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  1. I have a box of 80 min blanks from sony dating back 2016 and the logo is quite big on the front and it has exactly this shape.
  2. Sound forge allows converting FLAC to AA3 (unprotected atrac3plus anybitrate you need or even atrac Lossless) with a batch processor. The only problem is that it doesn't copy metadatas from the source to the destination...
  3. Mac utility doesn't work anymore if you have a mac os later than 10.6.8. It's possible to make it work on your latest mac with parallels destop or virtualbox by installing a virtual machine with a OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8)
  4. nope didn't work. I've tried about everything, but MD Simple Burner 2 doesn't work on Windows 10 : Service only starts in XP compatibility mode App only starts with 98/Me compatibility mode either mode doesn't help recognizing the MZ-RH1. It even fails to simply check the cd drive whereas sonic stage has no pb doing it. Well, SS4.3 works fine so i let go... I'll try the Mac utility though
  5. oh shit, i forgot to let the protection tab in place, will retry !
  6. what about trying sending it to philippe in vietnam so he can try to use the singapour repair facility ? :-D
  7. you mean that on the RH10, when the display fails, everything else fails too ? on other minidisc players, you can still use the remote when the screen fails and it doesn't prevent the unit from reading discs.
  8. I finally managed to start it : in compatibility mode, set it to win98/me, as the XP compatibility stays in 64-bit while this app doesn't support 64-bit OS problem : contrary to SS4.3, it doesn't recognize the hi-md player
  9. Is there something i didn't uderstand here ? SS4.3 imports iTunes AAC files to MDs, the only problem is that it doesn't recognize well the tags in AAC apple files. (so it's put under a "blankname" folder)
  10. it looks a lot like the problem johnjohn solved on a youtube video : bad contact from the open/close switch. If it was just a read problem, the display would light and after struggling, you would get a read-error message. your problem looks more like a fast on/off due to the switch problem. To confirm, test it by firmly holding the lid closed by both sides after putting in a disk.
  11. Hi, Is there a way to know the date of a mz-rh1 production ? Mine has a 1.0 FW, was there any other version released and is it upgradable or hardware revision related ?
  12. Fridge, really ? I put just one on ebay, maybe i'll keep the other four...
  13. Also I had the chance to get my hands on a MZ-RH1 in perfect condition on ebay and the seller had 5 (!) LIP-4WM he put in the package. 3 appeared untouched and 2 had been used, but after 2 charges (1st attempts struggled to start charging on each one) all five of them can charge up to full capacity ! I think I'll sell two of them some time after the holidays
  14. I don't need the manual, be it's still pleasing to see nice guys thinking about the community ! :-)
  15. Nobody tried a direct connection to a new battery, since they already have a lithium based protection circuit built-in ?
  16. I just got one new and sealed hi-md for 21€ on e-bay (from finland) I don't lose hope. I stocked some classic 80min MD (i still got about a dozen blank + a dozen with recordings) Merci
  17. it shows exactly (with sound), the problem and the temporary fix:
  18. talking to myself a bit but hey, I experiment and find new things... ruled out a motor or optical block problem after a new discovery... When the "struggling" happens, if I simply press firmly somewhere on the lid, the swift movement returns. My stress test was in fact a way to hold the unit with both hands and unknowingly pressing the lid. Yet I still don't really understand what causes this. The open/close switch should make the unit on or off but should'nt do this weird thing... If someone has an idea...
  19. weird, can't find any greasing instructions on the service manual :/ what's even stranger is that from time to time, the mechanism will translate swiftly from the extremities (so less than a second is needed to play last track from first track) and other times, il will do it little steps by little steps, making up to 40s to reach last track from the first. other difference : when the player seems well, the lens will always go back near the center when opening the player though when struggling, it will not even try to move the lens back when opening the lid...
  20. I'll send him a pic of the "Mic (Plugin power)" input on my MZ-N1 ;-)
  21. it may be a "classic" price, but Hi-MDs at this price stay listed a loooooong time. I Noticed the ones who really sell, do it a lesser cost (closer to the original price)
  22. Makes sense, though I thought it was a dry mechanism. Thanks !
  23. There's a little mistake on the second link, in the 2000-2001 page, it states the 'n' in the model name stands for usb record and no mic input, but it's false : the mz-n1 had a mic input, and other n models as well (not all but some, the only thing n meant was net-md compatible
  24. Hi! My good old MZ-N1 some times has trouble reading discs : it either takes a looong time reading the TOC or a long time starting reading a specific track or having a pause in play after 1 minute in a track and, rarely, giving "READ ERR". What's strange, though, is that, if I stress it a bit voluntarily (what I mean by that is that when it happens, change tracks on purpose like 1 to 20 and back two or three times), I can then have a fully functionnal player for a few days. I suspected : - low voltage from bad/old battery (didn't completely ruled it out as I just found a good one (2 others would'nt light all the battery capacity stacks more than 2 minutes while one I just got give full "bricks" a long time) - scratched/dirt lens : ruled it out after cleaning with de TDK minidisc cleaner - laser power down : ruled it out after doing the "stress trick" and having "recalibrated" (if that means anything) with the service mode and the blank disc/pre-recorded disc with success - my guess now is that the optical block has troubles moving from side to side precisely. Does a combination of first and fourth cause might make sense ? any other idea ? the temporary fix by stressing it (it my "recalibrate" far left and far right course of the optical block ?) makes any sense ? Thanks for your ideas.
  25. I mean, he must be crazy. He would make a lot of money by selling them 5 by five...
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