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New Download:SonicStage3.4.zip


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File Name: SonicStage3.4.zip

File Submitter: sfbp

File Submitted: 04 Dec 2012

File Updated: 04 Dec 2012

File Category: Programs

File imported by an administrator. Uploaded at the request of a member because of some strange problem with NW-HD5. Not recommended for most purposes, especially with current versions (7 and 8) of Windows. More restrictions on content transfer than with later versions of SS.

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Dear Admin,

Thank you very much. Appreciate your help.

Tomorrow I will install SonicStage 3.4 on Windows XP PC.

This will allow me to get all my ATRAC files back (to my PC).

My NW-HD5s (2 units) have about 200-300 albums.

I would have to rip all 200-300 CDs if don't get the SS 3.4.

Many many thanks to your kind support. : )

Sincerely Yours,

Sam :imsohappy:

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Two things to ask:

1 - Why did the newest version of Sony Sonic Stage (4 something) self destruct? I had to find edited versions that had all the download data no longer available on the sony server.

2 - why cancel sonic stage? Why Why Why when it hosts ALL THE ABILITIES of the minidisc line... >:-|

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Hi I am new to this forum so please excuse my noob questions!

I have an MZ-N510 Sony Net MD and i have installed a usb win7 driver which has installed and the Net MD is connect and showing as working in device manager!

Now the next thing is i need Sonic Stage 4.3?????? I have googled for hours over this :( I have tried downloading and installing on my windows 7 64bit Ultimate and it gets to the part in the installation requiring info from Son'y server !! Then it aborts installation :( So i contacted Sony about this and they have told me Sonic Stage 4.3 is not available anymore from the Sony site for downloading and they advised me that i can use my Net MD as a mass storage device??

At the moment i am transfering mp3's etc from my pc to the Net MD via optical/digital which is very very good! and i can transfer from my Itunes :)

BUT i can't seem to use the Net MD as a mass storage device as it does not show up as a signed drive with a letter? like my hard drive and cd rom?

All i want to do now is get sonic stage 4.3 on my windows and in this forum i have downloaded the sonic stage 4.3 successfully and when starting sonic stage 4.3

I am limited as i am logged in as a limited account account user??? Please can someone help me get full access to sonic stage 4.3 as it appears to be running fine on my windows 7 64bit ultimate? Any advise and help is very much appreciated :)


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Hi, I am new here, I have had my NW-HD1 for years and I was not able to use it for the obvious reasons.(Sony screwed us all) I found this forum and downloaded the 4.3 AND the 3.4 but I am unable to use both, the .4.3 wants me to delete all and then format the device to use it and that defeats the purpose because I cant afford to lose all those tracks and the older version needs me to log in as an administrater because its in limited mode, please help me get these tracks back to my new pc for back up purposes.


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