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  1. Please do a search in the forum for this. I believe this has been asked before
  2. It has been quite some time since I have had time to load some mp3s onto a blank minidisc. I wanted to get some new music I could listen to at the gym. I use my MZ-NF610 minidisc model...not that I believe matters. I uploaded a cd onto SS and tried to transfer, but I keep getting an error message. - I tried several other tracks without success. - I checked to see if the files were VBR (for I use Audiocatalyst to rip...which is very old, but a fav) and there were not. Other than those 2 trouble-shooting steps, I am scratching my head. I should be able to, yet I cannot load. Does anyone have any suggestions or something I may have missed?
  3. I agree, The sound quality of the mp3 is already less of that than atrac. MEANING: You wouldn't be able to get better sound quaity transferring MP3 to ATRAC. As Ascariss suggested, rip CD to ATRAC directly you audiophile
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    WOW TOM KAT!! You have a wealth of knowledge for electical properties. You must be involved in an electrical engineering field no? So much info for me to digest, I am all dizzy. Thanks, I think I have a better understanding now of where I am and what I shall need. - If I am correct, I can most likely get away using a 5V DC power cord. That right? - You spoke of a 'but 4.8-5.5V regulated output' should be acceptable. Can you elaborate on the regulated aspect? - I was confused when you were talking about POLARITY. Do you speak of the current, between that of AC and DC ? I am very hesitate and would like to be sure that I am in no 'real' danger of busting my Vaio Pocket by using the 5V DC where a 5.2V DC is required. Thanks Tom Kat!!
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    This Vs That

    SD, Hands down......something about that word "proprietary" =) Star Trek original vs Star Trek Next Generation
  6. Because you didn't specify the specs of your comp, I shall assume WINXP. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SonicStage\Packages\Optimized Files PS - Be careful uploading large amounts of files. I heard freeze problems a lot. Your guess is as good as mine as to the specific reason why (SS sucks?...HAHA). Upload 5 GB at a time just to play it safe. Good Luck
  7. I am pretty sure we'll continue to see some changes on CONNECT. I think there are trying to seemlessly add content to be tranferable to/from the coming PS3, which can communicate with the PSP. Just a hunch
  8. There are a lot of players now in the arena with real nice models. Samsung has a nice black one with 30GB (I think) to compete with the iPod Nano MS's Zune which has alot of buzz Sandisk just came out with the largest flash mem based player. 80GB I believe and the model looks sleek Creative has a nice line up of models that I find interesting. And of course as well know and realize, Sony is not keeping up. Their new DAP model which someone said is set for release in 07, will be too late in the market. PS3 is a funny story. They will end up having to take a hit and drop prices of the unit in order to compete with 360 & Wii. 2 strikes =p Of course my Vaio Pocket is keeping me satisfied. Spending only $150 + $50 for a new battery to have 40GB of space for my music and LCD screen is by far a deal better than buying anew. BUT these new models coming out are looking real go-go ga-ga.....meaning I could be persuaded. Looking ahead, the next focus will be MP3 / phones. Verizon has come out with the "Chocolate" phone produced by LG, which doubles as a phone and a MP3 player M$ is breaking ground to create the ZUNE which will be wi-Fi enabled. It's a game not only about music playing, it;s now a race of multi-tasking devices.
  9. **UPDATE** http://backstage.ilounge.com/index.php/bac...tures-detailed/ Reference the link above for a quick review thus far of this M$ project, ZUNE. My general reaction to the info is blah. Not very excited, but not too bored. - I do like the touchless operation. I am not a big fan of the pressure sensitive navigation. It's annoying and to have the buttons is a good choice in my book. - The UI seems of course your tyical boring M$. I wish they could jazz it up somehow. Curious to know more about the wallpaper option. - WiFi . . . . Not sure how I fell about this yet. The artical does raise an interesting point. The frequency of exchange songs with a person seem not to be a big eye opener. Perhaps it can make up for it with the ability to transfer dirrectly to mulitple computers. Problem is the good ol DRM. Someone made a comment about M$ doing some hard selling to those who can have accessories for this DAP. I haven't heard any details on them, but very interested in seeing something come soon. PS - I hope that there will be some real nice tweeks that can be done to the DAP that can make this "The DAP" to have. only time will tell. PSS - No mention of the software to operate from PC has been given. This raises some questions for me.
  10. ToMetal, please be sure to reply and let us know what you did to resolve the problem. That way so the next person with the same problem doesn't have to rack their brain going nuts. Thanks
  11. Interesting to hear you were able to get it transfer. I have not been successful with VBR files in the past. To note, I had used Audiocatalyst (not sure on specs). I am curious to know if I can make it work now. Hmmmmm....
  12. I am also curious if this program will work on HDD based players
  13. Trust me, I am sure we all want GYM to be a full replacement to SS. ALL OF US in one way or another have experienced headaches, and Xispe has done wonders to create a replacement. Perhaps if we are fortunate enough, Xispe will develope a revised version. Or perhaps some other programmer can continue the work for us. At this stage this is the best at which we shall get. Be happy with what we have.
  14. rename the current OMGAUDIO to some other name (i.e. OMGAUDIO_TEMP) then rename the OMGAUDIO backup one you have to 'OMGAUDIO'. If you music all returns and everything is okay, delete the original OMGAUDIO. If you still have errors, you have the back up original folder to work with again. ________________________________________ You would only need to run GYM again if you had some sort of error when you previously ran it. _________________________________________ There is a step-by-step instructions for GYM that should have been included when you downloaded. If not, go to the GYM website for directions. Also reference this forum for specifics if you run into trouble. Good luck!
  15. Check to see if your MP3s are in VBR (Variable Bit Rate) format. If so, then SS will not recognize/transfer
  16. Let's all just hope some disgruntled Tech at Sony releases the code to the public. Either that or some real smart coder can reverse engineer the software.
  17. Hope you backed up your tracks
  18. 1.- I tried to record an atrac cd, but the wait time was so long. is this normal? what is the speed of your cd/dvd rom? i have not made any atrac cds yet. perhaps the write speed is set low for the atrac format. 2.- what is the diference between atrac and atrac3 plus? not sure 3.- there is a way to listen atrac files in windows media player, winamp or real player? Atrac is a proprietary format by Sony and cannot be supported by WMP, WINAMP or REAL. Though someone has been working getting WINAMP to recognize the format so you can play from your DAP. Look in the software forum under SONY_ML
  19. JSP62

    Pls Help

    Please be sure to state your solution, so that others with the simliar problem may follow your steps.
  20. Would be nice, but as you said it is a small niche
  21. Unfortunately you cannot. To make a long story short, SS nor the player can recognize that different users would be using the Digital Audio Player (DAP) and keep seperate "accounts"
  22. JSP62

    Pls Help

    What model Sony device are you using?
  23. Please be sure to post your solution for the others who has the same problem and what can be done. Thanks
  24. JSP62

    Renaming files

    Running music from your player on multiple computers can be done: - If you want to tranfer tracks between multiple computers, use GYM (Get Your Music) Renaming tracks will require you to have SS. - Any sort of editing, will have to be done: 1) before you upload/transfer to SS 2) edit when in SS
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