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  1. Dear Steve, thanks for your help. I will check whether I downloaded the correct file. Meanwhile Sony told me the following: <<<< Unfortunately SonicStage is not available anymore and therefor not being supported by us any longer. That's why it is incompatible with Windows10 and will not be updated in future. We're very sorry to disappoint you. Please feel free to contact us, if you should need further assistance. >>>> So, what does this mean??? Sony software must be updated by anybody who is not member of this stupid company? If Microsoft will stop support for an old System version, there would be a successor that does replace and improve this obsolete version. What is the successor software for SonicStage? Or the user should throw away any Sony software and also any Sony hardware too??? I am frustrated, that is very bad Corporate Identity.
  2. Dear Stephen, thanks for your reply! Under Win10 I had the following problems (that is where my trouble began): 1) The option to create a CD was totally missing. 2) After installing the new "Ultimate" SS, only runtime errors came up. It did not run at all. So, maybe I made something wrong with my installation. The system file check, however, did not show any error, only one unimportant file was pointed out. Wolfgang
  3. Dear Stephen, thank you for your kind reply. Yes, VLC can play them. Is it possible to run conversion with that from oma to wav or mp3 for a number of files in one operation? Is there any other program that can do so? What is DLNA? Does anybody know, what System files are checked by the OpenMG (to open the "Magic Gate"), so that I can restore these system files from my backups and simulate the original System to this stupid Sony software? Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  4. Hi all, it is absolutely unsatisfactory what happens when I transfer music files from one partition to another on the same computer. I have made a backup of all stuff on an external drive. Then restored all files to another external drive. Then started SS on another partition with a different Windows System as this poorly designed software is not running under Win 10 (!!!). From that external drive, I imported some oma files into the SS on the other partition. Now it says it cannot retrieve the licensing information. Furthermore, all files had been imported from my Hi-md Walkman without any software protection or property violence!!! IMHO, no type of software is allowed to depend in such important way on the operating system or the hardware of a computer where it is running! The well designed software has to be absolutely platform independent!!! IMHO Sony software is lacking a system that stores all audio files in one place, maybe with password, and the user can access this from everywhere he wants. The current method of digital rights protection is absolutely crap, in my humble opinion.
  5. SonicStage fails under Win 10 !!!

    Supplement: I have tried VLC player 2.2.1 that can play the files, even SonicStage cannot. So it could be possible to convert them into WAV by the VLC player and reimport them into SonicStage. But this is not recommendable as solution, IMHO!
  6. Recently I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. SonicStage did open normally but it was not able to transfer to CD. The drive was not recognized and all options greyed out. After this, I searched for a new version and found one titled “Ultimate”. After installing new from this source, SS did not even run. It said always Runtime error in Visual C++ Even installing it from the old source file gave the same exception errors. I investigated the type of error and found out: Function Create Mutex | Access denied. I do not know why! After many new trials of installing this software and many different runtime errors, finally I managed to make the program running again. It is running only in Compatibility Mode for XP!!! Also the tool: 'SonicStage System Information Restore Tool' was running at startup and successful. But yet now, I tested all my albums and found out, that only those I had formerly exported without software protection could be played. The others showed the well known error: "Cannot play this track because the licensing information cannot be found. Please contact the source from which you received this track from" This is very great sh***t!!! Can any body help me or post her/his other experiences with SonicStage and Windows 10? I have about 14 GB of music albums and do not want to loose most of them. Prior to the new SS installation I had made a SS data backup, but I don't know if restoring from backup would help.
  7. Opening HMA files on PC

    Hi sfbp, thanks for your reply. The only thing I miss in Windows QHiMdXfer is the option to select or deselect all tracks on a disk. Now you have to select every track of hundreds individually to get them transferred. I was advised by Mr. Glaubitz (?) to write an email in their post box, but nothing happened yet (some years ago!!!).
  8. Hi, this cover cannot be bought as a spare part anymore. Does anybody know please, where to buy? Or does anybody have a defective NH1 to sell?
  9. Opening HMA files on PC

    Thank you for your reply. I pointed out that the files are not encrypted in contrast to importing them via SS. Of course, you can also import the tracks directly from walkman via QHiMDXfer to HDD without coping any HMA files and they will not be encrypted also. But I think, there is some confusion about HMA files in the Internet. I would be glad if anybody from linux-minidisc could still improve QHiMDXfer for Windows as it lacks some important user interface features. Please can you tell, what 'File Conversion Tool' you are speaking of?
  10. It is possible to open :HMA files directly on the PC. I tried the following: 1) Connect my Hi-MD walkman MZ-NH1 to PC via USB. 2) Copy a Hi-MD Disk to a folder XY on the HDD drive by drag and drop. 3) Using software 'QHiMDTransfer' from Berlin, Germany I connected to this folder XY. The program then opens automatically the subfolder HMDHIFI that contains all .HMA files (in my case 8 of them) and it displays all tracks in these files that can be converted and transferred as .OMA files on the PC into any folder. 4) The .OMA files are not encrypted. Now they can be imported into SS and played. P.S.: I use SS 4.3 under Win10.
  11. Yes, thank you for explanation of the details. I thought Avanti is only a GUI for ffmpeg and that is why I am using it. I did not make any tests further yet.
  12. Quote I disagree. For example one method of encryption might be to reverse the data in the file (I know, not likely). Would you expect to get the data back then? Digital is not identical to encrypted!!! We have to distinguish between analog - digital, compressed - not compressed, encrypted - not encrypted. Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  13. Now it is still the same. I have information from phpBB board: "The message means what it says. The database named "forum" does not exist." General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Unknown database 'forum' [1049] An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.
  14. Hi, I tried to visit this forum but are getting always: 'General Error'. Mails to admin cannot be delivered. ??? P.S.: I know, this is another forum and I apologize for posting this question herein.
  15. Hello Stephen, if there are wrong bits in the digital file, there should be some noise in the worst case, but not total malfunction and destruction!!! I have undeleted all files from an 80 Min Hi-LP even the audio file ATDATAxx.HMA. But unfortunately this file has only 130 MB instead of 300 MB of the original file. The FAT chain may be broken! Regarding ffmpeg I have monitored Avanti playing oma, using the well known Procmon program and it shows uncountable many lines of access to openMG files. I do not know what the command line version would make without Avanti. Kind regards, Wolfgang