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CD's with CD-Text?

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Right, my setup now contains a CD-text compatible player and MD deck with A1 connectors.

I was going to test if copying CD-text works but lo and behold I've been putting 50 discs into the player and so far none of them contains CD-text (even the Sony releases).

Is there a list somewhere? Or can you give me some titles that have been confirmed to have CD-text? Chances are small I have the titles you come up with but you never know :)

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for responding Philippe

Yes, I know. I use NetMD for editing my titles but I just would like to see the CD-text option working :)

I already knew not many CD's have it but finding one that does have it seems more difficult than I thought...

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Don't try to make CD-Text via Sonic Stage. For some weird reason it won't show up in the CD-Text capable CD readers. But if you make a disk with Nero (you can get a free or trial version somewhere for sure), it should show up instantly.

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I haven't found that problem Stephen.  Whenever I burn a CD with SonicStage the text shows up when I play it back on my CD-Text capable bookshelf (CHC-CL5MD) unit or on the head unit in my campervan.  The text also transfers perfectly to MiniDisc from the SonicStage CDs if dubbed on the bookshelf system.

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