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Difference in Minidisc disk brands?

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There is no difference in sound quality.  I have seen no difference in reliability as I have many, many different brands of disc and have had none fail.  The only real differences I have seen are in the quality of construction of the shell of the disc.  If you treat your discs with care, you should never really have any issues but I have seen some discs, especially the Maxell discs with plastic shutters, that have come partially unwelded along the outer seam if dropped or flexed, along with some Sharp discs.

HHBs are very well made and have no such issues but then nor do most other brands.

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In France, the Fnac (which is similar to Amazon) sold his own brand name MD blanks series. It was notorious at the time that a small percentage of the MD blanks had problems. Recently I used them again and I can tell yes, they still have problems. One disc on 5 was not recognized by my MZ-RH1 but has no problem with my JB980. I have around 300 MD blanks and so far I got problems (both MZ-Rh1 and JB980) with 10 MD blanks.  Problems can be solved with an MD unit which is able to format any MD like pro decks / portable units (HBB). 

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Hi all.

I agree with what is written before me.
The 74 sounds better of 80 min; (in fact the only REAL professional mds are 74 min) l ' 80 min has a longer access time compared to 74 min.
Many mds cheap, after 10 years, have a disconnect of the shell; more frequently:
maxell cheap, Sony Prism 1° version,TDK color european version.
For me the best as resistance are the Axia.
The magnetic media was produced from my research (see article) only from 5 different factories; all variants of many brands were commissioned at these factories.
I hope I have helped you.
A good day at all.
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I would think any sonic differences in discs would depend upon the hardware they are played on.  The discs themselves only contain the data read by the recorders and players.


I agree that the differences are in build quality.  Some of the old Memorex and Fuiji discs were cheaply made and the shutters could get easily bent.

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Well, you can get 'em online Freddy, for a pretty penny. Your post happened to lead me to the HHB MDP500, a portable that appears to have both optical and coax I/O. I didn't think any portables (excepting the original Sony MZ-1) even had any kind of digital out!


BTW, there is a current craigslist posting in NJ, USA that has six 5-packs of HHB 74 MD blanks for 10 USD each OBO.

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I still see that you can source Sony discs of either 74 or 80 minute capacity from Japan either via direct import on eBay or via Amazon. I am a new MD user as I just purchased my first MD Walkman on eBay. I'm just tired of dealing with MP3 files and want something better to use.


well welcome to this forum I hope  you find it useful. You joined the game a bit late in the day but better late than never I suppose. Welcome

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