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  1. There is now a Vin Diesel one as well, by the same blokes right now. It's still in the random stage, suggest while you still can!
  2. Chuck Norris is really funny. I remember watching Walker Texas Ranger when I was young and wondering why the heck it was so strange.
  3. The only plus of a UMD recorder is that 1.8 Gig of memory may be available in a cheaper format. Sony's new 2 and 4 gig memsticks are rather expensive, and UMD might be a little cheaper in the long run. (as is Hi and classic MD)
  4. Homophobes don't like gay people, it's tragic, but true. Who knows why they don't? Only they really do. Is it irrational? Sometimes. Is it their right to choose? Yes. I could talk for hours about how you're missing out on a (possibly) great movie, but I won't. Thread going nowhere fast. You can start a REAL movie thread, if you actually watch the movie that is.
  5. From what I can tell, Mac Gurus and Fanboys update a lot, so last years powerbooks (which are still good computers) tend to go on sale fast. However, the MacTops retain a lot of their value and sell pretty well even after 2 generations.
  6. I wanted to see this movie because I heard it was a good movie. I invited my girlfriend because she likes it when boys kiss each other It's totally fine that people hate watching men be intimate with each other. I know I was watching "Dead like me" last night and was a tiny-bit put off when the main character kisses his boyfriend. It's not a big deal, it was just a bit shocking, as they both were unattractive to me, so it seemed really foreign. However, I guess that goes for two really ugly girls, or an ugly girl and an ugly guy. I've seen a few attractive guys kiss other attractive guys, it puts me off a lot less. Maybe Greg and smkranz need to see more attractive guys make out (kidding of course)
  7. Last can: A large can of Sapporo Draft. Not bad, but very cheap and probably some of their "off stock". Lately I've been drinking this "Brewhouse Pilsner" which has an almost creamy taste. It clocks in at about a dollar per can, which is rock bottom for any Canadian beer.
  8. I started using DOS, but I was really to young to get a good grasp on it. I think I was only about 7 when we bought it, and we had it for far too long. I got a Win 98 (first edition) PC when I was around 13 and I was pretty excited for that. I used the heck out of it, and subsequently destroyed it in more ways than one. However, I finally got sick of feeling the need to fresh install after less than 6 months, and not being able to run a current Anti-virus scanner without bogging down my entire system resources. Finally, in Highschool I started using Mac OS9 in a design class and really took a liking to it. Reliable and aesthetically pleasing (in some regards) and I decided that Win 98 had scarred me forever, and that I'd probably buy a Mac for my next computer, or simply buy a PC, and use linux. I looked around for Laptops that I wanted to go off with to University. I looked around and thought about WinXP since my Uni uses WinXP Pro for most of their design computers. However I couldn't find a nice, small, powerful laptop that ran windows. Probably the closest I was to getting another Windows XP was a VAIO. Finally, due to money restrictions, I picked up a 14" iBook and I haven't been happier with a computer since. Small, light, very portable, good battery life, and I never hear the fan start up with a primal scream when I surf the internet :-p (This is what happens to my roomate's laptop. Really small Laptop, really loud fan.) Anyways, I'm in love with the dock, and the general friendliness of OS x. I should really update to Tiger.
  9. MR. Pib and Red Vines = Crazy Delicious A hilarious line from a recent SNL sketch that can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=zLElfJ9YCh0
  10. I have a ton on my plate right now and am about 75% finished the mixed. I should have it done and out by Saturday, I'm excited to hear what he has for me.
  11. You guys totally stole that style from the Canadians! I just bought a ball for my degus!
  12. Hey Smkranz, is Crown pretty highly regarded in the US? I have never drank any in quantity, as my taste for hard alcohol isn't refined yet, and the most I ever drink of rye whiskey is in cola. My grandmother used to live in Gimli Manitoba, where Crown Royal is exclusively made. My mom even did a factory tour once when I was a young pup.
  13. Coffee and Cigarettes I still cannot get enough of Bill Murray, the Rza and the Gza.
  14. Fight that new boxing robot!
  15. Are these available at the Daiso's in Canada do you know? I am going to the Vancouver and I want to check out Daiso and their MDs.
  16. I am apparently getting a disc from the person I am sending to.. I think anyways.
  17. Congrats on your new recorder. I find that music like Explosions in the Sky and G!YBE is totally killed by bad bitrates a lot more than pop music. Volta hits it on the head. If you like G!YBE, then check out "Valley of the Giants", it's a lot like G!YBE but it has some members of other bands like "Silver Mt. Zion" and "Broken Social Scene", with an amazing female vocalist from a band called "Strawberry". Check out their site: http://www.arts-crafts.ca/valleyofthegiants/
  18. Just to back up Sebastian, he is correct. Sadly, there is no playlisting while using HiMD, although there is a similar feature that might be of use to you. I believe some recorders have a "bookmark" function, or saveable "Program" function which may work for you.
  19. I'm excited to see more from OEM's and to see what kind of support Apple gives their upcoming Intel Macs. A Power Mac with a Blu Ray burner would be heaven for a enthusiast of film.
  20. Choose your words carefully! Not everyone reads all that well, they might interpret that as "The PS3 puts a virus in your house" I don't want to be using an inferior format because Richyhu posted something silly. You're entirely right, the fact that Movie Studios are chosing Blu-Ray is the clincher. However, maybe we'll see both formats? Computer Usage and Studio use? I can see how Studios would want a format that wouldn't be popular with computers, but I can't see it happening.
  21. Ok, I just wanted to get some possible discussion about how your mixes are shaping. I'm using some late night alone time to make mine. It's looking good so far!
  22. I dunno about "Soon to be best selling" but that will surely be a hit for the Blu-ray troupe. Think any VAIO computers will take advantage of the cash incentives?
  23. Offline in Canada? For a portable one you may only be able to get one at radioshack. However the term I'd use for the device is more of a "loudener". I can't tell you how it would work, but it might.
  24. Awful, worse case of Alcohol Abuse I've ever seen.
  25. The audio may also be encoded with a anti-copy protection, so you may want to try analog connection. Best of Luck!
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