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  1. I can at least post replies, but not pictures. I'll see about linking to the pictures I took.
  2. Anyone in the UK who would be interested in one of these, let me know immediately. It forms part of my father's estate and is in very good condition. I personally have one of these and it's a terrific combo unit. At this point I need to check if it's got speakers but I think it does. I will also make sure the CD and MD both play (and I'm pretty sure the MD will record). I'll check everything else about it whilst here (for the funeral) such as the remote. I'm guessing it might need a clock battery. It's way too much hassle to send abroad. Best of all would be someone willing to pick it up from my sister's in Surrey. I'm thinking 80 quid. Stephen (temporarily in England)
  3. I'll PM you. No great mystery, we simply haven't seen him for a while.
  4. Jim had harsh words for this competitor of his, back in the day.
  5. Indeed Has anyone else noticed eBay acting strange, page not rendering quite often?
  6. in that case, I think the device is recording whatever reached it along the audio path is it possible the NT1 is not smart enough to know there is an SCMS violation?
  7. There's no way the OWH is bust or you would not be able to see the track listing on the destination. This looks more like something in the sound path is simply not connecting through, as the data path and hardware look to be working To confirm, the disk you write with the NT1 has a table of contents and can be played in another machine (with no sound)?
  8. Great, you got the driver, all is good. That's a 100V adapter. Are you in Japan? I didn't check but I didn't think there were many places outside Japan that used 100V mains. Kevin would have a better idea about this, but putting a 100V adapter in 120V (that's ours here, right now) might WELL cause some overheating possibly just in the power supply itself.
  9. One more time: this looks consistent with some sort of failure to transmit the sound data correctly to the drive. Are you certain that you got the 64-bit driver working correctly? I could imagine the machine getting in a tizzy if somehow Windows tried to run data through the 32 bit driver.
  10. Without being a whiz like you, I thought from the bird's eye view that USB connectors can take power and get hot. Over several hours...?
  11. Indeed interesting. I gave up on owning a pro deck the day I got my Behringer 2496 Ultramatch Pro, which allows you to take any S/PDIF signal (coax or Toslink) and set whatever bits you want in it for output. Mind you, I don't have Kevin's use case (remote control in real time).
  12. Good morning Aaron. I need to understand something. Where is this sound (your recording) coming from? When you play a NetMD track, the sound cannot travel over USB to anywhere at all. You must connect either headphones or an analog cable to one of the two 3.5mm jack sockets on the back of the device. This appears to be a severe limitation for the NT1. See page 6 of the MDS-NT1 user manual. BTW no need to upload the manual, everything (Service and User manuals, both) at https://minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDS-NT1.html OTOH, if you can record something on it successfully, the recorded disk should play wherever you want. But..... this presumes that you got the connection TO the NT1 correct, flowing with USB data from PC to MD deck. How did you do that? Did you set up the 64-bit driver in Windows? If not, expect some very strange results..... Kind regards Stephen
  13. I'm definitely here. A bit quiet as I am recovering from 3 weeks' hard graft after the ransomware attack (thankfully not my own systems). The only odd thing is, no sign of a PM (nor an email since you know my address). Try again?
  14. Sharp MT80/MT90 Service Manual View File Thanks to Korger for this one Submitter sfbp Submitted 08/26/2021 Category MD Portables  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Korger for this one
  16. Sounds to me like this is what happens when you try to connect one of these 910's with a USB plug. You need to use the Sony charger that ends in the very narrow circular cross-section 3V plug. Why it's stuck there in "PC<<->>MD" mode, I have no idea.
  17. Ahhh ... gears with bent teeth. Sounds like a job for someone with a 3D printer and some skills that I, for one, do not have. But there are folks here who've made bits and bobs like that.
  18. I'm so sorry - I missed 470.... was thinking 770 Upgrading the 470 to have optical out is not very hard, a $5 optical transmitter and a couple of wires. If that interests you we can point you in the direction of someone who did it.
  19. What one of these PS's does with a meter across the terminals is neither here nor there. It's what happens under load. Kevin will probably correct me, and Gyula undoubtedly would have, but I think the only damage will be to the charger.
  20. No. The only way is with a computer equipped with optical IN socket. The kit will not help you.
  21. So far I have refrained because I don't want to panic everyone resulting in the death of the site. The easiest way is to get an automatically generated one which is saved automatically, eg by Firefox but I am sure there are lots of options. The important thing is NOT to use the same PW in multiple places. If there's anything you care about, that is, on any of them.
  22. And I see I'm back to being a Newbie. Nothing like the digital age to keep one humble 🥳
  23. You'll definitely need a 32-bit version of Windows. Windows 7 does fine - the problem I had was the old laptop had a 1.1 USB socket and so the whole thing really couldn't keep up with the data, by the time you factor in the old, slow laptop hardware. I think a "custom" win7-32 on a tower of some sort might be reliable. My 770 worked fine with MCrew last time I checked.
  24. I'm *really* surprised there's a difference in the charger. Wouldn't the major difference be that the plug shape is different for the different models? Stephen (who blew up his 110V GP gumstick charger by plugging it into 230 volts when on holiday - never again).
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