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  1. Exactly. I must have in excess on 100 MDs in my drawer at work. I like having a wander through them and picking something I haven’t listened to for a while. There is some junk in there (badly recorded radio programmes with FM noise) but I enjoy them all the same. Not everything is on BBC Sounds/iPlayer!
  2. Ah… clever. I should have known that. I liked the beer idea while it lasted though! 0x33
  3. (Old man alert…) Is that a pint of home made beer, a game or some other piece of software? (I plump for the first but I know I’m wrong! 🤪)
  4. My bad (of course!). I RTFM. I was pressing Music Sync then Synchro Standby then Synchro Start. I didn’t need the Music Sync bit. Title copy works fine when I do it properly… Remind me next time…! Still never mind, bashing the titles in with a PS/2 keyboard only takes a couple of minutes and you get to find out what’s on the album 😂
  5. Fantastic! (the first bit!). I’m now on the English ‘West’ coast, so let’s see if you’re following me… 🤔
  6. Well I did have some troubles a while back with this setup (or maybe to my 530 before I bought the 770). I checked the cabling: TOSLINK and Control A1(II) direct from the CD to MD so clearly I need to do some more investigating why titles didn’t copy. I thought the display on the MD said something like ‘Titles Protected’ if there was an issue on this front but I don’t remember seeing that. And I did use CD-Sync which I think is also a prerequisite… Last week I was ‘mostly’ on the beach (a bit) making big sand castles with my son and sitting in them whilst the sea came in and washed us all away. English East coast, nowhere exotic - but the weather was certainly better than we’re getting at home since we’ve been back!
  7. OK I’ll kick off. This week I’ve mostly been… Repairing my Tascam MD-CD1 display. Putting new belts in my Tascam 112 cassette deck as the old ones started squealing. We’ll they were 30 years old. Raiding the charity shops in town so now I have a bunch of 50p CDs to dub to MD so I can listen to them at work on my MZ-R700. Includes David Jason’s autobiography audio book which claims to be 12 hours long. Checking the disc lengths the 10 CDs will go nicely on three 74 minute MDs in LP4 🙂 Dub has begun! Two sessions in parallel! Dub 1: Sony CDP-XE530 to MDS-JE770 including CD-Text copy (hopefully but I’m not convinced…[*]) via TOSLINK and Control- A1(II). Dub 2: Sony CDP-D12 to MDS-E12 via coax then manual titling via PS/2. For both it seems I can use the small RM-D10E remote that came with the 770 to setup and initiate the CD-Sync recording. Cute! [*] It hasn’t copied titles. Either I’ve got the Control A1 lead still in my MDS-JE530 or the titles are copy protected… hmmm…
  8. We’ll we don’t seem to have one of these so I thought I’d kick one off. Nice for any off-the-cuff comments of what you’ve been up to (ideally with some MD content!) but you don’t think it warrants its own thread in the main forum…
  9. I use the wadding type Brasso. Indeed I used it yesterday to remove a few scratches from the screen of my MDS-E10. In this case I made a few moderate passes with the wadding, working in a circular motion, buffing off each time then doing another pass. Need to keep on the main bit of the screen though and stay away from any screen printed legends. On the E10 the VU meter levels are printed in white along the bottom edge. On the Techmoan example he gives it a good ole working to remove those scratches from the remote screen. In that instance he wasn’t working on anything particularly valuable, but it seems to demonstrate that once you are sure with the process it can be very effective.
  10. (Seeing a similar issue with the MDS-JA333ES - the case is marked MLDP and there is a switch for SP/LP2/LP4 - but the SM schematic says CXD2656R, i.e. ATRAC1 Type-R...)
  11. I'm not even sure why I started it... but it seems to have taken up most of the day! Now, what was I supposed to be doing... (consults long list of "house" jobs...!).
