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A small box from Japan

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9 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

Are these recent releases that bands have been putting out on normal blank MDs?

yea, sort of. Those are all TechMoan's fault, they're sets from that bloke he features (can't recall his name, sure it will come back the minute I post!). I must dig them out, but they are more a novelty than stuff I would actively listen to...


I guess my "prize" pre-recorded are the twin-disc original War of the Worlds which I picked up before those prices went through the flippin' roof! (I'm sure I've spoken about these a few times - one time when I was finding stuff tripping up the LP2 codec).

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I completely missed the boat with buying any pre-recorded MDs. I didn't really see the point of them back in the 90s as it was generally cheaper to buy the CD and a blank but I do wish I'd picked a couple up before the prices went completely nuts. I do have a cleaning disc which is pressed that I can use for "diagnostics" but it would be nice to have a proper album or two. Unfortunately any of the ones I was vaguely interested seem to be silly money.

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I never quite understood why pre-recorded MD's rocketed in price either. I have a few, but they were all picked up for next to nothing on eBay, sometime in the mid to late 2000's when no-one was interested in them any more. I also always thought it was just easier to buy the CD and make your own MD copy. 

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I guess they became “collectable” as interest in the format increased. Not sure how rare they are, I don’t remember any of my MiniDisc using friends back in the 90s owning any so maybe not too many got produced (in the UK, at least; Japan could well be a very different story)?


Either way, I’m not prepared to pay £75 plus to get an inferior sounding copy of an album I’ve already got on CD for the novelty value. 

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