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  1. I am willing to put some money down that your database is all messed up. You can try to recover it, but it is best to start from scratch. I know you don't want to hear it, but your out of luck. Moving forward, you will need to dicipline yourself on how you treat your player. You can take steps to ensure that if this happens again you can recover quickly. Do a search in the forums, this topic has been covered more than enough times. Good Luck
  2. The only method is to record in real time. I am not familiar with your model, but I would suggest you look into GYM. With GYM, you can load tracks from your player to ANY computer and not have to worry about the DRM. Good Luck
  3. JSP62

    PlayStation 3

    I agree with you. As much as I would like to get my paws on one, waiting seems to be the choice right now.
  4. JSP62

    PlayStation 3

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/6159254.html Grreeeeeeeeaat! Sony what are you guys doing there? The article above is a situation where PS3's were being showcased at a Tokyo game show and needed to be rebooted several times. Sony's reponse . . . all PS3 units were overheating due to the close proximity of other hardware and space confinements. The only concern is, what could happen when a consumer places in their 'setup' along with other hardware and also the space it is confined too. Who is to say this won't happen to one of us. Poor Sony. Anything that goes wrong no matter how small and insignificant will be scrutinized. . . . then again if Sony handled itself better, they wouldn't have to worry about this now would they? Only a few more months before the release, who is excited??
  5. Could just be a simple loosened connection you did. Worst case scenario is that you might of cracked something and the connection is finicky, which sooner or later will just got bad on ya. Sorry to hear, I hope you scold your friend
  6. JSP62

    PlayStation 3

    Thanks for the links. Though the games are obviously released in Japan, there is no confirmation on USA porting. If you can provide any info on USA releases, I would much appreciate it. Do you have any links for sneak movies demonstrating the CPU/video processor? PS - Tis a shame the controller is the exact as the PS2 MINUS the rumble option
  7. JSP62

