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Looking for sharp spare parts NGERH0597AFZZ

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Hi there,

I own a Sharp MD SR50 which to be seems to be a very great profressional looking device.

Sadly a common fault for this unit is a broken gear that drives the laser head.

My unit is still working but somewhere i have one layong around that doesn't.

So just in any case i'd like to be prepared if the working unit fails.

Unfortunately it seems impossible to get the gear with the part no. NGERH0597AFZZ.


Im curious if anyone may have this laying around or know a supplier for this part.

Thank you all and have a nice day.


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I know the thread is kinda old but it might help what I have on this subject. 

I asked a supplier in Europe and the part has been discontinued so this route is a dead end. 

I know these models use the same part as your MD-SR50

-MD-MT50, MD-SR60, MD-SR70, MD-SR75, MD-MS721H and MD-MS722H. 

I'm in a similar boat because my SR70 has the gear with bent teeth and I'm looking for a replacement. 


I hope that helps in any way.



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So probably no one follows this much but I for one have been able to fix my Sharp by using a hot air gun and an xacto knife.

Two of the teeth were bent wider apart making the gap bigger and two neighbouring gaps smaller. 

Using the hot air gun I adjusted the temperature to about 150*C (302*F) and medium fan power, slowly heated the gear still attached to the shaft held in a soldering third hand.

I only heated the gear to a point where the plastic became softer but didn't change shape. I then inserted the knife into the smaller gaps and dried bending the teeth back into place.

With the knife I also scraped any unwanted plastic that got mangled by the driving spiral gear to avoid it skipping on any debris in the gaps.


Then after seeing it looking kinda good, I reattached the shaft and everything back into the laser assembly and checked clearance by slowly spinning the gear that drives the broken one effectively moving the laser slowly from one side to the other. If it skipped or was hard to spin at some point I disassembled it back and repeated the steps with heating and scraping unwanted plastic. After 2 or 3 times the gear spun freely and after reassembly no skipping noise came from inside and after reading the TOC the unit displayed Blank MD (correctly) and waited for commands. It now recorded 5 or so discs from start to finish and there's no problem with playback or recording. 


Not sure how long it will last and I'm still on the lookout for spare parts. 



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Hi all.
Didn´t expect much here but it pretty much seems like there are still some people interesting into this particular series of sharp md recorder.
Fortunately my unit still works fine but i also had two identical ones in my hands that didn´t due to the broken gear which in fact is a extremely common issue of those.

Will keep an eye in here, maybe someone with the will and skill can make such gears ;)

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