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  1. The internal batteries are used to store date/time and so on. It´s important to take a look at these because of the age.many have drained out and this won´t do any good to the internals I need to order a LiP8 cells myself now ;-)
  2. hi there´s a german software that does the job pretty well. just insert pictures , select case & Disc and you´re done. I need to take a look where it is saved.Don´t know about copyright issues though.
  3. the adapter you mentioned ( that was in the retail package as well ) is only for line out to an amplifier as suggested in the manual. The unit´s jack will accept 3 & 4 pole Headphones
  4. lid

    Sure you can pull it off and take a spare part to replace it. Maybe i got one.. i look into my spares storage and reply asap.
  5. really sorry for your loss. If you want that equipment to be sold to a caring new owner you should upload some pictures..maybe add some price suggestions of yours so we could sort it out. Hope you even read all these new replies as its been some time ago that you posted ?
  6. Write protect tab is closed ? .. yea just asking :-D so what happens when you record ? Does the Walkman read Discs at all or just a blank Disc after recording ? If Disc is blank after recording send me a picture of the openen unit where the upper inside can be seen.That´s where the OWH is , the one who is responsible for making the record happen. I´ve seen so many units with bend OWH´s where , as i suggest , people had low battery or sort of and didn´t press stop after recording and openend the unit violently. That way one busts the OWH because its still onto the Disc and gets bend when ejecting the Disc manually. Does it still play MD and Hi-MD ? If answer is no -> does it play pre-recorded ? ( Factory made MDs )
  7. one can compare Atrac with mp3 as they work very similar. The decoding is less besides the encoding takes it to the limit. If im not completely wrong the decoding is the same for flac as the compression only takes place when the file gets created.
  8. No button on the remote because it´s only accessible through the menu.I´ve sold all my 940´s and don´t worry about it :-) I just searched my JA20´s remote but can´t find it.That unit is not hooked to any of my stereos so im not surprised i´ve put the remote to storage. what surprises do you mean? Concerning these 2 buttons ok but otherwise ? What bothers me the most is the compatiblity between all MD remotes.If only they had made a 1-2-3 switch like on my Cd Changers remotes.. but that´s not the big deal. I simply put 1 MD unit to each system so im fine :-D
  9. i´d like to see that picture.. if it will be uploaded :-)
  10. Of course not.The DO out button is only for Models like JB920 / JA50 . Iirc only the JA50 has both buttons.All other Models have DO out or Filter button. The 33 remote is from the JB930 isn´t it ? That Deck has no such function, only the Filter
  11. now that´s nice. very appreciated . Do you know the menu from the LAM-X1 too ? I just got my Unit and didn´t look into the menu tree very much. Do you know of any Service Manual for the Sony Hi-MD units ?
  12. happy new year :-) that was what i have read.Kind of misleading isn´t it ? It´s M-Crew that looks up the Cddb for CD. I understood this wrong / maybe because my english sucks :-) After all there´s no advantage for the PC3.I can title and get Cd info with SoS the same way.. So time to find a new purpose for the PC3.
  13. yes. As i din never try this by myself i can only guess that this works. I´m pretty sure i read about this here in the Forums. You could give it a try and tell me if it´s worth to setup a 3rd machine running 32Bit Winxp :-)
  14. i don´t mean CDDB to the Cd drive.I remember this was done to the MD. SoS and the RH1 can´t do this .You have to import a MD to get CDDB data.
  15. Hi happy new year :-) I read the whole thread and wanted to ask if there are some using the PC3 ? I got a fully boxed PC3 lying around and never got to test it´s PC connection. Now i remember that i once read about it being the only unit capable of getting Track information through CDDB directly to the Disc. Is that a fact ? Anyway all my machines run Win10/64 so i would have to setup a new one to get M-Crew run ..?