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  1. well it is tru that Sony portables r becoming more "cheap" and that they aren't so rugged nemore...but that aside i still remain sceptical about the integrity of the internal li-ion battery employed by the N10...function wise i think th unit is great...in terms of build??? i'm not 2 sure about since i do not own 1...but if u hav the money and u treat ur md rite (like not drop it outta a 2 storey building on2 a concrete sidewalk) then i'd say the newer Sony units will last quite some time...i think the sound in the Sony units are generally the same amoungst the models i'v owned...itz usability has somewhat degraded...like trying 2 access simple functions hav gone from only having 2 push just 1 button press to having 2 go thru a menu and sub menus just 2 get the md 2 repeat a track 4 example...otherwise i would say look @ other brands like Sharp, Panasonic or Aiwa since their build seems more solid than the newer Sony units...
  2. heyy there, the models u mentioned r quite nice units; the Panasonic SJ-MR250 & Sony MZ-N505 being NetMD units and the Sony MZ-R910 & Sharp MD-MT770 being normal MDLP units...it realli depends on what u intend 2 mostly record from...like if u hav a lot of mp3's that u wan 2 tranfer it would b more convenient buying a NetMD...otherwise the other units are just as good recorders as these NetMD's... if ur on a tight budget then u could go and get the Sony MZ-N505...otherwise if u wanted basically a small unit and don't care about NetMD then u can go 4 the Sharp or Sony...both are nice units but it depends on ur personal preference of brand i guess...if u r willing 2 front up the money 4 the Panasonic SJ-MR250 (which is currently their flaghsip model atm) then u would probably get evryfin u asked 4...the unit being small with long battery life and good quality construction and NetMD capable... i suggest u take a look @ those units u want 2 buy in a shop if possible and check the units out urself...it makes it easier 4 me 2 decide 1nc i'v c'n and felt the unit myself rather than look @ pictures of it... hope this helps... 8)
  3. well in that case you should try listening to ur r700 on like better headfones 2 c if this is the case (say the mdr-e838's will b suffice or if u can manage 2 get a pair of e888's then that would b even better but otherwise u should try ur sport style earfones)... if on these headfones they do indeed sound worse then you should undo wot u did in the service mode....i'v tried the hack myself on a r700 and i think it sounds the same.... and no you do not abosolutely need the lcd remote 2 access the other functions, u could buy 1 if u wanted to but i c no point in doing so other than it being able 2 access some other functions that the r700 remote can't...
  4. i agree wif Me above, i mean if i did hav a r700 then yeh i would go n do it coz it seems like a cool thing 2 do if ur bored... :wink: nah jk but otherwise if i had the money then i would fork out extra 4 the r900...
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