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  1. Ah, great. Thanks EnderIII :-) I'll give it a try with my MDS-JB980 this weekend.
  2. The belts I ordered arrived this morning. Thanks Charlie!
  3. Sorry, was talking about the 940. Maybe it's something to do with the selectable digital filter the 940 has? The 980, which doesn't have the selectable filter, doesn't have this chip (or an equivalent that I can see). The MDS-JB980 does have another CXD chip: CXD1873R, which is for the USB board.
  4. There's also another CXD chip mentioned: CXD9556AQ This one looks like it does something different though?
  5. I happened to be looking at the Service Manual for the MDS-JB940 yesterday and that makes reference to both the CXD2656R and CXD2662R. Is that a typo or would the machine have both chips for some reason? The MDS-JB940 is obviously a MDLP machine so wouldn't that mean it used the later CXD2662R?
  6. Haha. Good to know. For some reason I got it into my head that these might be a scarce resource ;-)
  7. Haha. That would be interesting. Would also be interesting to check actual sold prices, rather than some of the crazy BIN prices that some sellers put up. I think they often give a somewhat skewed view of what the going rate is.
  8. Well, I ordered four. Which is one more than the number of decks I have that these will fit (and I replaced the belts in the other two fairly recently). Feeling a bit guilty now
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered a few of these as one of my decks has started being a little hit and miss when it comes to ejecting discs.
  10. BearBoy


    The comparison to DAT in that interview is interesting. I'd always been led to believe that DAT was a superior system (sound quality wise, not from a functional perspective) to MiniDisc due to the latter's compression. Seems like things are far from that simple.
  11. BearBoy


    Ah, I think you were reading a discussion on Reddit, rather than the wiki? The Reddit discussions are often full of nonsense, sadly. You do occasionally get some nice pictures of people’s kit though :-)
  12. BearBoy


    Ah, I’d noticed a lot of the contributions on the r/minidisc Reddit were, err, somewhat less knowledgeable than you get on here (not including myself in that - I’m fairly clueless) but the couple of pages I’d looked at on the Wiki just seemed to be fairly basic information about particular devices. Oh well.
  13. BearBoy


    There was some talk in another thread about MiniDisc.org and the fact that, amazing though it is, it hasn't been updated in a long time and many of the links etc are dead. This reminded me of something I had seen over on r/minidisc on Reddit about a new MiniDisc.wiki site. The person who set it up posted about it HERE The wiki itself can be found HERE It's pretty sparse at the moment tbh but could well be worth keeping an eye on and, being a wiki, it's editable. Anyone else noticed its existence?
  14. Haha :-D Checking my profile, it appears I've been here for coming up to six years. I think that must have been around when I started getting interested in the format again. Quite a newbie compared to some, I'm sure. I think the site was fairly quiet for a few years though with very little traffic IIRC.
  15. Interesting! That's the sort of comparison I've been intending to do but never quite find the time.
  16. Whereas the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 appear to have the same AK4524 ADC/DAC as your MDS-JE530.
  17. Just checked the service Manual and my MDS-JE500 has the same CXD8607 DAC/ADC.
  18. Would be good to capture that sort of information somewhere as MiniDisc.org can be a bit variable between the level of detail for different machines (that's not intended as a criticism - I think it's an amazing resource and has been incredibly useful for me personally). I keep meaning to do some comparisons between my various decks to see whether I can genuinely pick up on the supposed improvements in sound quality. I was intending to produce a test MD with the same song recorded on it in SP by my MDS-JE500 (ATRAC 4) and one of my QS decks (Type R) and then also record it in LP2 and LP4 so I can compare playback between my MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 (Type S). I'm pretty sure my later decks sound better but would like to try to prove it to myself somehow.
  19. :-) Trying to keep this vaguely on topic, you mentioned that you've also got an MDS-JE530 in another thread. Have you ever compared the two models in any great detail? Specs wise it looks like the 530 had a few updates (Type R, 24 bit ADC) but just wondered how noticeable these were in real world use.
  20. Thanks Richard. The MZ-E730 and MZ-E630 were the two I'd noticed. Anyway, I'm derailing Kevin's thread here so I'll maybe take that discussion somewhere else :-)
  21. Does anyone know whether this happened? Sod's law, I can't find my USB-B cable to check for myself.
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