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Mike Oldfield Celebrating 50 Years of Music

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Jeff Massey

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Hello MD Community,


As the title says,U.K.'s own Michael Gordon Oldfield will Celebrate 50 WONDERFUL YEARS of Making Music. Starting with Tubular Bells,and ending with a couple cryptic short videos over on Youtube,Mike Oldfield keeps his Fans always wanting More.Sadly,M.O.had retired in 2017 and nothing was heard from Him again...until recently. But,I digress.

Do anyone know if a Commercial release of the upcoming Final 50th Anniversary Album is in the works?

I await the Jury's Answer...

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There's a 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Audio disc coming out with various Atmos / 5.1 / Quad mixes of Tubular Bells but I think it's now sold out: https://superdeluxeedition.com/news/mike-oldfield-tubular-bells-50th-anniversary-sde-exclusive-blu-ray/


The anniversary CD and vinyl editions look like they're coming out on the 26th of May: https://hmv.com/store/music/cd/tubular-bells-50th-anniversary-edition  https://hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/tubular-bells-50th-anniversary-edition


Is that what you meant or is the "Final 50th Anniversary Album" something different?

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Ha, sorry @Jeff Massey, I did wonder why you were asking the question on here but (wrongly) assumed it was a more general question.


Sadly, I would imagine the chances of an official MD release are pretty much zero. Not sure when the last proper pressed MDs were released but it must have been years ago. Some independent artists/labels do put out releases on standard blank recordable MDs with artwork (mainly electronic stuff) but I don't recall ever seeing any from major artists like Mike Oldfield. You never know though, bands have started releasing things on cassette again...


There's a list of some the more recent independent releases here: https://www.minidisc.wiki//releases/start (that list does include a handful of commercially released MDs from the 90s/early 00s but is mainly the newer non-pressed stuff).


The other alternative might be to make one yourself? Grab yourself an original style case from here: https://www.retrostylemedia.co.uk/product/full-size-minidisc-case-with-a-black-inner-tray, record to a blank disc and print up some inserts etc yourself 🙂 Probably not what you had in mind when asking the question though...

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I'm chiming in here because I am singing in a performance of Tubular Bells next week! I don't suppose anyone reading this is in a position to go but you are welcome to message me and I can provide a link.


Kind regards


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