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  1. Not sure if I've misunderstood what you're saying here Kevin but I've just done a test and was able to name tracks with a single character: A, B, C etc
  2. Good work 🙂 I'd checked the manual for one of my decks and found the 255 track limit information but had missed the 1700 character limit (it was a few pages further on - and not in the section about naming tracks) 🤦‍♂️
  3. How many tracks were you able to title before you started encountering blanks?
  4. Hi Joe. The PC connecting kit for the MDS-JE470 is the PCLK-MN10. There is some information regarding the kit, including links to the user manual, on MiniDisc.org The kit will allow you to control the deck using a PC and transfer music from PC to the MD deck but, as sfbp pointed out, it doesn't allow you to transfer music the other way (i.e. from MiniDisc deck to PC). The MDS-JE470 doesn't have a digital output (either optical or coaxial) so the only way to transfer music off it would be via the analogue outputs. You would be likely to get better quality transfers if you found a deck with a digital output. The other option is to find an MZ-RH1 (also available as the MZ-M200), which is the only MiniDisc device that allows you to upload standard MiniDisc recordings to a PC. They're not cheap though... Links for the MZ-RH1/MZ-M200: MiniDisc.org and MiniDisc Wiki
  5. Would be great to see more pictures of your collection, Richard. I'll take a look at the unit forum and see if I've got anything that can fill any of the gaps.
  6. Doh, of course 🤦‍♂️ Sadly, like you say, many of the picture links are not currently working. Thanks for all your efforts to restore the pictures (and the ones of MiniDisc players in the Product Reviews/Pictorials sub-forum).
  7. I found a couple of sites that document, with pictures, a large number of the different types of blank MiniDisc that were available. Neither are exhaustive, not surprising given the huge variety of blanks that were produced, but I have found them very useful in identifying down what a sealed copy of one of my old discs looks like (so I could buy some more on eBay) or what the actual discs themselves look like if you've only seen sealed copies for sale. First up is: https://juri.su/minidisc.htm The site is in Russian but Chrome translates it into English well enough. The other is: https://minidiscdb.co.uk/ Hopefully someone else will also find them useful 💽
  8. Have you checked the output of your adapter? Is it 6V DC? I'm not sure if feeding 120V AC into an adapter designed for 100V is dangerous or not but as long as it's not outputting more than 6V DC then I would assume it won't damage your MiniDisc player? It might damage the adapter itself though. I'm not an electrician though so probably best to take this with a pinch of salt...
  9. That looks very impressive, G4KQK. Probably beyond my level of competence tbh but I am sure there are others here who would be very interested.
  10. Might be worth putting something in the Announcements sub forum about this? People might not see it here?
  11. I just tried a couple of things using a Sony BDP-S580 into a Sony MDS-JB940 over digital coaxial. First up I tried a music concert on Blu-ray and got a C41 error. Tried a DVD of the same concert (it came in a double pack) and got a C41 error again. Was beginning to think I must have imagined ever being able to do this...😧 I then tried a different DVD and no C41 error. Finally, tried a third DVD and no C41 error. So it looks like it depends on whether the record label "enabled" copy protection on the disc?
  12. Ah, so it's a Blu-ray thing. I did make an MD of a DVD the other day but used the other method you suggested (i.e. ripping the DVD to my PC and then transferring to MiniDisc using Stefano's Web MiniDisc app). I don't think I had a PC with a DVD drive during my original MiniDisc phase. With your Onkyo, does it make any difference whether you're recording PCM to a HiMD or ATRAC?
  13. That's interesting. I'm sure I've made digital copies of soundtracks of live music DVDs etc in the past without SCMS rearing its ugly head. Don't think I've ever tried it with a Blu-ray though. I'll have to do some tests and see if I have misremembered (I've definitely got some MDs that I recorded from DVDs many years ago but maybe I ended up using analogue).
  14. Techmoan posted a new MiniDisc video whilst we were off air:
  15. Emojis still don't seem to be working for me.
  16. Just checked and I can now access PMs through the site on my phone. The site seems to work really well on my iPhone now. It looks a bit different too, compared to the screenshots I posted above.
  17. Great to see the place back. Thanks for getting it all sorted Christopher!
  18. BearBoy

    Sony MZ-E30

    So whilst we’ve been on sabbatical, I picked up a few new MiniDisc related items. First up is a bit of a nostalgia purchase. Back in 1997 I dived into the world of MiniDisc by buying an MDS-JE500 deck, which is still going strong, and an MZ-E30 portable player, which sadly got stolen from a pub in Holborn around 2001. I’ve been keeping half an eye open for an MZ-E30 ever since getting back into MiniDisc but kept talking myself out of it as it doesn't have MDLP or Group function, uses an older form of ATRAC etc. Anyway, I came across a nice looking one on eBay for a reasonable price and my resolve wavered. The seller mentioned that audio was only coming out of one of the earphones but I wasn’t unduly concerned as I would have used my own anyway. The only slight worry would have been if the issue was with the remote, rather than the earphones, but I decided to take a chance and went ahead and bought the player. Player turned up and looked great: Then I encountered a problem. I had completely forgotten that the remote that comes with the MZ-E30 (RM-MZE50MP) doesn’t have the normal 3.5mm headphone connecter but instead uses a smaller “micro plug”: Okay. So I needed some sort of adapter. I found the Sony part number, PC-MP1S, and started trying to track one down. Easier said than done. Found one on eBay but the seller wanted over £100 for it (there’s one on there now for £113.99 ….) In the meantime, I tested the player and everything seemed to be working okay. The remote seemed functional, although I couldn’t test the audio, and the player sounded fine with the remote bypassed. It also worked okayish with some of my later remotes (IIRC some of the buttons did fairly random things). Then, purely by chance, I came across a post on the r/minidisc Reddit where some guy in Hong Kong was selling PC-MP1Ss for a much more reasonable price. I bought one from him (he has dozens by the sounds of things) and, hey presto, one fully functional MZ-E30 with original remote :-) The player also came with an original Sony NH-14WM gumstick battery. I fully expected this to be useless tbh but, to my surprise, it works absolutely fine.
  19. Hello everyone. Looks like we're back :-)
  20. I've got no experience with M-Crew / SonicStage and the like, I'm afraid. I'm sure some people here will be able to point you in the right direction though. Good luck! Will be interested to hear how you get on.
  21. Have you had a play with it yet, Kevin?
  22. I had started pulling together a table of the specs of the Sony decks (ATRAC version, mechanism type, encoder etc). I included the Control-A1 information from the manuals for each deck: This is just an extract for the full size (i.e. not midi/mini) decks from the MDS-XXX20 range onwards. It doesn't include any ES decks or Pro decks (yet). I couldn't find a manual for the MDS-JB730 but am assuming, based on the fact that the 930, 630 and 530 all have it, that it probably has Control-A1(II) as well. None of the lower end decks (i.e. MDS-JE3XX and MDS-JE4XX) had Control A1 and Sony discontinued it by the time the JB980 and JE780 arrived.
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