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New MDGadgetry.com Online Retailer

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Saw this new MiniDisc related site on the r/minidisc Reddit earlier: https://mdgadgetry.com/


Not sure if any of you have ever bought anything from a guy called gerry88inHongKong before but he's now set up a website, rather than just selling via Reddit/Facebook etc.


I've got no affiliation to this whatsoever (only that I did buy a Sony PC-MP1S from Gerry via Reddit about 3 years ago and had no issues) but thought it might be of interest.

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18 hours ago, BearBoy said:

Saw this new MiniDisc related site on the r/minidisc Reddit earlier: https://mdgadgetry.com/



Hi BearBoy,

Good spotting in finding this site, thanks for passing it along.  I just sent them

a question about one of the products and I plan on buying a few items. 





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7 hours ago, Richard said:

Prices on discs are way too high, but he has some useful accessories.


Yeah, completely agree. Discs are available elsewhere with a greater selection at lower prices but some of the accessories could be of interest to people.

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Possibly of interest,

3 messages I've received from MDGadgetry:  


I only accept paypal for now as I am it is so much work setting up credit card paypal. Am sure things will improve as the site is getting popular.



And, upon asking about certain MiniDisc models I'm interested in acquiring:


Hii James

I have all the said units.  Actually, I have 700+ portables (still buying).  I will upload some units to the website soon ...



Also, my order, made about 5 hours ago, has already been processed, ready to ship out as per an Order Status Change message correcting from Monday shipping.  

All good so far on communication and responsiveness.


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On 7/16/2024 at 4:01 PM, BearBoy said:

I had a similarly good experience with Gerry. Very responsive and quick to dispatch.


Let us know how you get on with your order @jmsla


Looks like the range of items available on the site has increased since I last looked too.

Yes, I've been checking in on the site too and he's added some recorders and players among other additions.


As for my order, it arrived several days ahead of the estimated.  Hong Kong Post managed to get the package half way around the globe and to 

the US Post Office branch in my NYC neighborhood with out a hitch.* 


Everything I ordered was in perfect shape; MDGadgetry's packaging was excellent.   All the items immediately appeared to be high quality.  I ordered the tiny dock replacement for my NH 1; an adaptor cord to convert 5V from a wall socket adaptor to 3V with the appropriate, very skinny, Sony barrel plug on the 3V side;  and 2 batteries - a gum-stick replacement and the flat one that powers my RH-1, an LIP-4WM replacement. 

I haven't had time yet to fully play with all my new accessory toys.   So far, the small dock is working perfectly, and the batteries fully charged quickly, they came partially charged, and are both working perfectly.  The gun-stick has a tiny port to accept a charging cable!  Nice.

I will order from Gerry again.


*And yet United Parcel Service, in the same period, couldn't get an expedited Next Day Air letter to me from Texas without loosing it for a week and a half.    I'm struggling with which is the more, or least, remarkable achievement.   ??   For certainly, it wasn't a Slow Boat From China nor a cowboy on horseback from the Lone Star State.    



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On 7/19/2024 at 7:50 AM, sfbp said:

The prices on batteries make it absolutely worth a visit!

 I thought you guys would think the battery prices were wildly excessive for aftermarket.

I went for the 2 I got because I was willing to pay for 'perceived' vetting of the quality. 

 I see gum-stick batteries on eBay or Amazon for $9 and change.   Am I correct then to assume those are likely trash? 


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