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  1. The battery connections in the MZ-N910 appear to be of a different design to those in the MZ-N710. A quick clean might not be a bad idea though.
  2. I wonder if the MZ-N910 has similar issues? I tried charging mine yesterday and experienced similar symptoms to the OP. Ended up charging the battery in another player, which worked fine. Will have a poke about later.
  3. I've got a few options I can try. My 940 and 980 are both currently set up in my office. Over the last couple of years I've picked up some Sony QS separates from eBay (SACD player, cassette deck and the two MiniDisc decks) that I have connected to a pair of Tannoy active speakers via a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 audio interface. The reason for the query was that I was toying with the idea of moving one of them to, or picking up a third deck for, my living room. Here I would have the option of connecting via the analogue outputs to my Marantz amp, connecting via digital to my Marantz amp or connecting via digital to my Marantz CD player (an SA8005) and using that as the DAC. MDS-JB940s are generally a fair bit cheaper than the MDS-JB980s. I suspect this is mainly due to the NetMD functionality the latter has but I've never used that and it isn't a factor for me here. It really boils down to whether to get an extra 940 (cheaper, more connectivity options) or a 980 (Type-S, group function). I do find the group function really useful, especially for MDLP discs, so I am sort of leaning towards getting another 980, but was wondering whether there would be a difference in sound quality to consider. When I get a chance I'll shift both players to my living room and test out the various options. I could make this part of my test and compare recordings made on different decks (I've also got an MDS-JE500 and a couple of portables I could throw into the mix).
  4. Does a Type-S machine provide any improvement in sound quality over a Type-R machine when playing back LP2 recordings via an external DAC? Not sure whether the benefits of Type-S are applied during the digital to analogue conversion within the MiniDisc player or before that point. Specifically talking about the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 if that is relevant.
  5. Nice and succinct! Many thanks sfbp.
  6. spdif

    That looks great NGY - much better than the "cheap and cheerful" 2 way switch I bought. If I decide to mess about with any further connections I might have a go at building one, although I suspect it might be a bit tricky for a total novice. How easy would it be to modify the design to incorporate optical connections too?
  7. Thanks for posting this. Nice to read something fairly positive about the format rather than just portraying it as a failure.
  8. Trying to solve something of a cabling conundrum and wondered if anyone here might be able to offer any advice. Is there any reason a switch like this: couldn't be used with coaxial digital cables? i.e. I would like to connect multiple sources to a single coaxial digital input on a MiniDisc deck and switch between them. Obviously this switch is stereo but if I just used the red connections would it be likely to work? I have seen plenty of optical switches but cannot find anything for coaxial.
  9. I am sure some people would find that video useful. Sometimes a video is easier to follow than a set of written instructions.
  10. So after receiving my new digital coax switch (, I spent some time this afternoon tidying up my office MiniDisc set up and getting everything connected. At the heart of this is a pair of Sony QS decks: an MDS-JB940 and an MDS-JB980. Both have their original remote controls, an RM-D49M and an RMD10E respectively. Unfortunately both remote controls seem to control both decks (i.e. if I turn on the MDS-JB980 using its remote, the MDS-JB940 turns on as well. If I press play on the MDS-JB940's remote, both decks start playing). Is there anything I can do about this so each remote will only control the appropriate machine? I have checked the manuals for both decks but cannot find any instructions on what to do if you have more than one MiniDisc deck in a set up (which surely cannot have been that uncommon back in the format's heyday). As a last resort I could obviously use some sort of physical obstruction in front of the remote sensor of the machine I didn't want to respond but I was hoping there might be a slightly more high tech solution.
  11. No problem. I am sure the switch you are working on will be a much more refined design. If it doesn't look too tricky I might try making one myself so I could have three inputs.
  12. I opened it up and took a photo for you. As far as I can see there are no electrical components on the underside of the circuit board so I'm guessing that it is nothing more than a mechanical switch with LEDs to indicate which path is selected.
  13. Yes, I've got an old Sony VHS VCR with just such a switch on the remote control. I wondered if the MiniDisc decks were a bit cleverer and had some setting in a menu somewhere that would allow you to differentiate between different machines. Many thanks for the confirmation NGY.
  14. Well, I ordered the two input switcher I linked to above (but from Amazon rather than eBay) and it arrived today. Seems to work fine so far. Also, in case anyone was interested, it works without the power connected, although the input select light doesn't work. Should cut down on the wires...
  15. Interesting, thanks sfbp. Looks like I would be better off with using a switch designed for this purpose rather than a general RCA switcher.
  16. Absolutely no need to apologise. I am endlessly impressed with the technical skills of some of the people on here. Thank you for your very kind offer. I have been having another think about how all my various devices can be connected and I think I can get away with a 2 way switch for now (as long as I don't buy any more decks.....) If that changes though I would certainly be interested in a switch with more inputs/outputs so might get back to you on that. Thanks again.
  17. I had considered that but, as you say, it wouldn't really help with my overall aim of a simple/neat cabling set up. The switches also require power (they seem to be USB powered) so I think I'd end with a right mess of cables
  18. I think you might be significantly over estimating my electronics skills
  19. Thanks for the replies and the link. Unfortunately the switch in that link, like many of the others ones I've found, doesn't have a coaxial digital output, just optical and analogue. I've found this one on eBay that looks perfect but is significantly more expensive (it costs more than I've spent on most of my MD kit): I've also found this one, which would probably suffice but only has two inputs (and I would ideally like three):
  20. I picked up an MDS-JB940 for £70 the other day, which is a lot less than I paid for my MDS-JB980 a year or so back. The 980s do tend to be priced higher than the other QS decks, presumably as they are the only QS/ES decks with NetMD functionality.
  21. Congratulations on the acquisition NGY. Looks lovely and a great price too.
  22. I've seen JB980s regularly sell for over £200 on eBay. Was hoping to pick up a second one (or a JB940) as a spare but didn't really want to spend that much
  23. Afraid I cannot offer you any technical advice Bluecrab but would like to wish you good luck with getting it fixed. It would be a shame if such a nice player had spun it's last MiniDisc.
  24. Sony still make them. Take a look here: I bought some from the eBay link Jimma provided but they are now available via online shops over here (UK) too - albeit at a higher price.