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  1. yup sony should buckup faster to gain more mkt share
  2. still not out in asia must be only in china and HK only i have noticed it this months ago before its really out in china but battelife is kinda short too as compare to E500 series
  3. opps i saw someone post here already maybe that why my post has been deleted gonococcus r u from HWZ? if yes nice to see u in here
  4. madleet3

    Got a working NW-E003

    28hrs on this new model dont sounds soo great doh for a flashbase
  5. welcome to atraclife tooo and enjoy your new sony
  6. Atrac 105kpbs is decent if u got a good source but best to encode in Atrac 132kpbs
  7. one think i wil comment E507 and A608 FM is petty good for a small ultra slim size mp3 player cum FM i am a FM freak and fussy on FM reception and quality sinec FM quality u cant adjust its EQ too i came from oldsch sony walkman wiht FM that why i demands alot from FM tuners i have test alot of DAP with FM only sony irivers gimme good receptions but reception and quality for FM will still vote for SONY
  8. sony need to buck up faster to gain more mkt share from ipoo and creative is having $$$ losse from frighting with ipooo already but i kudo's to creative to have the means to frignt with ipoo even its on the lossing side
  9. madleet3

    NW-A608 Problem

    E500 series is 1.1 usb A600 seres is 2.0 USB for me i got a usb 2.0 PC port but i got E500 i dontmind its slow loading as i dont load in alot of mp3 in one go too and like sony sounds rather then irivers so i dontmind to endure with it heeee
  10. this s/w can convert dvd or vcd to psp format to view?
  11. madleet3


    for me i still recomemnd E888
  12. ya man the whilte case leather by sony is still not in asia still so i get that one above for the mean time at least its wont be dirty after some used
  13. hehe i feels soo unique when i walk around town using my sony E500 someone took noticed my sony and look at it like never saw before ehhe at least not a common ipod which i see like mkt dish since alot of ppls got ipod around town using and runnnig around it hehe with it trademark whiteearphone aahah there is one time i was in a subway i saw a gal using a sony RED hd5 and i was OMG wat mp3 player is tat and i look closer its a HD5 wow soo unique and rare at least i feels unique and rares walking around with my Sony rather then typicial IPodder
  14. around err 11US should be lower depend on currency convertion ehhe notas nice as the a608 original sony white leather type but at least this i can view the display and use 1handed on the move hehe
  15. with a better picture shot now from a digicam got it from my local sony cte will pop by sony at malaysia @ kuala lumpur soon hope got a better looking case
  16. madleet3

    Got a working NW-E003

    ya surpice its c/w more EQ setting just wise E500 and A600 got more EQ lines settings maybe with new firmware? hehe i wish hehe but i guess sony wont c/w a new firmware for A600 since they got thie new model and the cE-p upcoming soon oh ya is the volume control buttion too? not the oldsch twists and turn? oh ya thx for the picture too
  17. madleet3

    Got a working NW-E003

    cant wait for your reviews and picture
  18. madleet3

    Got a working NW-E003

    nice man hope to get your own review and some pictures soon
  19. yea just get those usb charger tat match the above specs will do i aslo get one of them too sine sony cte my country dont let me buy one even i own sony products
  20. if i am not going for FM i wont get sonyi might get iaudio but i am a FM feak more then a mp3 so i rather stick to all in wonder FM and mp3 either 1GB or 2GB whichever c/w FM if u r on a limited funds 1GB should do fine but i dont finds any diff from the old E500 and A608 series if u can get them in your own country then getting this new model tat design is not as nice doh
  21. madleet3

    Sony DVDs

    wow tat is alot of work to get it redo in the correct region strange doh why they want to control dvd in regions
  22. cool to know sony network S/w can run on a intelmac soon and alot of PC programs/games soon i hope more mkt share for apple soon i guess
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