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no more icons on SonyInsider

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I suspect the operators of the board are trying to conserve bandwidth by not permitting the transfer of any images. Several times over the past few months, this site has become unavailable with an error message that "Bandwidth has been exceeded" or some such similar message. All of the little icons and avatars and other images add up to a lot of transferred data for even a simple page like this.

The site sure does not look as nice this way that is certain. I have a business account for several websites I operate which permits unlimited bandwidth for a monthly fee of 9.95 US dollars, offered by 1 and 1 (www.1and1.com). This might be worth looking into as a solution to the hosting problems ...

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I have noticed there is a huge amount of activity on the average page that was never there before.

I wonder if there is some JS-based feature that has gone nutso? Look at the status bar (the one that normally says "Done" quite quickly, it seems to be transferring a lotta stuff even when one's page is apparently idly. Not sure why.....

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The forum is still giving me trouble. The fast reply form below stopped working completely (its height is less than one line, and it doesn't allow typing anything). And pressing the "Add Reply" or "Use Full Editor" button opens the following:


As you can see, the typing area is overlaid with a nice set of toolbars, making the screen totally useless.

The only way to post anything for me is from the Lo-Fi version (which is also glitchy, with some lines just a couple of pixels high).

My configuration: Windows XP SP3, Internet Explorer 6.0 with all the latest updates, screen resolution 1280x800.

EDIT. Enabling the RTE editor in my forum settings fixed the Add Reply window, but I am no longer able to go back to my settings. The new IP.Board engine is absolutely great!

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Tried it with IE8. Still unable to go to My Settings. And the cyclic scrolling glitch (when after reaching the top of the page it starts to scroll again from the bottom) is really "nice".

BTW, at least one icon is still missing:


It had actually been missing long before the others disappeared.

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