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  1. Sorry for your loss, Stephen. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. I tried this a few years back. Worked really well. Unfortunately I've only got the one Chromecast Audio and it lives elsewhere in the house. It's a real shame they discontinued them.
  3. Don’t be daft. Good to hear the 909’s already been put to good use. Not sure how I missed that 980 either, although I’m generally a bit nervous about going after faulty decks even if they sound like a probable easy fix. Would have taken a punt for £30 though.
  4. Seems to have been working okay for me recently, although I generally use the iPhone app rather than the website itself.
  5. Yeah, suspect he'll be building a pile of 480 shells... On which note, the days of being able to pick up a 480 for less than £50 seem to be over. Most of the BINs are over £100 now.
  6. There’s a couple of MDS-JB980s on there for £1999.99 plus P&P at the moment 😮 Got to admire their optimism 😂
  7. TBH, I'd had a momentary brain fade when I asked the question and was labouring under the misapprehension that my MDS-JE500 was lacking an optical output. It isn't 🤦‍♂️ What it is missing are any coaxial digital connections. This isn't really an issue as I only really use that deck for wiping protected MDs that I've received bundled with players I've bought on eBay. Where I do have a "gap" though is that my MDS-JB980s are lacking a coaxial digital output (it's one of the things Sony seem to have dropped for cost saving reasons after the MDS-JB940). In order to connect my MDS-JB980 to my PC I need to use a small convertor I bought that converts the optical signal to an electrical one, as my PC audio interface is coax only. It's not the end of the world but would be neater if the 980s had coax outputs. TL;DR You can never have too many connection options imho 🙂
  8. Would that work on any Sony deck lacking an optical output or just the MXD-D4?
  9. I think @Richard said he'd tried reaching out to @Christopher to find out whether it could be fixed. Not sure if he heard back?
  10. Pleased to hear the 909’s working 👍
  11. That sounds great, Kevin. I think you'd mentioned the issues with titles on your Tascam before so this should make your life a lot easier. Good to see MiniDisc still having such a practical application in 2021 too. Should be a nice match, aesthetically, with your 520 and 530 as well 🙂
  12. Blimey, you have been busy! 😀 Looking forward to the updates. I don't think you'll be able to post any pictures at the moment though 😧
  13. If the MZ-R909 is anything like my MZ-N910/710 etc then you don’t need the cradle. It should charge the battery with the power adapter connected directly to the player. You’d need to check the manual but I suspect it would work the same. The charger I bought was like this one: Gumstick Battery Charger Including 2 x Gumstick Batteries NH14WM 1400mAh AA NiMH
  14. I know that nervous wait for an eBay purchase to arrive well. I’m sure it’ll be fine though. I bought a couple of different types of gumstick batteries and a USB charger a few months back. I’ll post some pictures when the uploading issue is sorted.
  15. Haha. Brilliant 😂 The MZ-R909 is a nice looking machine. I'm pretty it's one of the models I've got a watch list set up for on eBay but I'm doing my best to ignore the notifications at the moment... Which colour did you get? On the earlier theme of MiniDisc storage, I'd been looking for a while for something to keep my MDs in and recently picked up a couple of TJENA boxes from Ikea. They're only cardboard but are pretty much a perfect fit for MiniDiscs in their cases. I'll post a picture when I can but it's these ones: Ikea Tjena Storage Box 25x35x10
  16. Thanks Richard. At least it’s not me being dim 😂
  17. Is anyone else having issues posting pictures? I keep getting an error message: Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: box.jpg could not be saved.) I have tried multiple jpg files and none seem to work. The size of file or length of file name doesn't seem to make a difference either. I have managed to successfully post pictures since the forum was resurrected - e.g. here: Any ideas?
  18. Haha. Yeah. Whenever I think I might be going overboard with this stuff, a quick look at one of his videos reassures me that it could be much, much worse 😂
  19. Techmoan's bought another large bundle of used MD players from Japan:
  20. Very puzzling! I don't have any pre-recorded MiniDiscs (just a cleaning disc that has a short amount of audio on it) so I have never tried copying one. I have, however, Made plenty of LP2 recordings from CDs and never noticed any audible clicks.
  21. I assume the discs are no longer playable after you've decorated them? Or would it be possible to decorate the top side of one in a clear case like a Neige? How come you end up with so many "dead discs"? I don't think I've ever had one fail on me.
  22. That looks like the one, Richard 🙂 They're called "Colour MD 80" but, name aside, they look just like the "Twinkle" one you posted.
  23. I was always a bit suspicious of the plastic shutters on Maxell and Sharp discs so I tended to avoid buying them. Having said that, I don't recall ever actually having an issue with any of the ones I did have. Funnily enough I bought a pack of Maxell discs recently. I haven't opened them yet so not sure if they have metal or plastic shutters but I suspect they might be plastic. I think I'd seen you post some of them Kevin (they're colour ones with butterfly patterns on them)?
  24. Thanks Richard. Was just asking as I'd never seen any of these discs/brands and I don't remember any of them making their way into UK shops.
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