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Pictures inside MD Decks

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The only guy who could in theory do better than you (I mean even taking pictures of his own desks) is Pierre "100 decks" Nogez in France, who still have 80 decks in stock.

I want people to see the desks in a state of status quo and help people know if there are changes you buy.

I can do better with the before and after photos of desks, but would be too many pictures and forum are not allowed. Let me suggest

I want to buy out the remaining 80 desks....haha. PhilippeC be transported to Vietnam for me!!!

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Sony MDS-E12


UK Model

MDS-E12 rear  MDS-E12 balanced I/O  MDS-E12 unbalanced I/O and SPDIF coax I/O  MDS-E12 external control I/O

MDS-E12 external control PCB MDS-E12 main PCB MDS-E12 balanced I/O PCB


Note: Front panel is mostly the same as MDS-E10 shown below. E12 input selection switch is between bal/unbal/coax.

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Tascam MD-801R

MD-801R top

UK Model (note: Keyboard/Remote PCB is missing, fluorescent display -30V inverter is missing and replaced with experimental solution)

MD-801R front  MD-801R rear  

MD-801R DSP  MD-801R I/O chip  MD-801R fluorescent -30V mod  MD-801R BU-801 buffer RAM headers

DSP=CXD2531BR (ATRAC1 v2) two-channel ATRAC encoder/decoder with separate CXD2525AR EFM/ACIRC encoder/decoder.

BU-801 optional buffer RAM location (unpopulated in this machine) shown above.


CXD2531BR_Sony.pdf CXD2525AQ-Sony.pdf

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