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  1. Nice to see them as they would be new. Sony's colour has similar look. I have Sony's still new in wrapper myself. Looking at your other posts from your collection, nice.
  2. netmduser

    I am back

    Welcome back Phillippe!
  3. If you cant hear yanny this lets you hear it, I am wondering if ATRAC or mp3 would filter this out....
  4. That's a good price for it. I have a similar setup but with an older model.
  5. Example of interface from borrowed Internet pic Is adjustment required how to do? Change in Laser Power Specification of KMS-260E - MiniDisc ...
  6. I received mine. Thanks PhilippeC!!!!!!!
  7. I have heard of something called a PONO which could play flac. I think sony should re-issue with ability to play the hi-res formats now out there as well as legacy formats. Is now the right time?
  8. I found balsa wood wine boxes at the local dollar store. I even stained them as a mini project. Minidiscs fit perfectly.
  9. LP2 was designed to sound just about as good as SP. That alone has a lot going for it, unlike others.
  10. thnxs PhilippeC good advice
  11. Right now Im making a real-time sp recording from a flac recording (24 bit from vinyl). No conversion necessary it just works.
  12. it does make track marks based on silence for the most part it works. what hard drive dac model is that?
  13. I have je440 KMS-260B/260E correct?
  14. https://picasaweb.google.com/101390078097751447444/TDK#5850667622682477010 https://picasaweb.google.com/101390078097751447444/TDK#5850667596689574898 I bought a few 10 packs of new TDK blanks, ebay, shipped from Japan at a reasonable price. They were the most inexpensive I could find. The more elaborate designs command a higher price. Does anyone still collect new discs and where are you getting them from?
  15. You are correct digital/optical is better. Normally I burn to cd and then use a dvd player with optical out. Also have a laptop that has optical out but haven't used it yet. The AN1 I can select as an output source and continue to use other programs and sounds without interfering, I guess soundcards can do that too these days. However it is fun to record with analog and sounds great.
  16. Anyone using one of these? http://www.minidisc.org/part_Xitel_MDPORT-AN1.html I am using it with win7, foobar and flacs. It is plug and play no drivers required. It is analog output so its use is for analog recording.
  17. Even though HI-MD discs are hard to come by, what is the advantage of using a HI-MD disc over the standard MD in HI-MD mode? PCM recording recording time? Isn't the standard MD in HI-MD mode a great alternative?
  18. This is how good the lp4 actually is. You did it the right way from a high quality source (CD). Age has an effect on ear's ability to discerne high frequencies.
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