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Is the forum software a little off or is it just me?

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Strangely I can't do anything when making posts.  Like can't use Quote/Multiquote, nor can I even cut/paste into a post text window (like the one I'm typing in now).  Can't paste links or anything else for that matter.  CTRL+V does nothing, and the little paste buttons in the editor don't work either. 
I can't even use the image button to insert an image as the dialog pops up but when I paste in the link the OK button is still greyed out...and so is the cancel button!  I can hit the "X" in the corner to close the dialog and then it asks me if I'm sure and I say yes, but the dialog remains open! LOL, wtf?
I'm using IE 11, even tried compatibility mode but it stays the same.  Tried the quick message post thing as well as going to the advanced/full page editor to no avail.

What gives?  Do these 'features work' for everyone else?  I've yet to try another PC (I have lots so I guess I will try that next).

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Wow, Invision might be quite annoyed at MSFT over this, they have a zillion bbs's out there. What "new feature" in IE11 is involved I wonder? Or what are "newer" websites relying on that older browsers (probably) don't have?


Firefox continues to work perfectly. I still think (to answer my own question posed above) that the likely change is in javascript security settings since that is what IPS is entirely built with. JS is a security nightmare because you can do literally anything with it; and presumably the latest generation of browsers are HTML5 and no longer critically dependent on it.


I'm certainly interested to know what's going on, as it's almost impossible to write a website without some JavaScript. Failing to support it may be a "security upgrade" but I would be chagrined to find we have a re-opening of the "browser wars" where IE was different from the rest of the world and some feature where the latest IE is required to obtain "secure browsing" on certain websites.

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