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  1. All I asked for was a Shortwave radio, a turntable (used) and a Miles Davis CD. I'm not visiting my family till the day of Xmas, so that'll be the only day I get to scope out gifts.
  2. Going home to visit my Sis and Parents for a little, and spending quality time with my girlfriend for the rest of the time.
  3. From Engadget: http://www.jvc-victor.co.jp/audio_w/produc...d1-m/index.html Looks very cool
  4. I wish there were places around where I could sample all these nice sounding beers. I'm always afraid I am going to drink imported swill that is pricey because it is imported.
  5. Some favs I have, and being a college student, it's an interesting list. Premium favourite: Guinness Draught. This beer is nice, although heavy and is set apart from boring beer that tastes like water. Cheap Favourite: Classic Pilsner. Apparently only available in Alberta, this super cheap beer isn't bad for the price. Better than any domestic beer I've tasted (Molson Canadian, Budweiser, Coors light) and cheaper than some of my normal picks (Stella, Heineken) Middle of the Road Favourite: Tuborg. The beer of danish kings has a nice European taste to it. It's cheapish but not very accessible. Dinner Favourite: Heineken or Stella Atrois. Both of these beers aren't strong on alcohol, but wipe your pallet clean after each drink. The only down fall is the cost when drinking at a fancy place. Lately I've been drinking to get drunk, rather than tasting/enjoying the beer, so I haven't tried any new beer as of late.
  6. My tv isn't hooked up to anything that will get channels (I guess I could hook up rabbit ears, but I don't have any at the moment). I do watch TV from time to time, and watch TV DVDs. Some favs: Older Simpsons Episodes, King of the Hill, Futurama, Curb Your Enthusiams, Sienfeld, Degrassi Jr High, Degrassi High and Degrassi the Next Generation, Arrested Development. Forgot a few: Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman.
  7. Saw King Kong last night. The movie was a bit drawn out in certain situations. They developed characters that died without much notice, wasting a lot of time. A few of the Kong fight scenes were very cool. The CG was amazing, however that became the focus of the movie, rather than the plot.
  8. The only difference in HiMD units lies in the EU, where certain french laws prohibit the sale of audio devices that have too high output. So they are limited.
  9. You know that I'm down. I would like Classic SP, but there is no preference on where my partner is, the further away the better!
  10. I've been having some hangups in Deerpark g4, which is firefox 1.5 that is optimized for the G4 chipset. I'll go through some more things and see if it works. Edit: Wait, how do I used "Add Selected Text as Quote Feature" anyways?
  11. Good to see a rehash of this thread! Keep them coming!
  12. Looks cool, I think I'd have trouble with a Sandisk player. Just because I've never seen the firmware in action, and I'm biased. How does it play?
  13. As far as I know, doesn't the USB adapter work for people who don't have a WiFi router and tunnels the connection through the computer's internet connection?
  14. I've never even used Sonicstage to be honest. I never really thought OpenMG was any good for my needs, and I exclusively used the NetMD Burner, or whatever that was called. That worked very well, imho.
  15. You should be able to stream from mp3s and wmas put on the HiMD using the mass storage mode, however you cannot access any audio files without SonicStage on Net or HiMD.
  16. Nick Drake - Pink Moon Nick Drake - Bryter Layter Nick Drake - Treasurey
  17. The "Report" button is your friend, however it is NOT to be used to advertise your thread. If that happens again I might just close the thread.
  18. Since the core is a bit different, then we may see sony peek their head up and look to OSX. For the same reason that old Xbox games need an emulator to run on the Xbox 360, Sony may have less trouble making an OSX version. Going from Windows to IntelOSX would be similar to going from Linux to Windows no?
  19. I picked up some CDs and a DVD. "Bryter Layter" and "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake And "Almost Famous"
  20. I haven't heard of ALL, but ALAC is Apple Lossless Audio Codec, or Advanced Lossless audio Codec.
  21. Is this a pretty new album? I have their "Humanistic" album, and it's pretty enjoyable. Oh yeah, I'm listening to Mitch Hedburg
  22. There is a way you could do that, although it would probably take a circut schematic and some soldering on your part.
  23. It makes sense to me, and record companies do this all the time: Steal something that isn't actually for sale, and claim you made it. Thus putting a copy-right on it yourself. Companies have been doing this for years.
  24. Yeah, Sony has mostly forgotten that they can't make people do anything. Tragic really.
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