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  1. Currently here (Mar 2022): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-1-0mm-Pitch-FFC-FPC-Flexible-Cable-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21P-40P-Forward-/264827389812?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 usually 23, 27, 17 for MD drives, 1.0mm pitch, ‘forward’.
  2. @BearBoy and I recently expanded our aged horizons and toyed with Amazon Japan and bought some new (new) MD blanks. Buoyed by that experience I recently decided to go another step and risk my hard earned cash with Ali Express. I do quite a lot of ‘hobby electronics’ but it’s not an online vendor I’ve ever been tempted to try. Expectations were not high. A few weeks back I bought a Sony MXD-D4 (yes guys another one…) from eBay. But this one was listed with MD issues. I can sort that, I thought. Well yet again I bought a thoroughly minging machine. The thing stinks. I think it’s been on 40 a day for the last 20 years. I lifted the lid first and I’m glad I did. The MD overwrite head was folded up like a concertina. No wonder it had C13 reported. Replaced the CD eject belt. CD section works fine now. Took out the MD drive and removed the OWH assembly (pretty straightforward). New load/eject belt as a standard service procedure. MD drive back in the machine and it plays. Result. Steal an OWH from another drive that has issues but OWH is known good. Fit to the D4 drive. Nope still won’t record. Regardless, stripped the whole machine down and gave it a severe dose of isopropyl alcohol and washing up liquid. Damn thing still stinks. Break out the LPM and the Iop jig. Short story is this is the first machine I’ve come across where the laser is genuinely aged. The read laser power can be calibrated ok - hence the machine can indeed play. However the laser power can’t be adjusted for the write power. Even at a crazy 150mA of Iop (bearing in mind the factory cal for the laser is around 56mA), I can’t get more than about 6mW of write power out of it. Thoughts of doing my first laser replacement… Start looking around for a KMS262A laser assembly. Find one on Ali Express and it’s about £55 delivered to the UK, so not cheap and not guaranteed to fix the machine. Browse a bit more. It’s fairly clear some of these sellers have no idea what the stuff is they are selling. Come across some pictures of an MDM-7 drive. Find some additional pictures of the underside showing the BD board with an EMC shield and a fitted 90MHz crystal. So the MXD-D4 can do 4x dubs from its internal CD drive. This means the MD drive is a variant of the MDM-7A drive we find in x40 decks. The drive is an MDM-7X2A and you can spot it as it has this EMC shield and the 90MHz crystal which is not found on the usual ‘single speed’ drives. If you like, this MD drive is like a 4x CD-ROM drive except it’s MD. So back to Ali Express, these pictures are ticking all of the boxes. But is it BS? The seller talks about a laser. The seller talks about CD and BMW cars. If I order one, what the heck am I going to get. Will it look anything like the pictures? Get a rush of blood to the head and shell out £84. In the name of research. There is no way this exercise will cost in… To be continued…
  3. Is there a site with a CDP machine listing a bit like we have for MDS machines on minidisc.org? From digging around I’m getting the impression the CDP numbering is a bit like the MDS numbering. For example I see a CDP-XE700 but it’s an older model, much like the MDS-JE700. Similarly I see a CDP-XB930 that looks a similar build to our MDS-JB930. I have the CDP-XE530 which pairs nicely with my MDS-JE530. Similarly CDP-D12 with MDS-E12. So I’m thinking, hmmm… there looks to be some parity here…
  4. 😆it’s ok there’s nothing on eBay fortunately 🤨 … I must be looking for the wrong models 🤣
  5. If you’re UK there is Sony CDP-XE530 on eBay at the moment for 40 quid. That’s quite a close match. (Ahh sorry I see you’re States-side…) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-Compact-Disc-CD-Player-CDP-XE530-Working-AUDIOPHILE-Unit-Only-/203868167617?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 ( @BearBoy made me start looking for CD players now!)
  6. I don’t know, I bought them at different times, the CDP new (discontinued stock possibly) and the MD-350 maybe a year later from eBay second hand but immaculate in-box. Having a quick google there isn’t a Tascam CD-350. There isn’t an MD-450.
  7. Yea me too, the case of the 520/530 era was so much better than the creaky cheapness of the ‘e-line’ cases of the 440/480/770.
  8. Tascam MD-350 with Tascam CD-450. The annoying thing here is you can’t connect these directly digitally as the CD only has coax output and the MD only has TOSLINK optical I/O 🤦‍♂️
  9. Oh yea, forgot that combo @M1JWR 🤦‍♂️. MDS-JE480 + CDP-XE370 Here we go:
  10. I’ve got a CDP-XE530 so assumed the XE730 was the next model up!
  11. I’m not aware any have adjustable brightness.
  12. Doh. ‘Twas the ‘X’ that threw me!
  13. @BearBoy I’m interested where you go/what you’re thinking on the CD players side wrt your MD machines. Keep sharing on that one. I got the CDP-XE530 along those thoughts, I see you mention XE730 above. I know nothing about the Sony CDP ranges. Maybe a new thread to muse on this?
  14. I haven’t done anything clever it’s just all hooked up with toslink or coax and control A1ii where I can. I did make notes so will share but it’s not very exciting (we’ll not for ‘normal’ people 🤣).
  15. Yea tell me about it! But I’m the same as you, I record so much in LP2 for non critical listening that getting a 930 would just be gluttony. Hence the 940.
  16. We’ll I’ve used all the I/O linking that lot together (and with the PC with TOSLINK)! FILTER-STD seems just fine to me. I don’t have a front-room hifi setup, maybe it makes more sense there than with headphones. It seems to have a real time clock (which I set). I thought the TIME button might make that show when the deck was idle but it doesn’t seem to. I’ll need to read the manual! Otherwise nice - considerable weight difference compared to say the 770 which is light as a feather by comparison. The 940 has a beefier transformer and metal front panel of course.
  17. I think I’m done now. Until the next one anyway 😆
  18. According to the schematic the LCD module just takes in a logic power rail. There was no separate contrast voltage input (or backlight), so if there is contrast control it would be in software (there is an I2C-type serial bus to the LCD module), but I couldn't find anything in the User Manual that offered a menu option for Contrast.
  19. It’s taken time to get in with the big boys but with some generous support from @M1JWR I think I’m finally getting there. Spot the changes (what’s in, what’s out) 🤨
  20. Sorry I couldn't find anything in the Service Manual or the User Manual. When you say "too bright" - it looks like it's a reflective LCD. In the schematics I didn't see any backlight. So I'm not sure what you mean. Is the contrast bad so you can't read the characters? I couldn't find anything on a contrast control either though.
  21. Correct. From here: https://theartfulanteater.com/product-category/retro/
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