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I bought a few 10 packs of new TDK blanks

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I bought a few 10 packs of new TDK blanks, ebay, shipped from Japan at a reasonable price. They were the most inexpensive I could find. The more elaborate designs command a higher price.

Does anyone still collect new discs and where are you getting them from?

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I only really buy my discs in auctioned lots, because I'm way too cheap. Most of the discs are used, but from time to time I'll get a good number of sealed discs in the lot. I've also got some friends who have either just bought new discs for me or found some in a box somewhere and wanted to give them a good home.

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Hello NetMduser
It is very difficult to collect now, the minidisc sealed; 6 years from now that production is suspended.
The prices of the rarest ones are high, but you have to bear in mind that even when they were traded prices were high.
The TDK bit club were sold to at least 350 yen each.
You will find quite easily the md products from 2005 onwards, probably produced in much greater number to the demands of the market.
Now there are collectors who empty their collection or forgotten items in stock.
Ebay, in any case, it is perhaps the source easier and less expensive to find them.
I have some sealed.
Have a nice day
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Danny (Slugbahr) & I have quite a few sealed discs for sale. Either fully sealed or new discs from multipacks that have been removed from their packets. Lots of Sony Neige, Prism & a few Bianca's. Maxell Twinkle 5-packs or Axia Slim packs. TDK MJ's, Axia 'Select Your Style' 5-packs, Axia J'z etc. Also got some sealed Prime Discs as well.

I've listed some Axia 'Lego' discs on this forum but no-one was interested. So in the end I listed them on eBay. Something I'd rather not do as I hate paying eBay 10% of the sale and then the PayPal fee on top, but it seems the only way to sell things these days.

We're based in Australia and maybe people get put off with paying $13 (USA) - $17(Europe) for postage for a 500g package, yet that's about the same price I'd have to pay to get a similar package sent out of the US or UK these days.

If you're after less generic discs then they are harder to come by these days. The sellers of rare discs on eBay seems to have dried up. Even in the last few years the amount of rare discs around are less. Some discs you may never see for sale (e.g. Benetton, Kenwood etc). Maybe you can find some old collectors who can sell you some spares...

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