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  1. To minimize the space needed for the (cautious) addiction I sold every MD deck except for the 480 and kept a few portable ones instead, they are so much easier to stuff away 🙂
  2. Perus

    Sony MDS-JB980

    I recently added a JE480 as spare in case the drive dies in the JB980 🙂 Also, couldn't resist in commenting the "much beefier power" in models prior to the 980, IMHO its mostly beefier in weight and not so much else... 😎 /Per
  3. Hi! Being a bit late to this I recently acquired the DR470 and was also a bit afraid of using it with 3-pole HPs but Sharp has planned for that and protects the output with the following resistors in-line with the R- and L- signal. R774 and R773 makes it possible to create a sort of "virtual ground" when interconnected on 3-pole HPs like below; Going to try a set of 4-pole HPs soon since that would make the Amp to work as designed - and the resistors shouldn't be needed there either in a 4-pole "only" world 😉 Edit: Would love to see the internals of this adapter though: https://aiueokblog1.blogspot.com/2015/02/sharpad-d1acsharp.html Not easy to find one these days. /Per
  4. Many hours later I've changed my mind a bit, the RH1 wins and especially the way it handles bass - the rest (NH700, NH1, N10) are weaker in that regard IMHO. It probably helps that the in-line output capacitors are larger in the RH1 (470uF vs 220uF for NH1) and with low impedance HPs that's a plus! However, speaking of non-Sony MDs - just recently acquired a working Sharp MD-DR470 and the sound from that one is interesting and under evaluation ftm. /Per
  5. Hi! Since I received the N10 this summer I've tried to charge it with a BCA-NWHD3 (@6V) and can confirm it doesn't charge even if indicating so. The reason is most likely due to some control pins (cradle_det?) ends up connected to GND due to different pinout compared to the HD3/NH1 which it was made for. I plan to solve this with a separate MAX1811 IC connected within the BCA-NWHD3 adapter directly to the cell which is available for the N10! /Per
  6. All this sorted after I found a RM-MC40ELK in a bundle with a NW-HD3 to play with 🙂 /Per
  7. The menu options from the RM-MC38EL connected gives me all the settings stated in the manual except for the "clock set". I guess it needs three rows to be able to perform that...
  8. Apologies for the resurrection of this rather old thread but I guess the need NH1 charging still remains these days. I'm looking for the name/PN of this special NH1 connector as I don't want to pay 80 USD for an aftermarket cable with that connector. The connector looks like one of those proprietary phone ports from the past... /Per
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't know that would work. Unfortunately I don't have the cradle nor the USB cable yet. Guess I need to find myself a USB cable. /Per
  10. Hi! I recently managed to find a NH1 for a "reasonable" price these days but without the remote and now struggles with setting the clock with my remote from the RH1 (RM-MC38EL) - should that be possible or do I have to find a RM-MC40ELK? Thanks, /Per
  11. Hi! This is interesting since I've also been shifting between MD/SP and Hi-SP and haven't decided yet what to use. For stationary use MD/SP is the only choice but while portable I would like to use Hi-SP, according to Sony it "should" be better; Not the whole truth I would guess. /Per
  12. While awaiting my R909 to arrive I'm prepared to fix the overhead cable - if needed - and noticed the following way to repair it, any pros/cons with this way? /Per
  13. Yeah, it's missing the screw hole for support but do have two additional metal pins instead which should work as support I hope. Thanks, /Per
  14. Thinking of adding a DLT-1150 (found in a bad working optical switch) to my JE470 - that should work since it handles 3-5VCC
  15. A bit late but better than never I guess, I prefer the sound of the NH700 even if the RH1 is nice. Could be due to the NH700 using a analogue HP-amp instead of the HD digital amp in the RH1 and also the NH900 which I don't have anymore.. /Per
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