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  1. From the release date on minidisc.org of 5/98 and the use of 2654 I think we can be pretty sure this is ATRAC1 4.5 the same as the 520/920. Looking through the descriptions for those 3 JA series models of that time they mention Type R or a DSP part number that is not consistent with the description, so I think there are a few errors there. Type R came in 1999 with the x30 family. Just my 2p worth!
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    This external DAC idea is intriguing. Anyone actually find this is worthwhile audio wise? My bet is that most of these external DACs are using the same chipset Sony have been using in all but their earliest machines.
  3. Since we’ve been back online, everyone else has shared their recent exploits so I’m shamed into sharing mine! Not too much to show for the work yet but I’ll share what I’ve got. Essentially I’m building an interface between DMX and Sony parallel. The idea is to allow me to trigger sound effect and music cues on my MDS-E12 minidisc decks from my Zero88 FLX lighting console. So far I’ve designed and built the Sony parallel interface board and the DMX receiver board. This will interface into an Arduino that will interpret the DMX messages and drive out signalling on the Sony parallel interface. The parallel board will drive all 5 input channels and receive all 3 output channels available on the E12. I’ve been waiting on connectors which have been on back-order since May and only just arrived this week! ETA: Oh no they didn't - CPC sent me 9-way when I ordered 10-way. Still stuck then... (I’m currently out visiting family so on iPad so sorry if the formatting is not up to standard!)
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    We’ll have to explain that to non-UKers under 45! With that last post it just told me I’m now ‘Apprentice’! Not bad for 712 posts!
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    I just had a browse. Prices are pretty high - usual silly BIN prices but the half decent machines are getting good bids. I’ve put some search watchers on 940 and 980 just to see what comes up. As you say a repairer is the best bet for a keen price!
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    You do well with finding these high spec 9x0 machines John. Clearly I’m not looking carefully enough, those spec machines always seem to be a ton plus for me! You’re also doing well finding those 4x0 machines at a good price as donors!
  7. Exactly. Needs to be fairly extreme usage to hit the limit. Sony of course balanced space for metadata versus payload (music) data in the MD spec. Not devised by dummies! Clever chaps them Sony engineers!
  8. From the MD FAQ: The titling capacity in the Minidisc UTOC is as follows: There are 255 name blocks available, each one able to hold 7 characters, so the absolute maximum for all tracks combined is 255*7=1785 characters. The number of name blocks used by a track is: (title characters+6)/7 (rounding quotient down to nearest integer). The disc title is handled just like any other track title (the disc title is placed on track #0, which is actually the MD's free list). So, each track that has a title takes at least one of these blocks. This means that if you have 255 tracks, all must have titles of 7 characters or fewer, or some tracks must go without titles. It also means that MD does not have the capacity for a disc title plus 255 track titles, one track (or the disc) would have to have an empty title. In addition to these limits, certain units may not display or allow entry of long titles, for example Sony's MDX-U1 car player only displays the first 32 characters of a title.
  9. Yes that’s correct. Indeed and 8 character title takes 14 bytes. It’s modulo 7 as title blocks are 7 bytes long.
  10. Yea sorry I wasn’t clear. What I mean is 7 bytes of storage are taken as a minimum so titles of 1 thru 6 characters still take a 7 byte block on disc. Agree you can have 1 character titles. I could have made that up!
  11. MD has a track limit (I think 255) and a total character limit for titles (and with I think a minimum of 7 per track). The titles limit should be pretty hard to hit. I’ve hit it once with an audio test disc that had over 100 very short tracks but very long descriptive titles. I’ll look up the spec - probably in that MD primer doc on minidisc.org ETA - beaten to it!
  12. The master of the house has rung so I shall answer! I’ll answer slightly generically as I don’t own either pieces of kit… The management summary is it’s possible you will stress the PSU and the machine. However I would expect enough design margin in both for it not to be an issue in the lifetime of both. To be sure I’d have to check the spec on the power supply/charger chip in the machine. The issue for me here is that the power supply is single voltage type so I suspect it’s based around a transformer. It’s also likely the output of the PSU is unregulated. This means the output voltage will be load dependent, so measuring the voltage with a high impedance voltmeter will probably give you a high reading and we cannot tell what the voltage will be under the load of the machine and/or charging the battery. However it’s likely to be on the high side but by how much is hard to say. The machine will have a fairly elaborate and undoubtedly well designed power supply circuit that will be deriving the multitude of digital and analogue supplies required inside the machine. Similarly the charger for the battery will be based around a proper charger chip that will assess and charge the battery with the correct voltage and current profile. I would expect both of these to have adequate input supply headroom to tolerate a slightly high input supply. But to be sure the chip specs would need to be checked. I haven’t done any maths here considering supply tolerances to know what the range could be. However I recall we did go into this a little a while back on another thread. The boring advice is to find a charger that suits your local supply. I suspect there are a few Sony power supplies that you could use with appropriate specs. For a short while you could probably get away with the Japanese charger. At user risk.
  13. BearBoy and I have made it to Rookie, and Richard is now at the heady heights of Apprentice! ...and I thought my career promotions were over!
  14. Fantastic! Welcome - we'd like to hear more!
  15. We’re all Newbie 😆
  16. I’m glad everyone is finding us again! 👍
  17. Fantastic! I like the "forever" bit! 🙂
  18. Thank you! We're delighted to be back, thanks for fixing the site Christopher, much appreciated! Kevin
  19. Main question - are the recordings likely to be Hi-MD or (more likely) standard SP or LP recordings. The latter might make it easier to salvage your music if we can’t get the NH1 to cooperate.
  20. Sort of. The supplied USB cable was broken, that was easily sorted. Need to install M-Crew on some suitable machine, plus the USB drivers. I did try with our main Win10-64 machine and whilst M-Crew would install and run, it couldn't communicate with the device so I guess the required drivers are missing. I think I'll need to install it all on an old XP laptop to have any hope of it working. Also I note from this page that use with the 770 requires a firmware upgrade. I'm not sure if the PCLK I have is already upgraded or if the required firmware update can be found anywhere. Plugged into the 770 nothing happened, although with a replacement USB lead at least the TOSLINK LED on the PCLK lit up. Dunno. Needs some more faffing about with. Any tips and sources for software appreciated!
  21. Sony PCLK-MN10 (CAV-MN10 USB, TOSLINK, 3.5mm, PS/2 "PC-Link" Interface)
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