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  1. Ha. That's a pretty poor photoshop...
  2. Thanks Pedrothelion! I was looking for some of these a while back but without luck. Have also found them on the UK Amazon site here:
  3. Where did you get the cases from Pedrothelion?
  4. Slight caveat to the above: the RM-49M and RM-47M don't have the Group On/Off or Skip buttons that the RM-D10E has but I don't think this would be an issue in your case as I do not believe that the MDS-JE480 has the Group function.
  5. Not an exact answer to your question but the remote control that came with my MDS-JB940 (RM-D49M) works with my MDS-JB980, which came with the RM-D10E remote. I'd assume that your RM-D47M would probably work with an MDS-JE480 but hopefully someone here could confirm.
  6. When I put a disc in my MDS-JB940 (assume my other decks are the same) in goes in and then down. When you press eject the disc moves upwards and is then ejected outwards. I think that's what Amater was referring to.
  7. I think I might need to do this to my MDS-JB940 too. Ejecting discs is a bit erratic at times. It's mostly okay but every now and again it makes a sort of squealing noise and doesn't eject the disc. Usually turning if off and then trying again results in it working.
  8. I've got a Sony BC-9HP battery charger that, IIRC, I got with my MZ-E30 MiniDisc player. The charger says on it "charge only NH-9WM and NC-6WM". I lost my original NH-9WM battery when my MZ-E30 got stolen many years ago but it looks as though it was a 1200mAh battery. Is there any reason I shouldn't use this charger to charge Vapex gumstick batteries that are 1450mAh? The specs on the back of the BC-9HP say: Input: AC220-230V 7W 50Hz Output: DC1.2V 1.9A Apologies if it's a daft question but I'm no electronics expert...
  9. Nice piece of improvisation there! I think I am probably overthinking this tbh. I put AA/AAA batteries with a variety of different mAh ratings in my normal battery charger without any issues. I did find a post elsewhere on the internet where someone said that the BC-9HP did not "fully support" 1450mAh batteries and that you needed a BC-9HP2 charger to get maximum capacity out of them. No idea if that's actually the case.
  10. Ah, sorry. I got the wrong end of the stick completely.
  11. Does your CD player have an optical or coax digital output?
  12. Have you tried making a recording from a digital source? If so, was that more successful? Are you able to playback any MiniDiscs recorded on other machines?
  13. I'd stumbled across that What Hi-Fi forum as well. Wasn't really sure if it was much more than just speculation though. Although, as you point out, it does sound fairly plausible. Does your MDS-JB940 have the "UK Sound Tuned" badge on it Bluecrab? If so, are there any other indications on it anywhere that show it is a UK model? Mine has the model number printed on the back as just MDS-JB940 (where the voltage details/serial number are). It also has another code lower down underneath where the power cord is connected that reads: 4-228-507-41 CED CEK.
  14. I've wondered about that too. My MDS-JB980s both carry the "UK Sound Tuned" badge but my MDS-JB940, which as far as I am aware is a UK model, doesn't. Not sure if the previous owner may have removed it (are they just stickers?) or whether it never had one in the first place. My SCD-XB790 also carries the badge but none of my Sony QS cassette decks do.
  15. Great work Kris. Always good to see a machine saved, especially one as nice as that.
  16. That's correct. The MDS-JB940 also has some filters that can be applied to the analogue output, which are absent on the MDS-JB980.
  17. I've got an MDS-JB940 and two MDS-JB980s. Which is better for you would really depend on how you want to use the deck. The MDS-JB940 has more connectivity options: it has two optical inputs (the MDS-JB980 only has one) and it has both optical and coaxial outputs (the MDS-JB980 only has optical). Both decks are MDLP compatible but only the MDS-JB980 has the Group function. The MDS-JB940 is ATRAC Type R whereas the MDS-JB980 is Type S. Recording quality should be the same on both but playback of MDLP discs should be better on the MDS-JB980. The MDS-JB980 has NetMD. MDS-JB940s tend to be a fair bit cheaper than MDS-JB980s. I have no experience with the Tascam deck you mention but, as a professional deck, it may not enforce SCMS. It also has XLR inputs and outputs. The Tascam website says it uses ATRAC version 3. Not sure how this would compare quality wise with the Sony QS decks.
  18. The battery connections in the MZ-N910 appear to be of a different design to those in the MZ-N710. A quick clean might not be a bad idea though.
  19. I wonder if the MZ-N910 has similar issues? I tried charging mine yesterday and experienced similar symptoms to the OP. Ended up charging the battery in another player, which worked fine. Will have a poke about later.
  20. I've got a few options I can try. My 940 and 980 are both currently set up in my office. Over the last couple of years I've picked up some Sony QS separates from eBay (SACD player, cassette deck and the two MiniDisc decks) that I have connected to a pair of Tannoy active speakers via a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 audio interface. The reason for the query was that I was toying with the idea of moving one of them to, or picking up a third deck for, my living room. Here I would have the option of connecting via the analogue outputs to my Marantz amp, connecting via digital to my Marantz amp or connecting via digital to my Marantz CD player (an SA8005) and using that as the DAC. MDS-JB940s are generally a fair bit cheaper than the MDS-JB980s. I suspect this is mainly due to the NetMD functionality the latter has but I've never used that and it isn't a factor for me here. It really boils down to whether to get an extra 940 (cheaper, more connectivity options) or a 980 (Type-S, group function). I do find the group function really useful, especially for MDLP discs, so I am sort of leaning towards getting another 980, but was wondering whether there would be a difference in sound quality to consider. When I get a chance I'll shift both players to my living room and test out the various options. I could make this part of my test and compare recordings made on different decks (I've also got an MDS-JE500 and a couple of portables I could throw into the mix).
  21. Does a Type-S machine provide any improvement in sound quality over a Type-R machine when playing back LP2 recordings via an external DAC? Not sure whether the benefits of Type-S are applied during the digital to analogue conversion within the MiniDisc player or before that point. Specifically talking about the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 if that is relevant.
  22. Nice and succinct! Many thanks sfbp.
  23. spdif

    That looks great NGY - much better than the "cheap and cheerful" 2 way switch I bought. If I decide to mess about with any further connections I might have a go at building one, although I suspect it might be a bit tricky for a total novice. How easy would it be to modify the design to incorporate optical connections too?
  24. Thanks for posting this. Nice to read something fairly positive about the format rather than just portraying it as a failure.
  25. Trying to solve something of a cabling conundrum and wondered if anyone here might be able to offer any advice. Is there any reason a switch like this: couldn't be used with coaxial digital cables? i.e. I would like to connect multiple sources to a single coaxial digital input on a MiniDisc deck and switch between them. Obviously this switch is stereo but if I just used the red connections would it be likely to work? I have seen plenty of optical switches but cannot find anything for coaxial.