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Sony MDS-JE780 remote?

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Judging by pictures of the 780's remote, it looks like it was supplied with the RM-D29M which is the same remote that came with my MDS-JE530. As far as I'm aware, this remote was used on many Sony decks. It is a slimmer, cut down remote that replaced the RM-D7M (which has a full keyboard rather than the three chacters per button mobile phone style setup of the later model) supplied with many earlier decks.

I also have one of the earlier remotes from my MDS-JE510 and that operates the newer deck without any problems so you should find that most functions will be controllable on your deck with any given Sony MD deck remote.

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If I were you I would ORDER a Sony RM-VL600 like this one


And then try to borrow someone else's remote controller so you can teach it. Mind u, I think that device does come with a fair amount of pre-programmed stuff about MD in it. Yeah there are codes 7001 and 7002 for Sony MD decks.


PS I have uploaded the manual and codes to the downloads section. This device is VERY flexible.

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