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Playing ATRAC files on Android

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Hi all been offline for a while but now back however on the android operating system. I am really missing downloading podcasts and listening via minidisc out walking gardening or at work ect. I can't see a version of sonic stage anywhere which is downloadable to an android device. Am I missing something on this site or was it only ever redone as far windows 7?

Is it even possible to get it onto android tablet or am I living in cloud cuckoo land and need to get windows again?

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The situation is indeed survivable but not by any method you are expecting.

You need to set up a DLNA server that happens to use the latest version of FFMPEG. The latter will nicely stream to your Android device a converted version of your ATRAC files. Everything except Atrac Advanced Lossless, in fact. The server I use is called KooRaRoo and it is free for a trial period of a month, after which a small license fee applies.

Another solution is the Sony NW-F88x (x=5,6,7) series of Android-based Walkmen. It (they) will play ALL Atrac files. However this is not a phone. Unfortunately only the domestic (Japanese) version supports Atrac but you should be able to order one. Don't look for a phone that will do all this because you won't find one.

The good news about the streaming solution is that if you are nimble with networks you can probably arrange to play your vast library to yourself over the Internet

Hope this helps.


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My computer has been upgraded? to Windows 7 and I can't use my Sonic Stage 3.4 to transfer the stories I listen to. When I open it up I am told I am a limited account user and I am unable to down load or transfer. Would you please explain in very basic language if there is a method of me changing this situation. Much obliged


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To start with, use a more recent version of Sonic Stage, indeed the one we have here version 4.3. Don't try getting it from anywhere else.


Here in fact:


The second problem is: what about the recordings you have already? They are in danger of being lost, if not already. You'll have to explain to us what you did when you "upgraded?" to Windows 7, as very few people actually managed to do that with an existing machine, most preferring to buy a new one and transfer the data they cared about.


How do you get (new) recordings onto your computer?

Do you need to listen to them from some portable device, and if so which one, what model number? etc etc. This means transferring them from PC to portable device...... but maybe you don't have that particular problem.

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Thanks for reply sounds good. But not really what I ment. I initially put this in the software thread and it was moved. What I really need is to get sonicstage onto an Android tablet then usb my mini disc recorder to the tablet and download and manage mp3 podcasts as before from sonicstage to mini disc and listen as before was still possible on a Windows laptop.

However in doing my own research it seems that androids don't take sonocstage software and even if they did the mini type usb connection isn't compatible with standard usb used,on netmd.

Gonna just get a Windows laptop again because listening to bbc radio podcast via my android phone is crap, much prefer mini disc for all the obvious reasons that we all love. Thanks anyway for your informative reply.

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What I really need is to get sonicstage onto an Android tablet

That simply will never happen. It's equivalent to asking the P*pe to worship J**** in a m*sque. He won't want to do it, and the authorities of the m*sque won't allow it either.


I have no idea why originally-mp3 podcasts "Improve" by converting to MD. I have plenty of great sounding MP3's (actually they're OMA files converted on-the-fly by my DLNA server but no matter) playing on Android, though it is essential to have some good headphones.


I'm wondering if you ran into the same problem that I initially did with the setup I described. It might seem reasonably to convert MP3 and OMA (ATRAC) by using approximately the same data rate on both sides of the conversion. WRONG! If you figure that all converted files need to be "upsampled", ie never convert with an output of less than 256kbps especially TO mp3, you'll do much better.

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Hi. Its not the MP3 files or my headphones its the acer android phone or in fact any phone to me never sound as good as mini disc recorded MP3.

I also much prefer to download several podcast onto mini disc at a time instead of one at a time on my phone plus as I am sure your well aware press stop on a mini disc and provided you don't eject it you just start from where you left of. This is one of many great things I find appealing about mini disc. Anyhow will be going back to windows soon hopefully.

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