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MZR-55 HOLD switch problem

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Hi dear fellow lovers of MiniDisc! Recently i found my old Sony MZR-55 which still is in great working order! But unfortunately i have a problem with HOLD function. I cant use the controls even when the HOLD switch is OFF! Although, i can use my remote control to play, pause etc you understand that i must find a way to solve this problem.

MDs are playing great and everything seems to work. If you have any thoughts or solutions to my problem i would be very grateful.

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I was wandering if that will not be difficult next years to find an unit in good order. At least an unit like an MZ-R55 is not expensive and that is why I bought mine in 2011 from Holland with a bunch of his brothers (MZ-R35, MZ-N710, MZ-NH700, MZ-RH1) just in case units would get rare and in bad order.

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Look at p.7 diagram 3-1. entitled "Bottom Panel Assembly".

You will see there are 4 sliders labelled "knobs". Each one of these connects to a little stick inside the unit (part of the main board) labelled "switches" which is the actual switch. Usually what happens is someone doesn't manage to put the slider and the stick in the same position when closing the unit up for re-assembly. If you miss the key-ing of the slider to the actual switch the slider will be rendered inoperative.

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What do you mean "changed"? You replaced the switch,..... or you moved it? With the lid off there should be a very clear marker showing which position of the slider is open (hold) or closed (normal operation) (Quite possible I got them backwards, check the circuit).

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I am not very good at reading schematics but I'm going to give this a stab. I'm sure most of you know way way more than I do. This is just a hobby of mine and I have NO training on circuits and wiring. You have probably already addressed what I'm thinking here...but I'm curious.

Could he try to ground the circuit path that the switch is connected in?  

If you look at the PCB diagram on page 29 it looks like hold is engaged when the circuit is actually closed. Shorting a lead from the hold switch should close, ground, or "short circuit" the entire path and should in theory disengage the hold function,no?. Try shorting a post from the s806 to the chassis to see if the hold function disengages.

Do I even remotely sound like I know what I am talking about? Am I right? I'm into this stuff and I want to know if I read the diagram correctly and if I am right on how the hold switch operates in this circuit.

As most of the community here already knows I always love to learn more and more about circuitry. I'm sure I tend to get a bit annoying at times so I am sorry lol!

So if someone could give me a few sentences regarding my take on this that would be great. A simple little blurb would just make my day! :-)

Good luck on this problem my MD buddies!!


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