    PlayStation 3

    Interesting article Ishi . . . My lost interest in PS3 has a little heartbeat left. We'll see how things go witih vendor supported games made available.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, all this talk of getting ipoos.....you know there are other DAPs out there! For example, I just purchased a Sandisk e250 (2.0 GB) for $108.00. And its GAPLESS. Oh did mention it also has an mini SD slot for expansion. Oh it has video capabilities too. Oh yeah and also it is MTP/MSC! Drag and drop what?!?!? Supported on linux and @pple ! Oh yea, and there's mods gallore! nuff said! ref http://www.lilmonsta.com/index.php http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=9 PS - I'll always have my Vaio Pocket for home/office play and my MD for future DJing. Oh and my megabass cassette cause it's a classic!
  9. I don't have any problems either....probably cause I do not rely on SS for anything more than just transferring
  10. I would suggest doing it , but just remember your gonna be starting from scratch again. If you do, back up all your tracks with GYM.
  11. Are you accessing the tracks from the SS created directory (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SonicStage . . . ) on your computer or the original directory where your tracks are? I am not familiar with 4.0, so I apologize if this question might not make sense.
  12. Don't let it update. I came across a post where it was heavily suggested that you turn off the option. PS - If you let SS do updating, tag searching blah blah blah . . . your asking for trouble.
  13. Your guess is as good as mine in trying to determine what happened and also why. If I were in your shoes, TAKE EVERYTHING OFF AND START AGAIN. Quite honestly, you may never figure out what happened and you'll go crazy thinking about it. Cut your losses and think nothing more. This time, be very systematic about what you do! I cannot stress this enough. Install whatever version you want, I suggest going with JAP version 3.4. It does not have CONNECT and also with the JAP version you do not get "reinialization" messages as one does with the US/EU ones. Just a note: 3.4 database is different from 4.0, so assume that when you upgrade on any version and your DAP / SS crashes (because it will!), it is unlikely you cannot save it if you revert to a previous version. Stay with what ever version you have. I use 3.4 and dare not upgrade again. If I can suggest, the less you rely on SS/CONNECT the better. For example, 1) I rip all my CDS to my computer first 2) then I ID3v1 & v2 edit all tracks 3) then upload into SS 4) then to my DAP 5) After which, I delete the library. I literally have zero, nada, zilch tracks in SS. It is always best to build a DVD archive library of all your tagged tracks. That way should something happen again, you can load up all tracks quick and easy. I have about (12) DVDs all organized with MP3s ready to load at will. When I got my 40gb Vaio Pocket, twice I had problems and decided to reformat and start anew. I made sure when/if, it happens ever again it would only take no more than 30 mins to upload anew ! Hope you find my advice informative and good luck Oral Douglas. PS - If your crazy like I was, you can click the link in my sig for possible help to save your DAP.....I'd bet against you in a heartbeat though
  14. DSP, As I have all read your comments in several threads, I know your a die hard Sony fan. I love Sony as much as anyone else in this forum and I think we all can agree Sony at some point was the defining standard. Times have changed. I am sad to see such a great company decline in all repects - movie, music, household hardware, portable hardware, and software. I had made a previous comment on the PS3 thread about Sony and where the company is going. IMHO Sony's future lies on the success in the popularity of the PS3. Wired.com (click for article) has an in-depth article on Sony and the company's past, present and future. It was the talk of the lunch room at work that day I read it in the office. They have had no profits within the last few years, which is very bad. Their high definition sales are low, their movie line isn't cutting it, their music division is also losing, their portable DAPs aren't popular enough, and their up and coming game system is so pricey 'kids' won't be able to afford it . . . and let's not get started on the delays from Sony. I am also interested in what their R&D dept is working on and curious to know where the Execs will concentrate their business. I think Sony needs to get back to their core foundation and work on a new aspect of business to produce success. What exactly would that be? ? ? HARDWARE. Get out of the movies, get out of the music, and focus on household hardware and portable hardware. Get with the times and listen to what the consumers want. Work it from there and build up the business again. As far, as the DAP market for Sony. . . It's tough and it doesn't look good. MDs are still great for DJ recording. Their DAP lines wouldn't carry such a bad rep if it were not from the support software we get. True they are not programmers, but in coming out with DAPs you stepped into the software ring. Immediate action should have taken place to resolve the problems, but for some reason or other this never happened. DRM had big a hand in making them unpopular. On a side note not to divert from this subject, yes to announce: For physical activity use, I've moved away from my Sony MD player to a flashed based DAP by Sandisk. I would highly recommend for those in the market looking to grab this gem. It has great support and functions great! You get an expansion memory slot so you can add more space. The color GUI is simple. The controls are better than that stupid ipoo dial. It's sleek and the cost is accetable for what you get. And most importantly its DRAG & DROP with no DRM!! I digress from changing the subject. If any of you have questions about it, PM me.
  15. once you go 4.0 you can't go back to 3.4. you can but you gotta take everything SS off your computer. you would lose all tracks, because the database structure on 4.0 is different from 3.4
  16. run a windows update and see if that solves your problem if not download firefox and see maybe if that helps. not sure other than that
  17. JSP62

    PlayStation 3

    BIG NEWS ALERT GUYS....ahem cough cough not that its a suprise. Yet again we have another delay and this time it effects the poor folks in the PAL region, Europe. Units have been pushed to 2007 and will miss the Christmas season. All you boys and girls who are saving will just have to buy the 360 and Wii for thep rice of the PS3. Wired.com came out with a great article about the Sony's current position and outlook to the future. It doesn't look very good and seems the company's final chance is the success of the PS3, which we all know if not very good. So what will Sony do? PS - more importantly what would YOU do?
  18. Heh, no thanks. I am better than that But the timeouts/access issues have been prevelant on this site. You must be getting the errors as well, no?
  19. Is there something going on with the site? The last couple of days, I cannot access the forums on this nor on the sister MD forum. Quite frustrating. I need my ATRAC fix!
  20. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16921 Posting has been made in hopes that I may find a solution. Thanks for the suggestion Stuge
  21. bah, I can't stand goign to that site. There is soo much information in your face and its hard to sift through. The MD has been formatted, yet still does not allow me to transfer tracks
  22. No, I am trying to transfer from Sonic Stage -> blank minidisc This is the most basic of functions in Sonic STage. I am confused as to why it is not transfering
  23. I am currently having the same problem as you. I have tracks on SS that I am trying to transfer to my MD player. I made a post....hopefully the same solution will solve our problem(s).
  24. **BUMP** I know there must be some step or process that I missed.
  25. hmmmmm, do you have WMP 10 installed?
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