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It's amazing that these are still for sale and from Sony

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I saw these at my local walmart when I out shopping tonight. Brand new cassette tapes and they're Sony brand. They pretty much killed off MD but they keeping cassettes alive. That's pretty crappy. I don't remember what the price was but they couldn't have been too much. I haven't seen any blank MD's in the stores for a couple of years now. I wonder where they all got sent to when they discontinued them?


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Cassettes are sold also in the markets of my city; I guess that's because it had a lot of success back in the days, a lot of people still use cassettes, so there's a businness.

I can find with ease Sony and TDK cassettes, but they are more expensive than they used to be.

Too bad that MDs are disappeared in Italy.. I found this summer some Sony 74-80 min blanks in Sardinia. Luck.

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They probably them sell due to the fact that cassettes were mostly accepted as another format and became very common in the years upto the appearance of the MiniDisc AND the whole digital music revolution. Cassettes are still used by many by people who used them back in the day but perhaps never embraced something because it looked to complicated or the price range was too high. Of course, I think the MiniDisc is a great cassette replacer, although some high end cassette decks are pretty amazing sounding as well.

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Don't get me wrong, I still have some cassettes as well but I haven't bought a cassette since the early 90's. I started buying CD's back then and I still buy CD's today. For me, CD's replaced cassettes. And in the late the 90's when I bought a Philips home audio CD recorder, that is what I used to record on, but I only made mix CD's from my collection. If I saw a collectible cassette I would buy but I don't have any use for recordable cassettes. My recording medium is now minidisc and probably will be for a while seeing is I am still buying money them.

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