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  1. I use Mail 2.0 for one account and Thunderbird for others, no reason I use both, but I came out of Win98 using Thunderbird, and didn't migrate when I switched to Apple, so now I am slowly changing.
  2. In terms of my actual family, my sister has a 2Gb nano and I have a 10 Gb 3rd gen iPod, plus my r50, PSP and Sony PCDP. My roommates go like this: Iriver flash player, Sony Atrac PCDP, and a normal Sony PCDP
  3. A Macro/Wide angle lens for my 35mm camera!
  4. Mac upload and download could, and probably would make this a very possible purchase for me.
  5. Atrain, I work for a really big ISP, and I must say, that if you REALLY wanted a new one try this: (this is mostly a rant at people that do this to me) Yell loudly at the first person you see at the store who sold you the article. Apologize after cursing their company that you know it is not their fault and ask to speak to the manager, until you are blue in the face. It happens all the time to me, I just want to distribute some of my anguish from time to time.
  6. I'm far to busy with school and stuff to trade mixes, but you've got the right idea for snowboarding. May I suggest Massive Attack for when you're feeling a little cooler?
  7. You do pay money for the service, but it is very cheap. 8 american dollars per year and 99 cents per music store other than iTMS USA (but Japan, Canada, are extra, same with Rhapsody). The 8 dollar fee per year of your song probably covers a lot of their overhead.
  8. Einolu and I found an auction with 2 pana units. the MR200 and the MR220, if my memory serves me correctly. I was pretty close to buying both and splitting it with him, but the $$$ cut me off a little.
  9. I read a lot of webcomics and tech/personal blogs. So I mostly just read stuff
  10. That is a very cool service, I know a lot of people will benefit from this! I can't wait until the RIAA are crying, like so many artists they have ruined.
  11. Cool stuff, I don't care about my stuff mostly. If it's illegally copied, or god forbid downloaded (only a few songs here and there) I don't mind at all. Everything else, I actually own. No bigge Although it did remind me that I should make a data CD of my purchased iTMS tracks, even though most of them were "free singles of the week".
  12. Great stuff Volta, I think that we'd be good mates more and more as I read threw your music posts more and more. I just picked up: Belle and Sebastian - The Life Pursuit Belle and Sebastian - Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth Weezer - Make Believe (on vinyl!!!!!!! Thanks so much to my mates at CKXU for giving it to me!)
  13. Good find ole chum! Looks interesting that someone is still working on MD stuff.
  14. The Flaming Lips Nick Drake Belle and Sebastian The Strokes Pink Floyd
  15. The B100 won't do optical out, actually none of the portables will do optical out. The only way you'd get digital in is to either get: 1: A fullsized deck with optical out (hard to get) 2: A HiMD unit (easy to get) Sadly, the B100's awesomeness of being a voice-recorder is killed for your uses by not being able to do digital in.
  16. I leave my laptop at my buddies for a few days, and THIS is what I miss... dropped jaw.
  17. My uneducated guess is Coltrane! I don't want the 2Gb disc, as my unicorn poops them.
  18. I could've sworn that was a clam or oyster!
  19. Dane Cook - Retaliation (disc 1) Very funny, but a bit crude.
  20. Wow, it's good to see that some people are standing up to record companies.
  21. HiMD requires you to use Sonic Stage to download music using the program, so Drag and Drop simply doesn't work. While Sony wants to keep their record wing happy by painting everything with DRM, the only recorders that are compatible with OSX only upload PCM. Odd eh?
  22. Mr. Pibb is doubtful, but Red Vines you can get almost anywhere sweets are sold.
  23. The announcement is posted somewhere, although only one or two users have poster about uploading a file or two using the new system.
  24. In other news: London Drugs (in Canada) has cheapish MDs. 2 Sony MDs for 6, and Maxel for 5. I got 4 Maxell MDs for 10 dollars, which is good since 2 Sony MDs used to cost that much.
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