  12. I've collated this data on Sony MDS-series decks with information that I know is of interest. Includes: MDM type, optical pickup type, ATRAC version, ADC chip and DAC chip/chipset. Interesting to see regarding ADC/DAC chipsets, some extra effort was made with the 920, 930, 940 models (notice that the DAC was often supplemented by a "current-pulse" chip), but Sony gave up on the "final" x80 family and just used the AK4524 vanilla. The 480 actually got a "downgrade" to a cheaper AK4552 chip. For me it looks like the 940 was the "pinnacle" aside from the very high-spec JA machines. In the early-to-mid years, Sony designed and used their own CXD2564 DAC and then CXD8607 ADC/DAC as I understand the off-the-shelf offerings of the time were not good enough spec-wise. This was commented on in some of the interviews with Sony design staff that can be found on minidisc.org (for example this interview). I'm sure others have also been compiling similar data, so feel free to combine/contribute decks I've not included (for example the MDS-S series - I had some incomplete data, so removed from my table before posting here). I do fancy digging through the data for the JA machines though... Sony_MD_part_data.pdf
  13. Wow! I’m concerned now I’ve triggered you into spending hard earned cash! 🙈Sorry!
  14. I’m pretty boring - anything really on decks from 93 to 13! Sony would be the main interest, the only other MD stuff I have is Tascam.
  15. Hi Jonas, it sounds like the lens detached. Do you give it a clean before re-glueing and avoided glue on the surface? Did you get any further with this? Might be worth looking up the drive number (MDM) and seeing if this is used in another deck [*] you could use as a donor. I’ll have a check… [*] Sorry my mind was still on your E11 - of course this is a ‘common’ 500!
  16. A bit late, but before trying anything more drastic, considering it was working well and looks intact, I would do the ole remove and reinsert cables/ribbon cables inside, to remove any oxidisation. Ping back if you’re still around and want more info.
  17. That would be really interesting @Richard! Similarly do you have any catalogues etc for decks or maybe Hi-Fi MD systems?
  18. Thanks @Richard! Loving the Disc Pictorials! 🙂
  19. Cheers @BearBoy for the endless encouragement! Here we are back together and in the flight case. Chaka is playing again…!
  20. Just so you know I haven’t been sitting on my MD-behind, just reporting that I’ve finally fixed (fingers crossed) the intermittent display on my first (of 2) Tascam MD-CD1 combo decks. This deck is a tidy example I bought a few years back, although I did pay a bit through the nose for it on eBay (about £220 if I remember correctly - far far more than any other deck I’ve bought!). It actually arrived damaged (and not from shipping) - it must have had a knock on the front as the MD pitch control knob was impacted. Internally I had to rebuild one end of the front panel PCB and replace the Alps encoder both of which were broken. Otherwise it worked well until one day when I turned it on - it powered up then went off… one of the power supply regulators emitted the magic smoke. Fortunately I was able to identify the part and find a replacement (on eBay again!) which once fitted got the machine working again. More recently the display has been intermittent until that also finally went off and never came back on (otherwise the machine worked fine). I had a look at it a couple of times but couldn’t find the issue. I had another bash today after swatting up a bit more on VFDs and watched one of Dave Jones’ EEVBlog videos on the subject. Subsequently I identified that the AC cathode supply was dead (the -36V supply I had long suspected was in fact fine). After a bit of debug and falsely suspecting one of the X1/Y2 caps it turned out to be as simple as bad solder joints. Now cleaned up and resoldered I’m happy to report we’ve had good behaviour on a ‘soak test’ for the past hour or so. So not an exciting story but a good outcome anyway. 🙂 (Interesting track playing - little message for all of you out there in MD-land!)
  21. For completeness, this was the reply I put on Tapeheads.net: "The Service Manual I just downloaded for the 20ES says it uses an MDM6A drive. The schematics show a CX2656 DSP which would make this machine ATRAC1 Type-R. Confusingly the SM lists the pin out for the 2654 ATRAC1 4.5. Maybe there was a late change to use the newer chip which is why we find confusing/conflicting information for this model."
  22. I saw that but as yet I’ve not seen any other evidence it is indeed Type-R (issue date, front panel, service manual). Sony UK have most of the MD user manuals up on their site now, but 22ES doesn’t feature! Was it a Japanese only model?
  23. From pictures I can find of 20es and 30es, none proclaim Type-R and all proclaim ‘Wide bit stream’ so I think these are all 2654 ATRAC1 4.5. The 50es is even older so at best that is the same if not ATRAC1 4.0. All mighty impressive decks regardless and as many say once you get to ATRAC1 4.0 any SP audible improvement is highly subjective!
  24. There’s a Japanese 22ES on eBay and there is nothing on the front panel proclaiming Type-R, which they would shout about. It says ‘Wide bit stream’ which is what the 520 has on the front. I would conclude CXD2652 ATRAC1 4.5.
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