want to get some hi-end earbud type headphones. What would be some good choices and what makes these "Hi-End" as opposed to run of the mill Chinese made crap.

Sony's current MDR-EX300 and MDR-EX500 might fit the bill.

My PSP and DS are made in China :) My clothes, too :P

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The earphones I am using currently and which I am very happy with are the Sony MDR-EX90SL; I can recommend those, although some people have issues with fit, due to the angled driver.

I too, use the EX90SL with all of my setups. except for my inline skate gear, featuring the MZ-RH710, which has a matching black RM-MC55ELK and EX85SL's also in black.

Hey Wiz, may I interest you in this quick, easy mod (AKA the "Cling-wrap Mod") you can do to your EX90SL? Here is the link:


It's simple, if you have a box of cling wrap (or Saran Wrap will do too), try it out, you'll be surprised how much more bass and better noise isolation you'll get out of them. I did this to my EX90's and I would never listen to them without this mod in place. After doing this mod, would you?

As for the "Germanium Mod" that is also mentioned in that thread, you should, IMO, avoid doing that one, as it only cuts down the bass and allows more outside noise in to effectively drown out your musical enjoyment.

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