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  1. hmm i am curious too like he say if u got a new PC u need to redo again or how to fix it? btw u mentioned its lower version of SS works on both PC? and SS 3.4 need u to authorise it? tat is bad doh btw u mentioned > I'll to empty it all EACH time I change computer. i dont get the picture how u do it?
  2. any possible for GYM to grab atrac song from our sony mp3 players back? sinec now its works only on mp3 files?
  3. if i will to get one USB charger for my e507 and my area dot allow me to get the original sony usb charger i just need to get a non-original one at 5v should be able to charge right?
  4. i saw this post http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?...ic=4&hl=chinese but dont understands tat is for pc right? but for e507 how to view it as some of my mp3 is in japs and chinese but not sure is in big5 or another type since my winxp aslo cant view it too any advice?
  5. i tested one of panasonic mp3 cum FM and its real bad looks like OLED to me those news models
  6. yea after i tested on Playlist on mye507 and transfter its seem to be folders not real playlist so i just make do and orgaanize on folder just for my songs i consider playlist seems sony playlist works diff from others DAP
  7. sad for u too in asia is slow too only just got it for the A608 and A1000 a3000 series only the E500 series we got it around half a year ago appox
  8. toobad sony dont comes out a FM cum mp3&Atrac iand in this form factor if not i will go for it asap
  9. oh US stil not got the A608? tat is bad doh strange the euro and japan got it first always
  10. but we cant edit playlist on the fly on our E507 right? can only edit on the pc and transfer over?
  11. iread the manual but dont gimme any info on playlist but on SS its got a functions called playlist anyway to have a playlist?
  12. the manual mentioned? strange my e507 manual never mentioned anything about it does the online pdf manual mentioned?
  13. nope i mean when u dont run the SS s/w will its lags your pc? i notice its before i install SS my pcs runs oke
  14. so SS does slows down our PC even its not in use? i am back on SS 3.0 test see and monitor how but if we dont use SS on our pC anyother programs we can use for transfer our mp3 to our E507?
  15. i own a E507 and i dont instal my CD tat c/w SS3.0 i try SS 3.4 first after first try seems oke no bugs or hangs after 2nd day seem my pc to be more laggy and i do a defragement oke helps abit but still abit laggy and i uninstall my SS 3.4 and install my CD tat c/w my E507 SS3.0 and monitor and see how its fares anyone on lower version of SS finds is better on pc resouces? rather then SS 3.4? even its got better funcstion like more bit rates to burn into?
  16. madleet3

    New iAUDIO 6

    no FM? opps its got a FM builtin ehhe but harddisk sacred the battery life wont be as good as sonys and if u r not the careful type hehe
  17. np. WM-EX348 is which one? i doubt i got one of them
  18. let me start one (pardon my picture quality as i dont have a super sharp digicam ) my first walkman? opps radio my 2nd walkman > aka the first walkman from SONY my 3rd a cute micro casstle player from Japan my fourth opps forgot oto take my one its a walkman ultra silm version forgot the actual model doh my 5th my real walkman my first MD MY 2nd MD and its got a buiilt in FM which i love it and its last me for nearly 10yrs++ and still going strong my latest collection i got bored trying to record my songs in realtme and dont want to fork out cash for a net MD i at last jump to mp3 after more then 10++yrs and this my first mp3 player and is a sony again E507 in working cool animation i love it
  19. yea man totallly agreed i wish they add in more functions rather then just a pure audio player
  20. i do hope their Harddisk base DAP c/w a FM
  21. i fround atraclife when i seaching for e507 info and wants more info and i am glad i fround it its great site for us SOny fans
  22. as above? or its fixed after u upgrade to ver2 for e507? and way to revert?
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