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21 minutes ago, sfbp said:

OK, dude. We're going to need detailed instructions........

Finally we all get to make the transition to the 22nd Century.

Yes, I will try and put together an install guide and we can put the installer up on the downloads section if anyone is interested. Unfortunately the main UI is only in Japanese, but I can include some pointers. I was trying to find the topic, but we did have a member who did a localization of X-appli into English by modifying some of the resource files. It worked fine up until about version 1.1, but for version 2.0 and later (the final version was version 6.0 from 2016) it no longer worked and I wasn't able to track him down to follow up (this was quite a few years ago).. 

I guess the good thing about X-appli is that it works natively on Windows 10. It is still not a complete unicode-compliant app (presumably because it still has old Sonic Stage code in it), so if you install it on a non-Japanese version of Windows and want to do Kanji or Hangul titling you will need to use a locale emulator (something like this one works well). 

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22 minutes ago, sfbp said:

All sounds complicated. I do recall setting up X-Appli the last time round and then giving up when we found the 64-bit driver for NetMD.

It depends.. The install itself takes seconds, it's just next, next next... Then once it's installed, there are only about 2 or 3 options I ever check or change from the defaults - the main one being the import bit rate when ripping from CD's. If you are just using to import CD's and transfer them to MD, that's all you really need. 

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